Sudanese communist activists remembered

Bushra Elfaki addressing the June 30 commemoration. Photo: Abohoraira Ali

Sudanese Communist Party (SCP) members, friends and supporters joined a commemoration at Granville Town Hall on June 30 for five leaders and activists who passed away in recent months.

Those remembered were Mohamed Ibrahim Nugud, the SCP general secretary from 1971 until his death; Al Tijani Al Tayeb, founding SCP member and editor of the party’s newspaper for five decades; trade union leader Min Alla Abdel Wahab; popular revolutionary singer and songwriter Mohammed Wardi; and Mohamed Al Hassan Salim Homid, a revolutionary poet.

Bushra Elfaki outlined the contribution these comrades made to the Sudanese struggle and discussed their legacy for the movement today.

Greetings were heard from the Communist Party of Australia, the Socialist Alliance, the Lebanese Communist Party and the Iraqi Democratic Movement. The evening concluded with performances of progressive Sudanese songs and a live cross to Sudan to hear from Mohammed Mukhtar Al Khatib, the new SCP general secretary.

Al Khatib described how the government has destroyed Sudan, and how the spirit of the activists being remembered lives on in the current uprising, which seeks to bring about a just and peaceful future for Sudan.