Eco-socialist to run for Brisbane City Council


Long-time environmental campaigner David White has been preselected by the Socialist Alliance to contest the inner-city Central Ward in the March 15 Brisbane City Council elections.

White has been involved in a number of ecological campaigns, including acting as president of the Campaign to Stop the Tunnels, which is opposed to Brisbane Liberal Lord Mayor Campbell Newman's plan to build five road tunnels under the Brisbane River.

In a media statement released on January 20, White said: "Disregarding mounting evidence of global warming and rising oil prices, Brisbane City Council continues to pour millions of dollars of ratepayers funds into building bigger freeways, new bridges and tunnels. It says that this is necessary to ease traffic congestion, but in practice, more roads inevitably lead to more cars and more congestion.

"At the same time, the council has failed to provide fast, reliable and frequent public transport services for the city's workers, students and the financially disadvantaged. Despite introducing some recent upgrades, the council's bus services fail to meet the needs of most of Brisbane's residents.

"The legitimate demands of pedestrians and cyclists for safer walking and cycling infrastructure have not been addressed by councils controlled by both major parties.

"Other urban issues have also been largely ignored. The council failed to take urgent action to provide reliable water supplies, end homelessness, develop policies to combat climate change, protect and preserve heritage buildings and the natural environment, improve traffic flows on major roads, or provide mechanisms for local communities to accept or reject developments which would adversely affect the quality of their lives.

"Instead, the council has openly encouraged developers to cater for wealthy property owners and big business and industry. Only this week, the council allowed a developer to demolish one of the last live music venues in the city.

"I'm contesting this election to draw attention to these issues, and to help form a council that will be environmentally sustainable, fully accountable and responsive to the demands of its citizens."

For more information phone Paul on (07) 3831 2644.