Papalote goes bush again


Papalote will be touring NSW this month. Musica Viva's CountryWide has offered this renowned group shows in Cobar, Brewerina, Lighting Ridge and Warren.

Papalote have been one of the big players in Sydney's political and Latin music scenes over the past 30 years. Their solidarity work in times of dictatorships, their educational projects — the first multicultural show for schools in Australia — the creation of La Pena and the Australian New Song Movement, Romperemos TV and their many tours in Australia and New Zealand are some of their achievements.

After many years of field research, Papalote have collected more than 300 musical instruments to demonstrate the rich cultural diversity of Latin American music.

Papalote have been featured in big newspapers in Australia and New Zealand but also in Argentina, Brazil, Ecuador, Nicaragua and Greece. Papalote has also appeared on Australian, New Zealand, Greek and Brazilian TV.

Papalote have published material on Latin American music and musical instruments. Orpheus Music has published many of their songs arranged for recorder quartet and will be soon publishing material for string quartet.

The band promotes an internationalist and Latin American spirit. Papalote have performed music from all over Latin America with the occasional Greek song, or Chinese flute. They have recorded with singers such as Jeannie Lewis and Margret RoadKnight.

Papalote over the years have had members from Chile, Argentina, Uruguay, Brazil, Bolivia, Peru, El Salvador, Colombia, Mexico, Cuba, Morocco and Greek and Armenian Australians.

They have shared shows with leading musicians from the Latin American New Song Movement such as Daniel Viglietti, Inti Illimani, Savia Andina and Illapu.

Their music has been released in compilations with world music artists Angelique Kidjo, Deep Forest, Ladysmith Black Mambazo, Sierra Maestra, Papa Wemba, Rita Marley, Peter Gabriel and Ali Farka Toure with Ry Cooder.

The members for this tour are Olympia Karanges, on zamponas, strings, vocals and percussion; Juan Carlos Rios on lead vocals, Afro-Peruvian percussion and a recent creation of the group — the guitar-bass; Aykho Akhrif on Latin percussion and Justo y Diaz on vocals, strings and wind instruments.

The band will be playing at the Cobar Bowling and Golf Club Bloxham Street, Cobar on May 6, at the Lightning Ridge Bowling Club on May 7 and the Warren Racecourse on May 9.