Issue 64


Grey-haired youth representatives By John Smith CANBERRA — Prominent at the jobs summit was an organisation that most people had not heard of before: the Australian Youth Policy and Action Coalition (AYPAC). The young people who attended
By David Wright HOBART — "I am not here to talk about unemployment ... This report is not a solution to unemployment ... My brief was education and youth training", Laurie Carmichael told a public forum here on July 23. Carmichael, author
By Sean Malloy CANBERRA — The July 22 youth jobs summit took a step forward the Keating government's plans to hide youth unemployment under compulsory "training" and starvation level wages. The gathering formalised proposals outlined in the
By Sean Malloy and Bo Daley CANBERRA — A delegation of Resistance members and Young Christian Workers presented a youth bill of rights to Prime Minister Paul Keating's office on July 22, the day of the youth jobs summit. The youth bill of
Prison camps for homeless? By Bill Mason BRISBANE — Queensland's 1000 "feral street kids" should be rounded up and taken to bush work camps where they would be used to provide labour for community work schemes, according to the
By Jill Hickson WOLLONGONG — Suddenly last week the recession deepened for 75 migrant women at Midford Paramount clothing when they were told the plant was to close and the company would not pay their entitlements, including retrenchment pay.
This week, supporters of Green Left Weekly launched an ambitious national campaign to take the circulation of the paper to a new level. The aim of the campaign, to get 1000 new subscribers over the next 10 weeks, reflects the conviction among
Anger over Tas bribery payout By Teresa Dowding HOBART — Angry Tasmanians are preparing to present a petition to state parliament against a $360,000 payout to politicians and others involved in the Edmund Rouse bribery scandal and
ADELAIDE — The SA United Trades and Labor Council has condemned plans by Premier John Bannon to sell the government's controlling share in the SA Gas Company in order to raise around $310 million to help cover an expected budget deficit and
Campaign for Erskineville parks By Kath Gelber SYDNEY — The "Save the Erskineville Parks Committee", set up two weeks ago in response to the proposed sale of parkland for urban development, is generating a large amount of community response
By Tracy Sorensen SYDNEY — Unless the government funds a major refurbishment program, the Indian-Pacific passenger train will be forced to shut down. If it does, say environmentalists, it will be the culmination of decades of government
FOE condemns ANSTO amendment SYDNEY — Friends of the Earth has written an urgent request to the federal government to repeal the ANSTO Amendment Act. The recent act exempts the Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation from state
SE forests blockade discontinued By Tracy Sorensen SYDNEY — The anti-logging blockade in coupe 922 of the south-east forests near Eden is over for the time being. Campaigners say it raised public awareness of the struggle to preserve
By Tracy Sorensen SYDNEY — Some of the strongest complaints about government and opposition plans to "train" young people for jobs that don't exist concern the exploitation this will make possible. In fact, there is already considerable


By Marcelo Meir Even though the Labor Party currently holds a majority of seats in the Knesset — with the left liberal coalition Meretz, the Communist Party and the Arab Democratic List — its leader, Yitzhak Rabin, has said that to
East Germans organise for justice By Catherine Brown MUNICH — "After the euphoria of the year 1990, many people in eastern Germany feel they are second-class citizens, marginalised politically, economically, socially and culturally",
Solidarity with Cuba MEXICO CITY — Some 15,000 Mexican and other Latin American personalities have signed a letter of support for the Cuban Revolution which will be presented at the Madrid Ibero-American Summit. The document, which was
Tribunal planned on Timor massacre By David Robie AUCKLAND — Human rights advocates are planning a "people's tribunal" of international jurists to put Indonesia on trial over violations in East Timor. The hearing is expected to be
By Norm Dixon The Bougainville Interim Government has welcomed the election of Papua New Guinea's new government led by Paias Wingti. The interim government's representative in Australia, Moses Havini, told Green Left Weekly that he believed
'Assistance' for Romanian workers LONDON — The British Conservative government is funding the visit to Romania of union officials from the right-wing Amalgamated Engineering and Electrical Union. AEEU official Nigel Harris explained that
By Max Lane Governments of 18 industrialised countries, including Australia, have agreed to provide Indonesia with further loans totalling US$4.8 billion. The biggest lenders are the World Bank and Japan, followed by the other big Western
Evans 'misinformed', says Havini By Norm Dixon Australia's foreign minister, Senator Gareth Evans has been "misinformed" about the use in Bougainville of the Iroquois combat helicopters supplied to the PNGDF by Australia, Moses Havini told
The Other Economic Summit By Bryan R. Thomas MUNICH — A more positive, "shadow" summit took place some 10 minutes by foot from where the Group of Seven (G7) were meeting. The Other Economic Summit (TOES), sponsored by the German Greens,
By Sri Kandi PHNOM PENH — Nine months after the Paris peace accords were signed, peace still eludes Cambodia. The Khmer Rouge have used the past nine months to try to extend their control through military advances and guerilla penetration of
Little is known, outside of Serbia, about the oppositional movements challenging the Slobodan Milosevic government from within. On July 1 Green Left Weekly correspondents FRANK NOAKES and PETER ANNEAR spoke with MLADEN LAZIC, professor of
By Catherine Brown MUNICH — More than 2000 people from across Europe attended the International Solidarity Conference held here on July 3 in opposition to the G7 Economic Summit. Despite attempts by the conservative Bavarian government to


Strindberg's Miss Julie is a play with high stakes — it hinges on issues of sex and class. For the forbidden affair between aristocratic Miss Julie and servant Jean to be psychologically convincing, there must be passion. Greta Scacchi, as Miss
A Wall of Secrecy Produced and directed by Fabio Cavadini and Mandy King To be screened nationally on SBS Television's The Cutting Edge on Tuesday, August 4, at 8.30 p.m. (8 p.m. in Adelaide) Reviewed by Norm Dixon Political activists are
Dance of the Underclass By Alistair Hulett IRS, 1992. CD or cassette Reviewed by Tim Anderson Alistair Hulett's new solo album demonstrates that he has become one of the finest singer-songwriters in this country. The album, like Alistair,
Tokyo Two A play by Open Cities Written and performed by Virginia Baxter and Keith Gallasch At the Gasworks Theatre, Melbourne, until August 2 Reviewed by Peter Boyle Against a black backdrop, a long glass tabletop is supported by several
Cotton pickin' in Rozelle By Col Hesse SYDNEY — "Back to the Roots: A Celebration of Blues and Acoustic Music", at the Bridge Hotel in Rozelle on July 19, featured 10 different groups and individual performers. With the exception of the
By Nicola Haywood At the Newport Folk Festival in 1963, Pete Seeger introduced a new "topical" singer to the crowd of 37,000 people. Sick with nerves, the 22-year-old Phil Ochs came out onto the stage and performed two songs he'd written


Oil, atoms and the US elections The long United States harassment of Iraq has again become a threat to world peace. This time, so-called United Nations weapons inspectors are laying siege to Iraq's agriculture ministry, claiming that parts of