Issue 7


Unemployed plan protests

By Andrew Bath

MELBOURNE — Unemployment and welfare groups here are preparing a campaign to highlight Labor government attacks on the unemployed and to promote a genuine program of job creation.

The groups are...

By John Revington

LISMORE — Thirty-six organisations, representing more than half a million Australians, have endorsed a call for immediate action to stop rainforest destruction.

Despite professions of concern from overdeveloped countries like...

By John Hallam

In what has almost become an annual ritual blood-letting, the ALP is yet again preparing to tear up the "three mine policy".

Everyone agrees that the "three mine policy" is not entirely rational. It can't be, because it is a political compromise...

By Dick Nichols

SYDNEY, April 6 - "The question now, to me, is not one of whether we're going to have a cohesive national green force, but when. And the sooner, the better." With these words Tasmanian green Independent MP Dr Bob Brown today told the Ecopolitics V...

By Steve Painter

As many as 5000 jobs may be under threat at Qantas as a result of mismanagement of the national airline over the past decade.

The latest figure, which amounts to almost a third of the company's 17,000-strong workforce, is the fourth estimate...

By Peter Boyle

Any illusion that a "new world order" based on peace, democracy and justice was being built upon the death and destruction of the Gulf War lies in tatters. Now that Kuwait is returned to the emir and Saddam Hussein's military and economic power have been...

By Tom Jordan

Two United States sailors who served on the carrier Ranger during the Gulf War are facing court martial and the possibility of 10 years' imprisonment. The two are being held at Subic Bay in the Philippines.

According to Citizen Soldier, an antiwar...

SYDNEY — Community Aid Abroad's Walk Against Want promises to be bigger than ever this year. Set for April 14, this year's event will feature the Solidarity Choir and African band Doudoumba (pictured above). Star attraction will be the Zimbabwean band Bhundu Boys.

By Adriaan Anarco-Troika

DARWIN - The World Heritage listing of Kakadu National Park could be under threat, the national Resource Assessment Commission was told last week.

During a two-day hearing in Darwin, Australian Conservation Foundation bio-diversity...

By Jon Singer

PERTH - The state Trades and Labour Council, the WA Conservation Council and local residents are opposing the state Labor government's plan for a major heavy industrial park on the coast north of Perth. The new site would pose a major threat to the...

Romero remembered

By Katie Brown

PERTH — A rally to mark the 11th anniversary of the murder of El Salvador's Archbishop Oscar Romero was held here on March 25.

About 30 members and supporters of the Committee in Solidarity with Latin...

Rally supports Palestinian rights

By Jim McIlroy

BRISBANE — The hypocrisy of Western governments regarding the Middle East was highlighted at a rally in King George Square on April 5, focussing on the rights of the Palestinian people to their...

Sorry ...

Apologies to everyone whose articles for this issue were cut savagely — or didn't appear at all. The large amount of copy received after our Easter break simply overflowed the available space. We hope to include those omitted articles that haven't dated too much in the...

By David Brazil and Keith Muir

SYDNEY — The Nattai wilderness — 75,000 hectares of rugged, spectacular bushland to the south-west of Sydney — is under threat from developers while the state government does nothing.

The Nattai wilderness adjoins...

By Patricia Corcoran

MELBOURNE - The Environmental Youth Alliance has targeted the federal government's resource security legislation as the main focus of future activities, culminating in marches and rallies on World Environment Day (June 2).

The decision was...


By Norm Dixon

The Botswanan government has suspended the dredging of the Okavango River delta in response to mounting local and international opposition. The announcement has brought a temporary halt to a giant scheme that would severely damage one of southern Africa's...

By Andrew Nette

Crispin Beltran, chairperson of the May 1 Movement (KMU) of the Philippines, has been jailed on two fabricated charges — one a matter outstanding for 20 years — and leaders of the movement fear that the government of Corazon Aquino may...

By Renfrey Clarke

MOSCOW — Opinion polling has come to the USSR. The polls are not always well designed or professionally executed, and it pays to check who has commissioned them. But the better ones are authoritative and provide intriguing data on how...

By Alison Murray

February 1991: Asep Suryaman has been told his execution is imminent.

Cipinang Prison is a civilian jail in East Jakarta. "Ordinary prisoners are held there, 18-20 men to a cell, and in a separate wing the political prisoners are confined two to...

By Judy Addison and Jeannie Rae

Indonesian workers have taken advantage of increased political instability, as jockeying for power increases in the government and military, to form a new, independent, trade union. The organisers are also keen to build upon the...

By Renfrey Clarke

MOSCOW — It was one of the tensest days Muscovites had experienced in some time. The immediate cause of the strained atmosphere was a decision by the liberal majority in the Moscow City Soviet to call a mass demonstration to support...

By Ian Powell

WELLINGTON - New Zealand's largest protest for a decade stunned the National Party government on April 4. Around 100,000 people participated in nationwide demonstrations which were part of the Council of Trade Unions' April 3-9 week of protest against the...

By Laszlo Andor and Peter Annear

BUDAPEST — Hungarians' originally high expectations about the transition to a Western-style market economy have, in the last few months, started to recede. While the old regime and its political elite have gone, the...

By David Robie

AUCKLAND — Tonga's hasty legal juggling act to grant citizenship to more than 400 foreigners has done little to quell unrest in the South Pacific kingdom over the passport scandal.

Although commoner parliamentarian and pro-democracy campaigner '...


Editorial: Lies, damned lies and the media

Everyone "knows" what happened during the Gulf War: we saw it on television and read the "camera witness" accounts in the daily papers.

But the "precision" bombing of Iraq portrayed by US officials during the Gulf War,...


Political prisoners magazine

By Mike Heaney

MELBOURNE — A new magazine, Voices of Political Prisoners, was launched here last month at a benefit dinner for the International Coalition for the Defence of Political Prisoners....

Not This Time

By Ken Setter

Not this time

can poets write

of gallant battles

fought man to man

all for one

and one for all.

Not this time

this high tech

so-called surgical



Written and directed by John Duigan
Starring Noah Taylor, Thandie Newton and Nicole Kidman
Reviewed by Tracy Sorensen

If you're the school dag, there are various alternatives: brazen it out; let everyone get on top...

Directed by Penny Marshall
With Robert De Niro and Robyn Williams
Reviewed by Dave Riley

Who are you? In most senses you could define yourself relative to other people — with whom you work, live or share an...

The March 5 issue of Green Left carried a review of Dances With Wolves which called it "a refreshing alternative to the usual Hollywood stereotyping of indigenous Americans". In the United States — where the film has now collected a...

Not Drowning, Waving and the musicians of Rabaul, Papua New Guinea
Featuring George Telek
Available on LP, cassette and CD through WEA Records
Reviewed by Norm Dixon

I was apprehensive about Melbourne band...

Technology for outback

By Angela Matheson

The Remote Area Developments Group, from Murdoch University's Institute for Environmental Science, is installing technologically innovative laundry, toilet and hot water facilities in Aboriginal camps in the north-west...

The Bhundu Boys
Tues, April 9, Old Lion Hotel, Adelaide
Wed April 10, Fly By Night Club, Fremantle
Thurs, April 11, Ozone Bar, Perth
Fri, April 12, The Club, Melbourne
Sat, April 13, Central Club, Melbourne
Sun, April 14...

Man Without Pigs
A film by Chris Owen
AFI Cinema, Paddington (Sydney)
Reviewed by David Brazil

After 12 years away university, John Waiko, a member of the Binandere clan, returns to Tabara, a tiny village in the dense...

Berkeley in the Sixties

Directed and produced by Mark Kitchell

Kitchell Films in association with POV Theatrical Films. Colour and black and white, 16mm, 117 minutes. Rating PG.

State Film Theatre, East Melbourne. Valhalla,...