Finding solutions to capitalism's crises

Hundreds of progressive activists and socialists from around the globe will descend on Sydney over Easter, for this year's most important discussion on capitalism's crises and the socialist solutions.

From the revolutions in Latin America, to resisting imperialism and war in Pakistan and Palestine, to confronting the ecological crisis in North America and India, representatives from more than a dozen countries will give a strong international flavour to discussions on topics vital to the future of humanity.

"World At A Crossroads: Fighting for Socialism in the 21st Century", will be held at Sydney Girls High School over the Easter weekend, April 10-12. It is hosted by Green Left Weekly, and organised by the Democratic Socialist Perspective and Resistance, affiliates of the Socialist Alliance.

Among the keynote speakers are: Michael Lebowitz, Venezuelan based Marxist economist; Salim Vally, spokesperson for the Palestine Solidarity Committee, South Africa; Ian Angus, Ecosocialist International Network; Kavita Krishnan, All-India Progressive Women's Association; Luis Bilbao, involved in the construction of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela; Reihana Mohideen, Power of the Masses Party, Philippines; M. Saraswathy, Socialist Party of Malaysia; Ammar Ali Jan, Labour Party Pakistan; Raul Molina-Mejia, Guatemalan human rights campaigner; Mericio Juvinal Dos Reis and more.

Speakers from Australia include: David Spratt, co-author of Climate Code Red; Dr Brian Senewiratne, Sri Lankan born activist involved for more than four decades in exposing the human rights abuses perpetrated against Tamils; Tim Gooden, secretary, Geelong and Region Trades and Labour Council; Jamie Doughney, senior researcher at the Work and Economic Policy Research Unit, Victoria University of Technology; Jess Moore, Resistance national co-convenor; Sam Watson, Aboriginal activist from Queensland; Pip Hinman, Democratic Socialist Perspective national executive; Dick Bryan, Department of political economy, University of Sydney; Mel Barnes, Resistance national executive member and environment movement campaigner in Tasmania; Dick Nichols, national co-convener of the Socialist Alliance; and others.

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