Issue 39


By Steve Painter

A peace song, "Stop the War in Croatia", hit number 13 on the national record charts in early December and could go higher.

Royalties from the recording, by Tomislav Ivcic, are being used to buy medical supplies for casualties of the Serbian...

Understanding Telecom

By Tom Jordan

SYDNEY — Having recently lost her job, Maureen Houlahan finds it increasingly difficult to make ends meet. Paying off her heavy mortgage is hard enough but when the Telecom bill turned up she knew she wouldn't be able t,o pay...

By Nadya Stani

I am a journalist who works in public radio. I was arbitrarily arrested at the anti-Aidex protest. My colleague, Annamarie Antonio, and her daughter were subjected to physical intimidation and harassment.

We began our coverage of Aidex with the...

SYDNEY — Up to 2000 people, mostly East Timorese, attended a December 7 memorial mass for the victims of the Dili massacre, and later marched to Town Hall, where the state Labor Party conference was being held. Photo by Susan Mackie.

By Peter Boyle

MELBOURNE — A 38-year-old plant operator received severe burns to 75% of his body when a 12-metre high tank containing gas oil tar exploded at Altona petrochemical refinery on December 2.

Firefighters believe that the fire could have spread to...

By Dick Nichols and John Tognolini

SYDNEY — In evidence before the New South Wales Independent Commission Against Corruption, it has emerged that state coroner Kevin Waller advised Detective-Inspector Aarne Tees, investigator of the Hilton bombing, on whether the...


PRAGUE — The Palestinian ambassador to Czechoslovakia, SAMEEH ABDUL FATTAH, spoke to PETER ANNEAR on November 30, the day of International Solidarity with the Palestinian People.

How do you assess the Palestinian position in the current negotiations?

Our attitude...

By Peter Annear

MOSCOW — Mayor Gavriil Popov did not relish the choice of a new KGB chief for Moscow by the city's elected government, the Moscow Soviet, so he ignored its decision and, without any legal authority, appointed his own nominee, a supporter with no...

By Angela Matheson

BERLIN — Step off the train at Bahnhof Zoo in downtown Berlin for a taste of the new Germany, where gangs of broad-shouldered youth clad in jack boots, jeans and swastika insignia mill on the platform, picking their victims. Austrians, Swedes and...

By Steve Painter

The United States and British governments have rejected Libyan government proposals for the World Court or another independent international tribunal to investigate charges against two Libyan nationals over the 1988 Lockerbie disaster. They have...

Following are major excerpts from a statement on the Dili massacre adopted by representatives of University Student Senates throughout Java.

Indonesian students who are members of the Communications Forum of Student Senates throughout Java used the occasion of their National Meeting on...

By Renfrey Clarke

MOSCOW — In the space of a few weeks from mid-December, the Russian Federation is to make a crash transition to an open, deregulated market economy. This shift will crown the Russian government's program of economic "reforms", prefigured in October and...

A taste of hyperinflation

By Renfrey Clarke

MOSCOW — When the first details of Yeltsin's "profound economic reforms" hit the Russian press toward the end of October, the public reaction was quick and spectacular.

Sales of the astronomically priced goods...

By Henke Rumbewas

While the Australian and other western governments have expressed condemnation of the recent massacre in East Timor, our foreign minister, Senator Gareth Evans insists that such shootings are "not the policy of the Indonesian government". As a West...

By Peter Annear

MOSCOW — "As economic laws operate, it is very difficult to work out what laws are governing the defence of labour" under the new "democratic" system, says Mikhail Nagaitsev, vice-president of the Moscow Federation of Trade Unions. Workers are facing a...

By Irina Glushchenko

MOSCOW — Readers of the November 28 edition of the Moscow daily Independent Newspaper could have been excused for feeling puzzled. There in the pages of the newspaper — which bills itself as the leading mouthpiece of...

The following open letter was written by ANICA RADOVIC-OSTOJIC to the principal commander of the Serbian-dominated "Yugoslav federal army", General Veljko Kadijevic. It was published in the October 4 issue of the Croatian newspaper Slobodna Dalmacija.

Veljko, we have known each...

By Ramon Orozco

HAVANA — Roberto Robaina Gonzalez is, at 35, the youngest member of the Cuban Communist Party Politbureau. He is travelling to Barcelona to take part in the exhibition "The image of Cuba. This is how we are." Roberto Robaina is also the first secretary...

By Reihana Mohideen

According to a December 6 New Zealand National Business Review poll, the alternative parties Alliance led by the NewLabour Party is now ahead of both the old Labour Party and the conservative National Party in the...

By Sally Low

MOSCOW —As ordinary Muscovites prepare for a winter of shortages and soaring prices, the city's "democratic" administrators, led by Mayor Gavriil Popov, are busy positioning themselves to prosper under new free market conditions.

"There is a state of...

By Norm Dixon

"He might be a son-of-a-bitch, but he's our son-of-a-bitch" — US President Franklin Roosevelt's description of Nicaraguan dictator Anastasio Somoza also describes the attitude the west has taken towards Indonesia's...


An unbreakable link

Events around the world are demonstrating more clearly than ever the unbreakable link between issues of social justice and the big environmental questions that will determine humanity's survival.

From the Darling River to the jungles of the Amazon,...


U2 works in mysterious ways

Achtung Baby
Reviewed by Camilo Jorquera and Stephen Bavaro

U2's latest album indicates a frame of mind that is not part of the old U2 caricature — serious and bleak...

Mr Lucky — John Lee Hooker
That's My Story
— John Lee Hooker
Damn Right, I Got The Blues
— Buddy Guy
There Is...

Sex and the Sandinistas
Written and directed by Lucinda Broadbent
Reviewed by Kim Spurway

This is a must-see documentary about the lives and struggles of gays and lesbians inside the Nicaraguan revolution. Its 25 minutes are...

Doing good: The Australian NGO community
By Laurie Zivetz and others
Allen and Unwin, 1991. 288 pp. $24.95 (pb)
Reviewed by Indigo Williams

The Third World needs our assistance. We in Australia are able to contribute...

Just received

It didn't arrive in time for us to review it in this issue, but Left Face looks like the sort of book readers could profitably pore over during their holidays.

Subtitled Soldier Unions and Resistance Movements in Modern Armies...

A short story by Craig Cormick

The O'Neill family had just sat down to dinner when the angel rang the front door bell. Neil O'Neill, with his knife and fork poised over his first plate of casserole and gravy, frowned and looked at his wife, Mary.

She quickly...

By Peter Boyle

California-based political satirist Dave Lippman is best known as Dr George Shrub, the world's only known singing CIA (Committee to Intervene Anywhere) agent. "The rest", he says, "are secret so that you never know the song you are humming isn't one we...

The Change: Women, ageing and the menopause
By Germaine Greer
Hamish Hamilton/Penguin. 1991.
440 pp., $35.00 (hb)
Reviewed by Tracy Sorensen

This an account of the experience of the menopause and the meaning attached...

John Hancock and the Rise of Victorian Labor
By Jim Claven
Australian Fabian Society and Pluto Press, 1991. 40 pp. $6.95
Labor's Troubled Times

Edited by David Burchell and Race Mathews
Australian Left...

Making Waves: The Greenpeace New Zealand Story
By Michael Szabo
Reed. 264 pp. NZ$49.95
Reviewed by David Robie

The surprise capture of French frogman Gerald Andries, one of the alleged saboteurs of the Rainbow Warrior...

Great for kids

In the Rainforest
By Kathie Atkinson
Part of Allen & Unwin's My Animal Books series
Reviewed by John Tognolini

I enjoyed reading Kathie Atkinson's In the Rainforest to my 19-...

By Sarah Daniels
A Small House Productions play
At the Athenaeum II in Melbourne until December 14
Reviewed by Pip Hinman

At a time when the exploitation and degradation of women's bodies in advertising...

A 55-minute television documentary, Special Treatment: Locking Up Aboriginal Children, had a special premiere screening at the AFI Cinema in Sydney on December 4. The film, produced and directed by Margaret Anne Smith, was reviewed in discussion by two long-time Aboriginal survivors, Arthur...