Issue 95


By Geoff Payne NEWCASTLE — Workers took strike action at nearly all of the Broken Hill Proprietary Company's steel manufacturing or processing centres last week. The unions' log of claims was endorsed by the membership in December. The
By Carla Gorton SYDNEY — More than 100 young people have already registered for the Environmental Youth Alliance national conference, and new registrations are coming in every day. This conference will be held on Friday and Saturday,
By Melanie Sjoberg ADELAIDE — Ironically, the auditor general's report on the downfall of the State Bank was released on April Fool's Day. It offered little to the people of South Australia, who have been waiting for over two years for some
Occupied school to resist closure By Peter Boyle MELBOURNE — The parents, students and community activists who are occupying and operating Richmond Secondary College (one of 52 schools official closed by the Kennett government last
Adelaide EYA meets By Trish Corcoran ADELAIDE — Forty young people attended the Environmental Youth Alliance state meeting on Saturday, March 27. They discussed campaigns to take up in the next few months and the approaching EYA
Goss to end royal trappings in Qld By Bill Mason BRISBANE — Queensland Premier Wayne Goss has entered the republican debate with plans to remove the oath of allegiance to the queen in state jurisdictions, and to remove references to the
By Pip Hinman MELBOURNE — On the eve of the Kennett government's second mini-budget, due on April 6, the Victorian Council of Social Service has called on the government to target the rich rather than the public sector and capital works.
ALP challenges SPSF left leadership By Adrienne Barrett MELBOURNE — The State Public Service Federation (Victoria) elections in May-June promise to be a showdown between the current left leadership and several ALP-aligned tickets.
By Melanie Sjoberg ADELAIDE — A study of the effects of abortion on women in Australia indicates that the real trauma associated with the experience is suffered in trying to obtain information and access to abortion services, rather than as
Rainforest timber unwelcome SYDNEY — Sydney Rainforest Action Group, Greenpeace and Paddlers for Peace held the year's first rainforest timber ship protest on April 1. The Eastern Ruby, carrying tropical timber from Malaysia, was met
By Peter Boyle In her first interview after the elections, environment minister Ros Kelly signalled that the Keating government would take a tough stance towards environmental groups. She told the March 31 Melbourne Age that the government's
By Rachael Harris MELBOURNE — About 150 people attended a memorial on March 26 at the Melbourne Town Hall for women who have died in custody or shortly after being released from custody. Women in Fairlea and Barwon prisons also held their


By Dirk Hartford JOHANNESBURG — National Union of Metalworkers (NUMSA) members are currently discussing a completely new approach to collective bargaining in the metal, motor and auto manufacturing sectors. The essence of the new approach
French military cooperation with Fiji Fiji and France have reached agreement on a military training exchange program, Pacnews News Service has reported. Radio Fiji and Radio New Zealand, monitored by Pacnews, reported that the acting
By Jose Gutierrez Herbert Anaya Sanabria, president of the non-governmental Human Rights Commission of El Salvador (CDHES), was gunned down by "unknown" assassins in the Zacamil neighbourhood in San Salvador on October 26, 1987. The
Economy 'at sea' In a variety of recent articles in the Chinese press, the term xiahai, or "moonlighting" has recurred. It describes the emerging phenomenon of workers — usually skilled workers or intelligentsia — who, often illegally,
By Boris Kagarlitsky MOSCOW — Following the Eighth Congress of People's Deputies, it became clear that the political situation in Russia had changed irreversibly. The growing opposition to Yeltsin on the part of the deputies reflected the
By Renfrey Clarke MOSCOW, March 30 — Russians will have the chance on April 25 to vote in a referendum on President Boris Yeltsin's "shock therapy" economic policies. In other questions in the parliament-sponsored poll, voters will be asked
'No democracy in Tonga without a fight' One of Tonga's royal-appointed ministers has warned that it is unrealistic to expect that the South Pacific island kingdom's nobles would hand over power to the people without a fight. Minister
The recent visit to Australia by Amnesty International US chairperson Rick Halperin has focused attention on the death penalty in the United States. The case of radical journalist Mumia Abu-Jamal, on death row in Pennsylvania convicted for the
By Kristian Whittaker The Eighth National People's Congress (NPC) opened on March 15 in Beijing. The NPC is China's constitutional equivalent to a "parliament". The agenda includes the approval of a new government line-up and the passing
By Catherine Brown "I am sad. Whatever the size of the faults we have committed, I really don't think we deserved this", lamented Michel Rocard, the French Socialist Party former prime minister and future presidential candidate. The SP enters
Bougainville MP feared killed Amnesty International has called on its supporters to petition the Papua New Guinea government over what Amnesty fears has been the illegal killing by PNG security forces of a prominent Bougainvillean.
By Norm Dixon South African President F.W. de Klerk admission that South Africa developed six Hiroshima-sized nuclear bombs during the 1970s confirms charges made by the African National Congress and the anti-apartheid movement over the past
The Israeli government sealed off Gaza and the West Bank on March 28 and 30, respectively. AMOS WOLLIN is an Israeli commentator in Tel Aviv. MIRIAM TRAMER interviewed him for Green Left about the situation in the occupied territories. What
On a recent visit to the Philippines, MAX LANE spoke to YUL CARINGAS, secretary general of the Katipunan Ng Mga Katutubang Mamamayan ng Pilipinas or KAMP (Federation of the Indigenous Peoples Association of the Philippines). Could you explain


Contemporary fantasy Into the West Starring Gabriel Byrne and Ellen Barkin Reviewed By Bernie Brian Take two cute, precocious young boys and a white horse that they have just retrieved from a very wealthy and very crooked boss of a
Camping with Julian Terry and Julian Mondays 9.30 p.m. ABC Television Reviewed by Sean Malloy Terry and Julian is comedy with some large points to make about sexuality and stereotyping. Julian Clary stars in the show as a persona of
She will not lose More Ways Than One By Arramaieda An album of voice and percussion Natural Symphonies Available on cassette and CD Reviewed by Karen Fredericks This recording of 14 songs by Sydney-based a cappella group
The Soundtrack of Malcolm X Various artists Qwest/Reprise through Warner Music Available on cassette and CD RCA: The 1st Note in Black Music Various artists BMG Music Available on CD Reviewed by Norm Dixon "What we wanted to
The Living End The Living End A film by Greg Araki Starring Mike Dytri and Craig Gilmore Kino Cinema, Melbourne Reviewed by Kylie Budge and Jo Brown The original draft of the The Living End was called Fuck the World. That
People and Place Australian Forum for Population Studies, Monash University Subscriptions $25 (Australia), $30 (overseas) Reviewed by Jeremy Smith A new journal publishes research on migration patterns, labour markets, the urban sprawl
Dream trips from Havana to Brooklyn Dreaming in Cuban By Cristina Garcia Flamingo Publications. 245 pp. $14.95 Reviewed by Kylie Budge Set in Havana and Brooklyn, Dreaming in Cuban is a wonderful story which interweaves the lives of
By Peter Boyle MELBOURNE — Jose Pires left East Timor 17 years ago. He was eight years old. With his brothers and sisters he was bundled into a car and rushed to Dili wharf where the last ship was preparing to depart. The port was ablaze.


Manipulating Mabo The New Right has trundled out its old warhorses — Western Mining managing director Hugh Morgan and academic Geoffrey Blainey — once again, signalling the start of yet another reactionary campaign. In speeches to the