Afghanistan: Rallies call for troops out of Afghanistan


The Sydney Stop The War Coalition organised a rally and march on October 8 to mark the eigth anniversary of the US-led imperialist war on Afghanistan. The rally demanded the Australian government withdraw all Australian troops from the conflict.

Speakers included Jake Lynch, from the Centre for Peace and Conflict Studies at the University of Sydney; Riz Wakil, an Afghan-Australian anti-war campaigner; Sylvia Hale, NSW Greens MLC; Jim Casey, NSW secretary of the Fire Brigades Employees Union; and Paul McAleer, Sydney branch secretary of the Maritime Union of Australia.

In Melbourne on October 10, 100 people protested, calling for troops to be withdrawn.

The rally was addressed by a young Afghan woman who reflected on her experience of visiting Afghanistan last year and on the negative impact the war is having on her family.

The protest marched to the Victoria Army Barracks where large colour photos were displayed showing the victims of the war.