Vote for the socialists!

November 21, 2006

There are six socialist candidates standing in the November 25 Victorian state election, and we call for your support for all of them.

We all stand for socialism, a society that is run by and for the vast working-class majority, a society in which the needs of the mass of people come first, not the greed of a handful of mega-millionaires.

A society based on satisfying human need is totally realistic. Imagine what could be done with the tremendous wealth in Australia if workers, pensioners and small farmers had the real power.

We could make education, health and public transport free. We could help the people of East Timor rebuild their country instead of stealing their oil wealth. The economic foundation on which we all depend (banks, utilities, transport, mines, etc.) would be publicly owned and used to benefit society, not enrich the capitalists.

We could set about restoring our ravaged environment and make our cities fit to live in. Crime rates would plunge as poverty was eliminated. This dream is not only possible but necessary if our planet and its people are to survive.

We are ordinary people who are sick of being ruled by warmongers, racists, union-bashers and barely distinguishable Liberal and Labor politicians, and who are determined to do something about it. We believe that the people — in the workplaces, on the streets, in our communities — have the power to fundamentally change the way society is run.

We are active in campaigns around the country — to save the environment, for workers' rights, for civil liberties and refugee rights, for justice for Indigenous people, and real equality for gays and lesbians. We are active in the trade union and anti-war movements.

We stand in elections but we are different from other candidates: we believe that union and community action is the key to real social change. Join us in the fight for a better world.

Life in Victoria has become more difficult for the majority. Workers can be sacked without reason. People are being jailed for alleged "thought crimes". Our education system is run down and hard-working teachers are being blamed. Healthcare is becoming more and more expensive and public hospital waiting lists remain enormous.

The state prison population has grown by 55% in the last decade. Homelessness has increased. Our cities are choked by motor vehicles and public transport alternatives are woefully inadequate. Victoria and the rest of the country face a water crisis of huge proportions.

If we are to fundamentally turn this situation around we need a political alternative to both Labor and Liberal. The Socialist Alliance is about building that alternative.

Socialist Alliance is calling for a vote 1 for:

Margarita Windisch (Socialist Alliance) in Footscray

Margarita has lived in the western suburbs for six years. She has taken a strong public stand against police violence and racism in Footscray. A founder of the Stop the War Coalition Melbourne, she was an organiser of rallies against Israel's war on Lebanon and Palestine. A social worker, Margarita has experience in the disability, women's health and housing sectors.

Vannessa Hearman (Socialist Alliance) in Brunswick

Vannessa has lived in Coburg for 10 years. She is a part-time worker and a student. Migrating to Australia 22 years ago from Indonesia, she is concerned about war and racism, in particular the demonisation of the Arab and Muslim communities. Being a committed public transport user, she wants a big improvement in the quality and affordability of services.

Sue Bull (Socialist Alliance) Western District — upper house

Sue is a 49-year-old teacher who has lived in Geelong for six years. She is a committed trade unionist and anti-war activist. For many years she has been concerned about the attacks on public education and the undermining of the state schools system. Privatisation of resources throughout regional and rural areas is also a major issue for Sue.

Jorge Jorquera (independent) in Derrimut

Jorge arrived in Australia when migrants were still welcomed in the 1970s, his family escaping the brutality and persecution of the Pinochet dictatorship in Chile. He has lived in the western suburbs for more than a decade, where he now lives with his partner and two sons. He works at St Albans TAFE in the field of community development and justice, and is a long-term socialist activist who has been involved in many community and solidarity campaigns.

Steve Jolly (Socialist Party) in Richmond

Stephen, 43, is a resident of Clifton Hill and a councillor in the Langridge ward of Yarra. He is a construction worker and is a shop steward for the Construction, Forestry, Mining and Energy Union. He has two children of primary school age.

Socialist Alliance calls for second preferences to be given to the Greens where there are socialist candidates, and for first preferences to the Greens where there are no socialist candidates. We also urge putting the ALP before the Liberal or National parties, and far-right parties, like Family First, last.

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