Carlo's Corner: But God gave Israel the land

March 30, 2012
Cartoon: Carlos Latuff.

When you are the Only Democracy in the Middle EastTM you don’t need to worry about petty little things such as human rights. And so ABC Online reported on March 27 that Israel has severed all ties with the United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC).

The final outrage that forced Israel to cut ties was a UNHRC vote in favour of investigating whether illegal Israeli settlements in the Palestinian West Bank were, in fact, infringing the rights of Palestinians.

Israel said this showed just how biased the body was. And fair enough, as everyone knows the idea that Palestinians have rights is just an anti-Semitic plot to destroy the state of Israel and drive all Jews into the sea.

But it may seem to the uninformed observer that perhaps there is something here for the UNHRC to look into. After all, it does seem a bit rough to keep building Jewish-only settlements on Palestinian territory, demolish people’s homes, take their land, seize their water supplies, build a giant network of checkpoints and Israeli-citizen only roads to carve up the territory, and then jail and shoot those who protest.

Some might even suggest Israel’s policy of making Palestinians actually pay the cost of demolishing their homes to make way for Jewish people is possibly an act of total and utter bastardry.

But the ABC explained: “Israel cites historical and Biblical links to the West Bank.”

Well, that is perfectly clear then. Sure, Palestinians have lived on their land for centuries, but sometime back there were probably Jewish people on those spots — and anyway, God said the land belongs to Israel.

You really have to wonder just who the hell the UNHRC think they are — questioning God’s word. But if you think that’s bad, what on Earth are we to make of the impertinence of the Palestinians? They have the gall to live there for centuries, in flagrant violation of God’s will. It is fucking blasphemy.

And yet it seems there are just some people who can’t see the inherent justice of Israel’s case.

But it is not just in the occupied Palestinian territories that there are people who refuse to accept God’s verdict. Even within Israel itself, there are those who just refuse to come to terms, even more than 60 years since Israel’s founding, with the fact the land is just not for them.

Such is the case of the Bedouin people who have lived in the Negev region of southern Israel for thousands of years. The Israeli state, no doubt pointing to a lack of Biblical links, refuses to “recognise” many Bedouin villages — and therefore plans to get rid of them.

Electronic Intifada said on March 28 that Israel’s Prime Minister’s Office has approved “a five-year economic development plan for Israeli Bedouin”. This involves the demolition of many “unrecognised Bedouin villages” so they can be replaced with God’s chosen people.

WikiLeaks revealed an advisor to Israeli President Shimon Perez told US officials in 2005 that plans to “develop” the Negev would involve the forced “relocation of some 65,000 Bedouin living in unrecognized villages”. Electronic Intifada said this was roughly the total number of Bedouins living in all “unrecognised villages”.

A March 21 Independent article said this plan was condemned by the UN Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination, which used the phrase “apartheid” to describe Israel’s policies.

Really, anti-Israel bias is just rife right through the UN, which constantly says “that’s racist” just because Israel aims to dispossess a race of people on the basis of their race!

Luckily, the Murdoch media are there to stand up for poor, victimised Israel, with only nuclear weapons and US$3 billion of US military aid each year with which to defend itself.

Because, sad as it is to say, doing God’s work sometimes breeds resistance.

And so it came to be that it was up to The Australian to respond to the unarmed demonstrations by Palestinians on Israel’s borders in June last year to protest Israeli land grabs.

The Israeli Defense Force responded to the protests by shooting more than 20 people dead. This prompted a June 7 opinion piece, entitled “Palestinians deadly strategy doomed to fail”, in which The Australian’s Middle Eastern correspondent John Lyons wrote: “It is time for Palestinians to resume a non-violent struggle of negotiations and give up their strategy of confronting Israeli bullets.”

Of all the evil, anti-Semitic terrorist plots the Palestinians have come up with, their deadly strategy of confronting Israeli bullets with their bodies, and getting themselves killed, has got to be the most dastardly yet.

In the face of such provocation, what could the God-fearing Israeli military possibly do but shoot them?

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Obadiah 1:15 "The day is near when I, the LORD, will judge all the nations! As you have done to Israel, so it will be done to you. All your evil deeds will fall back on your own heads" Be it unto you according to your desire for Israel.
Thank you for takeing human rights so seriously and standing up for them. Perhaps you should check out for yourself Israel's human rights record. If you really believe in human rights, go to Israel and protest openly about their abuses. But to be fair, please do the same and go to Iran, and Syria, and Gaza, and Zimbabwe, and... and...; and then come an tell us who has the most respect for human rights.
You response is far more rational and well-thought out than most who seek to defend Israel. Others try and blather on about how there are other regimes out there that a really nasty. Which is not a defence that stands up in any normal court of law. "Sure I killed them, your honour, but you should have seen what that bastard two houses down did -- I don't know why you are picking on me!" You, anonymous, on the other hand, get straight to the point. I await the Lord's judgment for writing an article in opposition to theft and war crimes. -- Carlo Sands
Protesting Israel's abuses? You mean like the protesters in the West Bank and Gaza who got shot by the IDF yesterday doing just that?
Yes, an interesting point of view. Israel is mostly populated by ashkenazy Jews from northern Europe who were created out of 2,000 years of persecution by christianity in europe. Unable to integrate and be treated equally, they were forced to live in ghettoes and forged their own identity this way. Genetically, the "jewish race' doesn't really exist as far as DNA shows. Like all humans, we are good at interbreeding, and are the product of lots of sex between lots of people in the past due to trade, war, privelege, or just fun. The Jews have as much right to Israel as the Americans do in their own country, or the Australians do to theirs. Most populations in the world started off in different places to where they find themselves now, and have gradually displaced others in the process. How much time has to pass before the the claim is null and void? Does it matter more than just getting along and having a peaceful pluralistic state, or even world?
its a shame that things like this still happen in todays day and age. I am a first year uni student, learning about what the Australians did to the Aboriginies during settlement times. I had a basic knowledge of how they were treated, but was mortified to discover in exact detail exactly what went on. Although it is still very wrong to treat people the way the Aboriginies were, those events happened years ago... And what the Israelis are doing today is just as bad, if not worse. I am disgusted by the ridiculous discrimination and racism that Israel, of all people are portraying. We are all God's creatures. A.D.
Israel is the only democracy in the middle east ... with just a few exceptions: Palestine, Turkey, Armenia, Azerbajan, Georgia, Lebanon, Jordan, Kuwait, Iraq, Cyprus, Egypt, Abkazia, Oman, and to an admitedly limited extent, Iran and Bahrain.
Finally an honest and accurate assessment of the Zionist aggression at work. Not to be seen in any other Australian media outlet, due to bias sycophantic pandering to Israel's interests, and/or to mostly Jewish or pro Zionist media magnates. Keep up the great work Carlo! Thanks; Dan Fry
The thing about sycophantic pandering to Israel is this is not just about Israel. The media sycophantically panders to the powerful in general. The lies, distortions and bias relating to Israel matches their general lies, distortion and biases towards the powerful interests -- it is the same with US war machine, the powerful corporations, the huge banks etc etc. In fact, you will see that the most right-wing, rabidly pro-the-powerful, pro-war, racist, sexist, anti-union publications are the most pro-Israel. And for the same reasons. Given that, I don't think it is anything to do with "mostly Jewish or pro Zionist media magnates". I am not sure any media magnates in this country, or very many in the West in general, are Jewish. Even if they were, it wouldn't be the driving issue, otherwise you wouldn't have large numbers of Jewish people around the world involved in the Palestinian rights campaign. Most are certainly Zionist -- that is pro-Israel. To get to the bottom of why, you see the role Israel plays int he region and the reasons it is backed by the United States. The US backs Israel in the same way it backed apartheid South Africa, right up until the very end. It is an ally in the region, and a militarised attack dog. Apartheid South Africa played that role in southern Africa in 70s and 80s especially -- Israel plays that role in the much more strategic region. It is the strategic nature of the region that heightens the value of Israel's role -- both need each other, Israel needs the backing of the US and the US needs a reliable, militarised ally in a strategically important region. The Australian ruling class is wedded to its alliance with the US, in return for which Australian corporations get their "sphere of influence" int he Asia Pacific and some crumbs elsewhere. The sycophanthic support for Israel from the media and most of the political establishment is an offshoot of, and reflection, of this. In this framework, the Palestinians are non-people -- as the poor, dispossessed and oppressed are in general. They don't exist. If they insist on existing, they damn well shouldn't. And if they insist on resisting their ongoing dispossession, they a just fucking terrorists. As is the case in every other example. -- Carlo
Of course, the key problem in your narrative is what is missing. They are called the Palestinians and they also have a right to exist, they also have a right to live with fear of violence, ethnic cleansing and discrimination. And to live on the land they lived for centuries. And to a democratic state in which their interests are represented and protected. Australia and the US were established on the back of massive dispossession and genocide against the original populations. Israel, much more recently, was established by dispossessing Palestinians. The original inhabitants, be they Aboriginals, Native Americans or Palestinians, also have rights. The solution is not to uproot the descendants of the colonisers, but to recognise these rights and create a society on the basis of equality with all who live there. So, I am sure we can agree: a "peaceful, pluralistic state" would be a very good thing to see created in Israel/Palestine. One in which all its inhabitants are equal before the law -- what ever their religion, race or ethnicity. But... this would require a few changes to Israel as it exists. A peaceful, pluralistic state could not be a specifically "Jewish" state any more than a peaceful, pluralistic state in Australia or the United States could be a specifically "white anglo-saxon protestant" state. A peaceful, pluralistic state is surely something worth aiming for -- in which no group lives over and above another. -- Carlo
Hmm... Armenia, Azerbajan, Georgia, not middle east, Abkazia not a country, Kuwait, Jordan are ruled by monarchs. Cyprus is a divided territory, claimed by Greece and Turkey. Palestine (both of them) has some aspects of a democracy (voting) but not others (separation of powers, free press etc). Turkey a little better, until recently military ran the place, now Islamists, but they have made progress as they sought to gain membership of the EU. Iraq, well we know how that became a democracy, and whose influence it is now under (Iran). Egypt, looks to be moving towards a choice between shades of Islamists under Sharia based constitution - Islam is not compatible with "democracy" as we know it. Lebanon- what a mess, assassinations, permanently on the brink of civil war, sectarian factions with their own militias under the thrall of foreign powers (Iran, Syria). All of which misses the point. Democracy isn't just about voting. Its a system of checks and balances on those who hold power, institutions such as independent courts, police and military, a free press, constitutional rights and freedoms for all. How many of the countries mentioned meet those standards?
or West Bank settlers. Israel's withdrawal from some UN bodies has arisen because some of these organizations seem to exist for the sole reason of bashing Israel. There are 56 Muslim majority states, and one Jewish one, so this bias is understandable but unfortunate as it means far worse abuses elsewhere to be ignored: For example: "during the 61th Session of the General Assembly (2006-2007), the time spent by ambassadors on enacting the 22nd anti-Israel resolution of the year was time not spent on passing a single resolution on Sudan's genocide in Darfur." There are over a hundred resolutions targeting Israel and entire conferences (Durban) devoted to slandering them as human rights abusers. Honestly to believe that one side in a conflict could be so completely innocent, and the other so all-powerful, devious and evil you would have to be some kind of anti-s....oops better not say it, might get accused of using the holocaust to gain sympathy for evil devious propaganda purposes, right? is a site worth looking at, and its not just about Israel- e.g.: "The Organization of Islamic Co-operation [comprised of 56 Islamic UN member states and the Palestinian Authority] declared its unequivocal opposition to the upcoming March 7th panel discussion concerning a new UN report on discriminatory laws and practices and violence against individuals based on their sexual orientation and gender identity. The OIC will “will not accept its considerations and recommendations.”

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