Lawyer claims US special forces infiltrating Venezuela


Jim McIlroy &
Coral Wynter, Caracas

The United States government has infiltrated special forces troops into Venezuela along the frontier with Colombia, as part of its destablisation plans against President Hugo Chavez, according to US writer and lawyer Eva Golinger.

"I have information that they have crossed the border from Colombia in order to carry out destabilisation activities", Golinger said in an interview with the program In Confidence on Venezuela State Television, which was reported in the February 7 Caracas Diario Vea.

Golinger said that no-one should be surprised, as Washington has special forces operating in many countries around the world, including neighbouring Colombia. Moreover, there is proof that US troops are active in Chile, Panama, Haiti and other countries.

Golinger — author of The Chavez Code, a book denouncing US attempts to undermine the Chavez government, including financial support given by the US to the right-wing Venezuelan opposition — said that there are a number of US contingents operating undercover to carry out "psychological warfare" in Venezuela. She also stated that since 2005 there has been an increase in US aggression against Venezuela.

Although the government of US President George Bush has maintained political pressure on Venezuela from the moment Chavez won the presidency in 1998, Golinger said it should be appreciated that there has been a change from diplomatic measures to warlike actions by the US authorities.

She cited recent declarations by US secretary of defence Donald Rumsfeld and director of the CIA John Negroponte. Rumsfeld compared Chavez to Adolf Hitler, and Negroponte linked Venezuela with Iran and North Korea as nations on Washington's "black list".

Golinger stated that these two officials represent the top levels of the US war machine: the armed forces and the intelligence service.

Golinger also emphasised the recent discovery of a network of Venezuelans spying on the nation's armed forces, under the control of US naval attache John Correa, who has since been expelled by the Venezuelan authorities.

From Green Left Weekly, February 15, 2006.
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