Issue 8


Qld students campaign for security

By Philippa Stanford

BRISBANE — Staff and students at the University of Queensland are campaigning for increased security on campus. While this has always been an issue, the fight intensified after a woman was abducted...

By Ariel Couchman

MELBOURNE — The Campaign Against Militarism is preparing protests against the Australian International Defence and Equipment Exhibition (AIDEX), scheduled for November.

CAM argues that the exhibition is not in the best...

Aborigines, environmentalists sign accord

By Philippa Stanford

BRISBANE — Queensland environmental groups and Fraser Island Aborigines have signed an accord which many want to become the basis for state land rights legislation. (Premier Wayne...

While green activists around the country discuss last week's call by Tasmanian independent MP Bob Brown for a national green party, it seems some leaders of the green movement are pressing ahead already.

Green Left Weekly has received a report that a meeting to set up such a...

Lesbian/gay awareness week at UQ

By Philippa Stanford

BRISBANE — Gays and Lesbians on Campus at the University of Queensland have organised a lesbian and gay awareness week April 15-19.

Lesbians and gay men on campus frequently...

Australia moves on oil

By Richard Ingram

The Hawke government is moving swiftly to sell off Timorese oil following implementation of the Timor Gap treaty with Indonesia. Federal resources minister Alan Griffiths announced on April 9 that the government will...

By Dick Nichols

SYDNEY — A small paper products plant in the outer Sydney suburb of Emu Plains has become the latest battlefield in the ongoing drive to break the back of Australia's already weakened trade unions.

On March 4, at Vista Paper...

Prisoner release 'a stunt'

Israel's much publicised release of 1000 Palestinian political prisoners on April 9 was an "annual theatrical move" according to Palestine Liberation Organisation representative Ali Kazak.

The prisoners released had already completed their terms, yet...

By Michael Bell

BRISBANE — Three weeks after the March 23 Brisbane City Council elections, Labor's Jim Soorley was declared lord mayor on April 13. Soorley was elected after winning 70% of Green preferences.

Green Alliance candidate Drew Hutton...

Walkout over Murdoch sackings

By Andrew Bath

and Jolyon Campbell

MELBOURNE — Journalists with Murdoch's Herald-Sun and Sunday Herald-Sun walked off the job on April 11,...

Vic ALP brawls towards defeat

By Melanie Sjoberg

MELBOURNE — As the Victorian Labor Party staggers towards almost certain defeat at the next state elections, public brawling has intensified in the party's leading circles.

With an...

Progress on NT heritage bill

By Adriaan Anarco-Troika

DARWIN — Long-awaited legislation to protect the Northern Territory's heritage might be introduced in the May sitting of the Legislative Assembly, according to a spokesperson from the...

WA students want Austudy reform

By Angela Walker

PERTH — Western Australian students are calling for major improvements to student income support through reform of the Austudy scheme. Plans include a tent city and rally and a joint public forum...

By Bill Mason

BRISBANE — Queensland conservationists are angered by a government-appointed task force's recommendation to approve the controversial Tully-Millstream hydroelectric project. They are considering a Franklin-style mass civil disobedience...

The Committee to Defend Black Rights has launched a letter-writing campaign to press the federal and state governments to change conditions and practices leading to deaths of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in police custody.

The committee suggests letters to the prime...

By Ken Davis

SYDNEY — Red paint on cathedrals, media headquarters and government offices downtown and in Parramatta: Sydney's morning news on April 8 was dominated by the actions of a new, clandestine gay group, One In Seven.

The previous...

Support for Timor

By Dawn McEwan

SYDNEY — The struggle of the East Timorese people against Indonesian occupation was highlighted at a public meeting of 100 people at the Newtown Neighbourhood Centre on April 7.

The speaker was Robert...

By Tracy Sorensen

Once the royal commission hearings began on March 12, it didn't take long for the WA Inc fiasco to break loose from the state government's damage control mechanisms and start running wildly in the direction of Canberra.


By Peter Boyle

Official unemployment rose by 82,400 in March, bringing the total to 777,100 or 9.3% of the workforce. The greatest loss in jobs was in Victoria (59% of March losses) and NSW (27%), where most of manufacturing industry is located.


Abortion campaign continues in Brisbane

By Susan Price

BRISBANE — As part of regular actions around the abortion issue in Queensland, Children By Choice held a successful picket outside Parliament House on April 9.

About a dozen women...


Farmers seize US base

By Mark Delmege

PERTH — One hundred angry wheat farmers from northern wheat belt towns attacked a NASA facility at Yarragadee, about 100 km South of Geraldton, on April 7.

Protesting against US wheat subsidies,...

Ozone layer vanishing at increased rate

The ozone layer in the northern hemisphere is being depleted twice as fast as previously believed, the US Environmental Protection Agency said on April 4.

New data from NASA showed that ozone had thinned by 4 to 5% since...

US waste incinerator fails test

The State of Arkansas Department of Pollution Control and Ecology announced on April 2 that a controversial mobile incinerator at a chemical waste site had failed in testing and would not be permitted to burn dioxin wastes at this time.

The day...

By Paul Fauvet

MAPUTO, Mozambique — The only agreement between the Mozambican government and the South African-backed Mozambique National Resistance (Renamo or MNR) seems close to collapse as rebels announced in mid-March that they were reneging on the...

By Norm Dixon

Production at the Australian-owned Vatukoula gold mine on Fiji's north-west coast remains at a virtual standstill as 900 determined miners continue their strike. Anger on the mass picket lines has reached boiling point following Emperor Gold Mining Limited...

By Richard Ingram

New studies in the United Kingdom and in the United States have found alarming confirmation of increased leukaemia caused by exposure to levels of nuclear radiation previously considered safe.

Two studies were published in the British...

US company targets Chile's rainforest

A US development company Washington has made bids on 750,000 acres (300,000 hectares in the heart of southern Chile's old-growth-forested fjords.

Horton-Davis Enterprises, a relatively small company, has said it plans a...

By David Kattenburg

After municipal and legislative elections in El Salvador in which the governing Arena party captured close to a majority of seats in the National Assembly, charges of fraud continue to fly. The left-wing Democratic Convergence (DC),...

US victimising Gulf War opponents

Twenty-one US Marine Corp reservists who refused to take part in the Gulf War are being subject to all forms of maltreatment while in detention, according to the news service of the Paris-based organisation Resisters Inside the Army (...

EMLYN JONES participated in the "Pilgrimage to the Philippines" organised by the Philippines-Australia Ecumenical Church Conference in January. Printed here are excerpts from her diary of the period.

Wednesday, January 9

I sat next to a Filipina on the plane who described in...

By Will Firth

BERLIN — In the former German Democratic Republic, 787,000 people were registered as unemployed in February. This took the rapidly rising unemployment rate to 8.9%, compared with a stable 7.0% in west Germany.

The situation will...


The Trials of Life
Channel 2
The Life Revolution
Reviewed by Dave Riley

When someone allocates credit for the widespread resistance to logging of old growth forests, some of it must fall...

Blood on Their Banner: Nationalist Struggles in the South Pacific
By David Robie
Pluto Press. 313 pp. $19.95
Reviewed by Robin Osborne

A group of villagers declaring their people's independence by raising a flag on a...

By Jeremy Lawson

The seminar was held in the plush offices of the local council. I could pick out the other invitees from the people who normally did business in the building.

The receptionist had no trouble doing the same. She silently indicated the appropriate...

Folk festival draws the crowds

By Adam Hanieh

ADELAIDE — The 25th National Folk Festival was held at Flinders University over the Easter weekend.

Folk music encourages audience participation, and this festival was no exception...

By Kerry Parnell

SYDNEY — The annual Lesbian and Gay Mardi Gras has emerged as an important cultural institution and, according to professional archivist Kimberly O'Sullivan, it is important that its history doesn't slip away.

Two years ago, an...

Multicultural film guide

Insights is a guide to films and videos, made since 1980, reflecting many aspects of Australia's complex society and history.

The titles have been arranged into categories including Multiculturalism — an...

The crow singing

Hark, a crow singing.

Listen: a stream racing.

A young sparrow's tone

amongst the waves' crashing foam —

this movement of mind is split.

The funny and the witty

bloom with the ugly and pretty,

and greedy piggies continue...