Government to ban common garden plants

February 5, 2011
Some species of Wattle may be included in the government ban.

New federal drug laws could make thousands of native and common garden plants illegal.

The proposed legislation will place common plants under schedule II of the drug code along with plants such as marijuana and opium poppies.

The most worrying aspect of the legislation is the sheer number of plant species that will be made illegal.

Many of the substances produced by the plants are already illegal to manufacture or consume. However, there is not any significant market for making drugs from these plants and they are not sold or produced by organised crime.

Many of the targeted plants have been used for medicinal or religious purposes in the past.

For example, ayahuasca, which is made from a mixture of plants that contain the hallucinogen DMT, has been used for generations in the Amazon.

DMT is found in thousands of species of plants and is even produced in animals, including in the human brain.

Cactuses containing mescaline have also been used for religious purposes throughout North and South America.

Many Australian native plants contain high amounts of DMT, including some species of wattle and some species of phalaris grass (found in most garden lawns).

The new laws could mean that most landowners will unwittingly have a “harvestable amount” of banned plants.

It is also worrying that several endangered species of wattle will be included on the list.

It is very unlikely that anyone would try to eradicate these rare species from the wild. But the laws will make it very difficult for horticulturalists to help preserve the species.

The new law proposes to ban all plants of the genus Lophophora (or peyote cactus) even though only some of these cactuses contain mescaline.

Brugmansia and Datura (also known as Angel’s trumpet or Devil’s trumpet) are common garden plants and feature in many botanical gardens.

These plants are rarely consumed as drugs due to their extremely unpleasant and long-lasting effects.

Ephedra is derived from a herb commonly used in Chinese medicine. It was the basis for pharmaceutical drugs such as ephedrine, pseudo-ephedrine and phenylephrine.

These herbs can, in theory, be used to make amphetamines. But in reality, pharmaceutical companies and drug manufacturers create the drugs in laboratories

Khat contains cathinone — a natural stimulant considered less addictive than legal drugs such as alcohol and tobacco.

[Submissions on the proposed plant bans end on March 11.]


You greens are hypocrites you complain about an authoritarian government bans something you like, yet you people do the exact same thing to others. You can't have it both ways....Free the plants and the People. Or ban the plants and ban everything else along with it. You choose Freedom or Communism.
our spirituality is being attacked and we must stand up for our highest state which is oneness with everything. Plants have always taught us how to be in tune, and obviously the law makers do not have communion with the plants and have very little innerstanding of actuality. Let's bring them to light with the most powerful tool we have...our conscious awareness. Wholeness and Balance to all who read this.
One thing to note is that a farmer carrying a truck load of hay is already breaking the law,as they are carrying a trafficable amount of opiates....this is not mentioned,same goes for dairy,many other plants have Alkaloids that are illegal.Sure they are in tiny amounts BUT if you are cultivating,harvesting,distributing en-mass then you are already breaking the law. This is hypocrisy at it's best! mesc
For more info please see:
Why do they think they have a right to ban natural plants made by God that have been growing on earth for centuries? I'd like to ban TV.
really it is the so called civilized world and society, or who ever thinks that they have the power to ban anything. A plant that was put here by 'god the creator of all things, for a reason. And why is it that we cant follow a simple logic path, if it was determined that it was unconstitutional to ban alcohol , that people had the right to get loaded on whiskey, why does that same philosophy not apply to any other intoxicating substance? And to take it further this should even make more sense to apply this idea to plants that are not created by man, and that people have been using for far longer than these piece of shit white men have even been around, or making laws that are out of sync with nature. really , this is what our problem is, in my opinion , that we have lost our connection with nature and reality , because we no longer have a connection with these special plants. people are fucking moronic . but that is the plan of evil, to make people lose power and truth , and become weak and dependent. and of cource the way to do that is to make it illeagal to live a natural life, a life in tune, in harmony , to have a grasp of what is real and what is illusion or manufactured reality. and it is not only america it has been going around the globe for a long time, dominating and oppressing, but now and for the last few hundred years it has been the agenda of the west , of america. a war on drugs , ridiculous. idiotic , moronic, and concocted by the fearful violent white man.
..but your use of the english language is so poor that I cannot make out what your point is. Please address this so a discussion can be had.
who are the idiots who want to enforce this ?... IRRATIONAL MORONS ha ha ha hah a hah hah ha ha.... monkeys have more sense. our STUPID government needs to banned. ,, WAKE UP. DMT is everywhere for our benefit. it's made in our own brains.. >>>>>>>>>just try & BAN our Brains<<<<<<<<<<< USA government is the bully on the block. who have their hidden agenda. WE THINK FOR OURSLELVES THANKYOU.
Whoever wrote this is an imbecile... I’m sorry but this topic doesn't have anything to do with just the greens, it has something to do with the government being so stupid that they think they have the power to kill off Mother Nature. You don't think banning all these plants isn't going to effect the world? Our oxygen levels will continue to become lower and the world will continue to become unhealthier because the governments to scared that we're going to get high off of DMT by eating our lawn? Why doesn't the government just ban pharmaceutical drugs, I’ve seen more people do more damage while of their head on valium and zanex than I have on DMT, but no, people need them to keep their sanity. What a load of crap...
I thought this was an Australian site? Why are you lot banging on about the US Govt? "Many Australian native plants contain high amounts of DMT, including some species of wattle and some species of phalaris grass (found in most garden lawns)." As well, the picture is wattle. One of our native plants. Have you guys been into the DMT again??
is not a solution at all. It didnt work on all the real drugs and leads only to an unnecessary attention on the mostly harmless plants. This usless Government should try growing cacti, ...caring about . 99.9% are so difficult to grow. Its too wet in winter, too dry and hot in summer . Fungi ,snails,caterpillars and a lot of other pests and diseases attack them. It takes years, sometimes decades to grow a valuable ornamental plant ....and they think I cut it off and take it??? Think again.....
Little Big Man of the Sioux Nation had the right words to use on the Australian "officials" who think to take Rights away from the people, when he rode into the conference to discuss the US government acquiring the Black Hills and simply announced while dancing his horse in front of the delegates, "I will shoot the first man who speaks for selling the Black Hills." It's time to put a "stop" to this tyrannical government!
Australia's *current* laws pertaining to illegal substances found in plants mirrors that found in USA, Germany, Canada and numerous others - namely it is legal to grow the plants for botanical and gardening purposes but not for consumption. The reason no country has seen fit to legislate against the plants themselves is that it would serve no purpose. Expert opinion from both sides appear to agree that moves by the Federal government to expand the current list of illegal plants is ill-considered, if not naive. As the Federal government has seen fit *not* to make public the submissions it receives to their proposal, below is a list of submissions that are publicly available on the internet. These submissions are from responsible organizations with expertise in their respective fields. Public good can only be served when the public (and politicians) are fully informed of the issues involved. -- Victorian Alcohol and Drug Association Australian Institute of Horticulture (AIH) Alcohol and other Drugs Council of Australia Nursery and Garden Industry Australia Chinese Medicine Registration Board of Victoria --
couldn't agree more. the viel must be taken from over our eyes. by 'our' i mean every person living in western culture and around the whole world. i belive 'i' have reached a level of my own reality and i make it every day and of course night, while others live in a reality forced upon them with no options or opinions. or another way to put it we are slaves, robots serving a system that cares more about control, power and abuse of that to an unbelivable extent as shown in this instance than they care about the PEOPLE. i feel as if the more i try, the more i lose hope in us all. i hope that some of you will realise we don't even control our own thoughts anymore as our brains are flooded with useless information and advertising. brainwashing on a whole new level. peace out
i hope i live to see a world of peace and a world where the people in charge are not assho#@s and where everyone in the world has freedom.
the article doesn't mention the US, its talking about a law proposed for Australia. gotta read it before you diss it buddy.
Take the time to argue my point for the beloved cannibis sativa n canibis indica n hell even rudialis has its uses starting with the smokeing stuff why we should legalize if our government would legalize the revenue would be trillions more then what we owe the chinese they could tax it establish there own grow houses head shops n hire pharmisutical tecnicians forgive my spelling its late anywho now hemp hemp would throw the cotton n denium bussnes out of buissnes thats about it its cheaper n easyer to grow n harvest why nt jst legalize it i know u can see thir government people its time to shit or get on the pot if u know what i mean
Does anyone know what ended up happening with this legislation? I've looked around but no luck.
The government is hell bent on controlling the population and our food and is all about money and controlling it.The pharmaceutical companies pay the criminals in senate to "ban" nature so people cannot go to natural medicine for anything.That is why logic does not work when trying to understand the rationale behind these ridiculous laws they make. Big business is behind it all.Tobacco kills.period.but it is a billion dollar industry,so it will stay.Look at GMO foods.same deal there.Trying to rid the populace of natural healthy foods that we can grow in our yards.Even so much as making that illegal as well.It is all so obvious once you see all the different ways they are controlling our food and medicine.Are you aware the FDA is trying to crack down on supplements as well?They want to ban them too. No amount of morals or logic will make any sense.These people are straight up evil criminals that are running our countries and we are paying the price of a failure to force them out before they got so powerful.

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