Zombie Plankton II

February 28, 2009

The song lyrics below are by the Newcastle-based hip hop group Dhopec.

Zombie plankton can't fuck with this

Whether you're sober or you're stoned or you're on the piss

The power of the people is the ultimate weapon

To construct another world of social progression

Its time for a session

To break down the zombie plankton

and their henchmen and their yes men

So I made my way back to my home

I turned off the TV and turned on my dome

I linked up my mind to the global internetwork

And decided I would get to work

I remembered the zombie plankton cursin & versing

& I decided to do a bit of researching

How to get power

Without coal or uranium

I start flexin my cranium

I type up a search of energy systems

and before me is a list of already existing

sources of the power

hour after hour

and day after day

across the planet

Number one pick at the top of the list

Is the wind turbines that are fully sic

Cheaper than nuclear power & much better

Free electrics from the blow of the weather

Number two pick going down the list

Is the solar water boiler in between the sticks

Number three choice are the solar panels

Getting cheaper to make and living long like camels

Four to the floor is a flaming mass

Of bagasse biogas and biomass

Five and alive with a continuous vibe

Is the geothermal to stem the rising tide

And more for hardcore break of the divide

Power from the waves and the flow of the tide

A chimney of air in the countryside

Running day and night off the hyperglide

A funnel of water deep in the ocean

Driving a big fucken locomotion

Hybrid cars are really good

And they can still run ya woofers when ya in da hood

Electric cars are also rather fair

As are vehicles that run on compressed air

Organic and urban cultivation

when not transported across the nation

saves the emissions from transportation

and pesticides and fertilisation

And public and mass transport is the go

To take the smoke bite out of the traffic flow

And we need reforestation

Permanent plantations in all nations

These are the ways to complete the mission

To sever the connection with the plankton

Fossil fuels are a terrible addiction

But we can quit them this is not a fiction

[Dhopec will be performing at Counter Culture — a gig organised by Resistance at the Abercrombie Hotel, cnr Abercrombie St & Broadway, Chippendale, Sydney. Entry $5. Call 02 9690 1977. Visit http://www.myspace.com/dhopec].

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