'Stop toxic racism!'


MELBOURNE — "The government wants the land because there's uranium underneath it!" Aboriginal activist Robbie Thorpe told a vibrant October 16 rally protesting against the NT intervention. He was referring to the compulsory acquisition of Aboriginal land, one of the intervention's policies. "Racism has reared its ugly red face."

Aboriginal people and supporters called on the federal government and Aboriginal affairs minister Jenny Macklin to halt the intervention and reinstate the Racial Discrimination Act. Thorpe said the intervention was part of an ongoing act of racism and dispossession that broke international law.

"Suspending the Racial Discrimination Act is breaking the law at an international level", Sharon Firebrace said. Protesters chanted "Sack Jenny Macklin!"

Richard Downs, spokesperson for the Ampilatwatja protest camp in the NT, said: "You have the power, you have the voice, we need to talk about a treaty."