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BY KIM LINDEN NEWCASTLE — Transport minister Michael Costa has backed a proposal to close part of the Newcastle rail line. The Socialist Alliance held a May 5 public meeting to discuss how the railway line can be saved. The plan would cut the
SYDNEY — On May 7, activists from Fair Wear, an organisation dedicated to stopping the exploitation of home-based outworkers, held their own exhibition, "The clothes she wears" at Circular Quay, opposite the Museum of Contemporary Art. "Fashions
BY DOUG LORIMER SYDNEY — On May 8, NSW Greens MP Lee Rhiannon criticised NSW Labor Premier Bob Carr for his insistence that the state's parliamentarians vote on age of consent laws according to their personal views, rather than their party's
BY ELICIA SAVVAS& JAMES FRAZER ADELAIDE — The Students Association of Flinders University (SAFU) has discovered that the Flinders Academic Senate intends to set up a research centre within the university's history department that will foster
BY DALE MILLS SYDNEY — A seminar entitled "Deviance and Submission" was held by the Progressive Law Students Network at the University of Technology Sydney (UTS) on May 6 to discuss the role of the law in legitimising state power. Dale Mills
SYDNEY — About 300 people demonstrated in Chifley Square on May 8 to protest the Coalition government's attacks on Medicare. The speakers included Wollongong Greens MP Michael Organ, Con Costa from the Doctor's Reform Society and Arthur
BY ALISON DELLIT Australian big business is beginning to get some of the benefits it expected from the war in Iraq, as Washington and US corporations start to scatter some crumbs. Prime Minister John Howard, the Australian wheat industry and one of
BY SARAH STEPHEN On April 25, Abu Quassey was deported from Indonesia to Egypt. Quassey had admitted his responsibility for helping to organise the fatal SIEV-X voyage, in which 353 asylum seekers died on October 19, 2001, while trying to reach
BY KATHERINE BRADSTREET SYDNEY — At a public meeting on May 8, representatives of the Greens, the Democrats and the ALP confirmed that their parties would block further plans to deregulate higher education through education minister Brendan
BY JOHN GAUCI SYDNEY — On May 3, 30 people picketed the Manly office of federal MP Tony Abbott to protest against the Howard government's May 13 war budget. Socialist Alliance speaker Anne Picot explained that the Howard government has set
BY RALF SCHARMANN DARWIN — On May 1, 40 people attended a public forum titled "People power — the new superpower". Organised by the No War committee, the forum was aimed at enabling people to discuss the situation facing anti-war activists
BY DOUG LORIMER Renowned Australian journalist and film-maker John Pilger has been awarded the 2003 Sophie Prize, one of the world's most generous environment and development prizes, for his work in helping the public to examine the real causes of


KIRKUK — Workers here commemorated May Day for the first time in three decades with a rally held in the garden of the North Oil Company, the northern division of Iraq's state-owned oil industry. The evening rally was attended by 3000 Iraqi Arabs,
BY DALE MILLS Britain's top cop has found that the country's security forces passed intelligence to loyalist terrorists in Northern Ireland, which allowed them to kill republicans. This had long been suspected by republican activists, but this is
BY KATYA GOODALL European left organisations are planning a mass demonstration against the European Union summit, scheduled for June 20-22 in Greece. The venue, 100 kilometres from Thessalonika, was chosen by the Greek government in an attempt to
BY ANITA LUMBUS Earlier this year, before Washington's invasion of Iraq began, US President George Bush addressed US troops in Florida. "We seek more than the defeat of terror", he said. "We seek an advance of freedom and a world at peace. That is
BY DALE McKINLEY JOHANNESBURG — The African National Congress (ANC) government has just introduced an "anti-terrorism bill" in South Africa's parliament. If it is passed, it will in effect define the growing struggles of workers and the poor
BY HERBERT DOCENA JAKARTA — Organisers of the "Iraq and the Global Peace Movement: What Next?" conference, which will be held here on May 19-21, expect attendance by as many as 200 delegates from the broad anti-war coalitions that have emerged in
BY DOUG LORIMER Washington's quick and apparently easy military defeat of Iraq's Baathist regime is threatening to turn into a political debacle, exacerbating the very problems the US rulers hoped it would decisively help to overcome. The US
BY MATTHEW PRESTON& SARAH PEART GLASGOW — "Now we're going to take the street struggle into the parliament", said Frances Curran, newly elected Scottish Socialist Party Member of the Scottish Parliament (MSP), neatly summing up the significance
BY KAREN FLETCHER The manipulation of immigration policy has been one of the key strategies used by the US rulers in their 44-year campaign to strangle Cuba's attempt to build socialism. Bolstered by its "victory" in Iraq, Washington is now
BY ROHAN PEARCE In many parts of Iraq, US-imposed "regime change" is bearing more than a passing resemblance to Iraq's former government. The May 7 Washington Post revealed that Baath Party members have been given senior roles in ministries
BY DOUG LORIMER Addressing 1 million people in Havana's Jose Mart¡ Revolution Square on May Day, Cuban President Fidel Castro warned that the US government was seeking to provoke a crisis with Cuba that Washington could use to launch an Iraq-style


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The King of Love is Dead, Martin Luther King Jr, Backlash Blues, Workers World, Monica Moorehead "> Nina Simone: a powerful voice for black liberation BY MONICA MOOREHEAD The world is mourning the tragic loss of African-American vocalist and
BY ARUN PRADHAN "[Computer] games are potentially the most subversive media forms of our time", Kipper, the initiator of Escape from Woomera, told Green Left Weekly. Drawing on first-hand testimonies, media reports and government documents, this
Korea — the Unknown War: an Illustrated HistoryBy Jon Halliday and Bruce CumingsPenguin Books, 1990 REVIEWED BY CHRIS SLEE The 1950-53 Korean War of was one of the bloodiest in history. Between 3 million and 4 million Koreans were killed, out