On the box


Gagadju: Timeless Land — Describes how Bininj and Mungguy cultures and customary laws underpin all tourism decisions in Kakadu. ABC, Sunday, September 14, 1.30pm.

The Russian Revolution in Colour: Freedom and Hope — Explores the first four years of the Russian Revolution. ABC, Sunday, September 14, 2pm.

Enough Rope with Andrew Denton — Features author Mahvish Khan, who wrote My Guantanamo Diary after her experience as a volunteer interpreter at Guantanamo Bay. ABC, Monday, September 15, 9.35pm.

Scotty Martin: The Songman/Don't Say Sorry — Profiles the remarkable Aboriginal elder Nyalgodi, a traditional songman of the dreamtime who shares his stories. ABC, Tuesday, September 16, 2.55am.

The Putin System: From the KGB to the Kremlin — Who is Vladimir Putin? As a young man he set his sights on becoming an intelligence officer, achieving his dream by 23. SBS, Sunday, September 14, 11pm.

Warlords Next Door — Reveals how key politicians at the heart of the vicious fighting in Somalia have incredibly close links to Britain. SBS, Tuesday, September 16, 8.30pm.

Bahraini Tale — Set during the Arab-Israeli war of 1967, this epic drama is both the personal story of a middle-class Bahraini family and an account of the hopes and faith the Arab world had in Jamal Abdul Nasser as its leader. SBS, Tuesday, September 16, 11:40 pm

Bamako — Personal drama coexists with a trial held where African civil society representatives initiate proceedings against the world's financial institutions whom they blame for Africa's woes. SBS, Thursday, September 18, 10.05pm.