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Kathy Newnam, Darwin Opposition to the planned US-Australia military training centres in Queensland and the Northern Territory continues to grow. Following his participation in US defence and Pentagon briefings, former senior ANZUS treaty advisor
Liam Mitchell, Sydney As train commuters struggle to get to work on time and home by a reasonable hour due to an unreliable, understaffed railway system, RailCorp management and the NSW Labor government continue to blame rail workers for the
#2 La Trobe University evicts NTEU MELBOURNE — La Trobe University has served an eviction notice on the National Tertiary Education Union (NTEU), demanding that it vacate its office on campus by December 31. Campus unionists believe this is
Sue Bull, Geelong The Shell oil refinery in Geelong has once again been caught out polluting Corio Bay. On November 4, Shell failed to inform the Environmental Protection Agency that a spill had reached the bay and the company was initially very
Lachlan Malloch, Sydney Indian writer and anti-globalisation campaigner Arundhati Roy exhorted a packed Seymour Centre audience on the evening of November 3 to bring home the resistance to the US-led occupation of Iraq by boycotting the products of
Kamala Emanuel & Anthea Stutter, Hobart Tasmanian Aborigines and their supporters are campaigning in favour of the Aboriginal Lands Act 2004, due before state parliament in November. The bill, introduced by the government, will hand back three Bass
#4 Melbourne Social Forum MELBOURNE — The first Melbourne Social Forum will be held on November 28, strengthening the city's links to the global anti-capitalist movement. Speakers at the event, to be held at the Ceres environmental park in
#3 Small wins for asylum seekers Immigration minister Amanda Vanstone, who has fought for the strictest possible interpretations of the Migration Act, faced a small setback in the High Court on October 27. An Iranian asylum seeker who has
Sarah Stephen, Sydney The immigration department must have changed its mind at the last moment, because Sereana Naikelekele wasn't on the flight from Sydney that arrived in Fiji at 6.10pm on November 6, where Fijian police and airport officials
#1 Palestine photos exhibited BRISBANE — On November 8, 50 people attended a public display of photographs taken by Vivienne Porzsolt, a Sydney member of Jews Against the Occupation, during her three-week visit to Israel/Palestine last
Michelle Brear, Sydney The world's biggest teddy bear joined staff, students and kids at a 150-strong rally on November 11 at the University of New South Wales to demand that the university urgently act on the enormous childcare waiting lists at


Jorge Jorquera An alliance of the left, principally made up of the Communist Party of Chile and the Humanist Party, the main Green party in Chile, managed 9.14% of the vote in the October 31 municipal elections. This is the highest left vote since
Across the globe, media is debating why United States voters seem to have become more conservative. In this article abridged from the US Socialist Worker <>, Lance Selfa comes to different conclusions. Hardly
James Balowski, Jakarta The new government of President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono faces a staggering array of problems — rampant corruption, continuing human rights abuses by the military, massive unemployment, crumbling infrastructure, and a
Eva Cheng The illegal Korean Government Employees Union (KGEU) plans to press ahead with a general strike on November 15 despite having the strike ballot among its 140,000 members seriously disrupted by police. The KGEU had planned a general
Across the country, Australians have condemned the government's support for the slaughter in Fallujah. Full statements from groups and individuals are available on GLW's Fallujah web page at <>.] "You tell us
Kim Bullimore, Ramallah Amid chanting, gunfire, clapping and weeping, Yasser Arafat was welcomed home to his final resting place by more than 200,000 Palestinians on November 12. Tens of thousands wearing the familiar checked kaffir and carrying
Rohan Pearce Months ago, civil libertarians and supporters of democratic rights might have greeted the news of John Ashcroft's imminent retirement from the position of US attorney-general with relief. After all, Ashcroft, a nutty fundamentalist
Federico Fuentes Antonio Peredo Leigue, a key leader of the Movement to Socialism in Bolivia wrote in an article published on on November 3, "In just one day, Sunday October 31, four elections in as many countries across Latin
Rohan Pearce Many have spent their time since the November 2 US presidential election bemoaning the "stupidity" of US people for "re"-electing President George Bush, instead of voting for John Kerry, the alternative pro-war candidate favoured by
Alex Miller Between November 4, when they were moved to central Iraq, and November 9, four soldiers from the Scottish Black Watch regiment were killed. On November 8, the Reuters news agency reported a British Ministry of Defence spokesman as
Michael Shaik Yasser Arafat, the guerrilla-turned-statesman, granted the Nobel Peace Prize before being condemned by the Israeli and US governments as a terrorist and obstacle to peace, died of a blood disease in a Paris hospital on November 11,
In this article, which first appeared in the November 9 Sydney Morning Herald, former diplomat Tony Kevin called on Australians to oppose what is happening in Fallujah. We need to be clear on what is happening in the Iraqi city of Fallujah, about
Max Lane, Sydney Action in Solidarity with Asia and the Pacific (ASAP) is deeply concerned at the news that 38-year-old Indonesian human rights campaigner Munir, who died in September aboard a flight to Amsterdam, was murdered, according to an
Stuart Munckton The Venezuelan regional elections held on October 31 registered another decisive victory for the Bolivarian revolution, just two-and-a half months after the radical pro-poor President Hugo Chavez won almost 60% of the vote in
Doug Lorimer On November 8, the US military launched its long-anticipated second attempt to recapture the rebel Iraqi city of Fallujah, located 55 kilometres west of Baghdad. The assault — conducted by some 10,000 US troops and 500 Iraqi troops
Green Left Weekly offers our condolences to the Palestinian people for the loss of a fighter for freedom. A full obituary for Yasser Arafat will appear in the next Green Left Weekly.From Green Left Weekly, November 17, 2004. Visit the Green Left


REVIEW BY AUSTIN WHITTEN Tell Me No Lies — Investigative Journalism And its TriumphsEdited by John PilgerJonathan Cape, 2004626 pages, $35 (tpb) In the introduction to his eminently readable new book, John Pilger states that he wanted to honour
REVIEW BY MAX WATTS Kisch in Australia — The Untold StoryBy Heidi Zogbaum, afterword by Marcus PatkaScribe Publications, Melbourne 2004240 pages, $26.95 (pb). Just 70 years ago, on November 13, 1934, Egon Erwin Kisch, a German-writing
*Don't speak of rights, justice or oughtswe have castrated judges in neutered courts.The only things they guarantee are silence,lying politicians and ASIO's compliance.In nondescript brick veneered suburbsfearful, frightened half lives ledby the