Gadigal Country/Sydney

Anti-nuclear activists protested outside a fundraiser at the Double Bay bowls club, hosted by Nationals MPs Keith Pitt and David Gillespie, advocates of the Coalition’s nuclear power plan. Kerry Smith reports.

Teachers have joined the union covering school cleaners in NSW to campaign for the Labor government to bring school cleaning back in-house. Pip Hinman reports.

A rally outside NSW Labor headquarters expressed support for Western Australian Senator Fatima Payman. Peter Boyle Reports.

It was a full house at the Harold Park Hotel to celebrate the release and homecoming of WikiLeaks publisher Julian Assange. Stephen Langford reports.

Map of nuclear warheads by country

As Israel ramps up its threats on Iran, Syria and Lebanon, the campaign to abolish nuclear weapons has never been so urgent, writes Pip Hinman.

In a cynical attempt to quash free speech and pro-Palestinian activism by staff and students, management at the University of Sydney announced a new Campus Access Policy. Markela Panegyres reports.

Supporters of the Powerhouse Museum are concerned that NSW Labor is not sticking to its promise to retain the arts and sciences museum. Tom Lockley reports.

The City of Sydney Council decided to start investigating its ties to companies that are complicit in human rights abuses in Palestine, including the illegal settlements in occupied Palestinian Territories. Jim McIlroy reports.

NSW Treasurer announced a “once in a generation” $5.1 billion addition to arrest the state’s decline in new social housing. Jim McIlroy reports that, without the detail, some are sceptical.

Mohamed Mayara, a visiting Western Sahara journalist and trade unionist, told a public forum that the Moroccan regime was imposing a “systematic policy of repression”. Jim McIlroy reports.

“People before profit” is the rallying cry of six grassroots activists who are standing for positions in the City of Sydney Council. Jim McIlroy reports.

Skid Row Radio graphic

Sydney’s Radio Skid Row is a grassroots, community-driven radio station that has been a vital voice for marginalised communities since its establishment on Gadigal country in 1983, writes Manu Monteiro. The station has just kicked off its annual supporter drive.