Hundreds on hunger strike on Nauru

The refugees now holding an indefinite hunger strike in the Nauru detention camp released the statement below on November 2, updating the situation and explaining that several have been taken to the medical room and some have lost conciousness.

The first refugees began refusing food on the morning of November 1, and others quickly joined.


Date:02/11/2012 Time:11:00 pm

Fifteen Asylum seekers became unconscious on second day of Hunger Strike in Nauru Hell.

Till 7 asylum seekers have been become unconscious and taken to the medical rooms.

They are giving some Glucose and other treatment in the medical room.

The total numbers of asylum seekers in Nauru now on hunger strike are 300.

The Asylum seekers in Nauru demand we will continue our hunger strike until getting our rights till to the death.

We have lost our wealth and now we are losing our mental health.

If the Australian Government really needs asylum seekers they should accept them with wholeheartedly and should give them facilities, if they don’t need asylum seekers turn boat the back instead of sending them to Hell hole Nauru, they will find another safe way for themselves.

We came to peaceful Australia for a new hope a and new start of life.

In Modern Period nobody wanna like keep even domestic animal in a tent at 42 Celsius temperature for a months, but the Human being are still living in in hell hole Nauru.

The Asylum seekers in Nauru think once they have taken the risk of deep Indian ocean, now they will take the risk during hunger strikes, until getting their rights till the death.