In a speech to military troops at Camp LeJeune, North Carolina on February 27, US President Barack Obama announced that most of the 142,000 US soldiers in Iraq will be withdrawn by August 2010, leaving behind a “residual force” of 50,000 troops.
At 10.30pm on February 22, the lights went out at the Corner Hotel in Richmond, Melbourne and a chant rose up. “Come, come, come to the sabbat, come to the sabbat, Satan’s there.”
Plastics manufacturer Nylex has been placed in the hands of receivers. Nylex is a well-known name — the company produces the iconic Esky, water tanks, wheelie bins, hose and garden fittings, and interior trimmings for car manufacturers.
In 1972 the Australian Arbitration Commission finally made a ruling that confirmed equal work for equal pay, which required that women performing the same level of work be paid at the same level as men. Despite this legislation, women in Australia, like their counterparts around the world continue to find themselves in a subordinate position to men.
Kavita Krishnan is a Central Committee member of the Communist Party of India (Marxist Leninist) and an editor of the Marxist magazine Liberation. Krishnan will be a keynote speaker at the World At A Crossroads conference in Sydney, April 10-12. Visit http://www.worldatacrossroads.org.
The Henson Case
By David Marr
Text Publishing, 2008
149 pages, $24.95 (pb)
The song lyrics below are by the Newcastle-based hip hop group Dhopec.
The Israeli apartheid state, seemingly unconcerned by worldwide outrage and condemnation of its latest attacks on Gaza, has set about extending its domination over the occupied territories.
Ani DiFranco, one of the most inspirational singer-songwriters in the US, toured Australia in January and February.
Government has a responsibility to restore full employment by making an “unconditional job offer” at a liveable minimum wage to all who want to work.
Prominent US ecosocialist and Marxist author, Joel Kovel, has has been informed that his teaching contract at Bard College will not be renewed when it expires in July this year. He has been a member of the faculty since January 1988.
The Media Entertainment and Arts Alliance (MEAA) has accused the Australian Building and Construction Commission (ABCC) of bullying tactics and using its coercive powers to attack press freedom, in a statement released on February 27.
Since the intervention into Northern Territory Aboriginal communities began in 2007, Aboriginal people have been subjected to a national spotlight that has demonised the men and rendered the women virtually powerless.
Irish unions are threatening to escalate protests against proposals that would result in workers bearing the burden of paying for overcoming the financial crisis that has hammered the Irish economy while protecting business profits.
The Electrical Trades Union (ETU) is locked in dispute with rogue electrical contractor company John Goss, which is pushing a non-union agreement that locks in a four-year wage freeze for apprentices, offers only an 8% pay rise over four years to tradespeople, and tears up the 36-hour working week calendar.
According to a February 25 AAP report by Ravi Nessman, conditions in Sri Lanka’s overcrowded war zone have “rapidly deteriorated”. The Sri Lankan government is attempting to crush the Tamil Tigers (LTTE), a group that has fought for self-determination for Tamils since 1976.


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