Australian oil company Baraka Petroleum has decided to cease involvement in the Cap Juby prospect off Western Sahara. Western Sahara is occupied by Morocco, which licenced Western Sahara's marine area to US-based Kerr McGee last year. The Saharawi
DURBAN — On February 8, the third day of their strike, 2000 University of KwaZulu-Natal (UKZN) staff marched in defiance of management's ban on mass action on campus. All four unions at the university called the action. Staff at UKZN are on
Eva Cheng Due to a united boycott by Nepal's opposition parties, participation in the country's February 8 local government elections was reportedly only about 20%, compared with a 60% turnout in the last municipal elections. Despite this, King
The NSW Labor premier, Morris Iemma, seems to be on a scapegoating rampage. In recent times he has set up a police task force specifically designed to harass people from Middle Eastern backgrounds, made it easier for the state to seize the children
Bruce Marlowe and Marcel Cameron Australian interest in Venezuela is growing, boding well for the forthcoming tour of Dr Carolus Wimmer, Venezuelan MP to the Latin American parliament (click here for details). Partially spurred by the United
SYDNEY — "Captain Cook's a crook" yelled members of the Maritime Union of Australia as 50 people picketed Captain Cook Cruises at Circular Quay on February 7 to protest against the company's decision to sack an employee simply for his union
Greens MLC Sylvia Hale and feminist doctor Kamala Emanuel were among speakers at a February 6 action in Sydney to protest against politicians denying women their right to choose to use the abortion drug RU486. On February 9, the Senate passed a
Doug Lorimer Following two years of intense lobbying by the US government, an emergency meeting of the governing board of the UN's Vienna-based International Atomic Energy Agency adopted a resolution on February 4 requesting IAEA director-general
Pip Hinman Around the globe, anti-war activists are gearing up for the protest rallies to mark the third anniversary of the invasion of Iraq. Across Australia, activists are doing the same, spurred on by the oil-for-food scandal, the new terror
Kamala Emanuel Pro-choice forces registered a victory when the Senate voted on February 9 in favour of a private members' bill removing the health minister's veto over the availability of the abortion drug RU486. The bill, which is yet to pass
Bob Elliston, Hobart A five-year campaign to save part of historic Recherche Bay, in south-east Tasmania, has been won, with all parties involved having achieved a satisfactory resolution. The agreement was announced on February 8 by Labor Premier
Peter Perkins, Sydney February 25 marks a year since the Macquarie Fields "riots" which followed a police chase in which two teenagers died. For four days and nights, the suburb was locked down by police in a pitched battle with residents. The
Dale Mills, Sydney NSW Police are to trial Tasers hand-held stun guns that fire two metal probes attached to copper wires, delivering 55,000-volt electric shock that lasts for five seconds. Victims typically fall to the ground and involuntarily
Ron Perkins, Perth Following the surprise resignation last month of Geoff Gallop as WA premier, a by-election for his vacated seat of Victoria Park will be held on March 11. Victoria Park has been held by the ALP continuously since 1953. In such
Jim McIlroy &Coral Wynter, Caracas The United States government has infiltrated special forces troops into Venezuela along the frontier with Colombia, as part of its destablisation plans against President Hugo Chavez, according to US writer and
Emma Clancy A survey of Victorian high school students has found that more than half view Muslims as "terrorists" and nearly half believe Muslims "behave strangely". The 2005 study of year 10 and 11 students by the Australian Catholic University


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