Issue 32


WA government stalls on safe sex

By Leon Harrison

PERTH — The WA Health Department's safe sex campaign, aimed at 16- to 25-year-olds, has been stalled yet again.

Health minister Keith Wilson, a right-wing Catholic, first blocked the campaign in July, the...

Margaret Perrott
and Lesley Warne

SHELLHARBOUR — The proposal to build a luxury marina and resort at South Shellharbour Beach, south of Wollongong, seems to be once again on the agenda. Visits to the area in the last month by federal treasurer John Kerin and...

SYDNEY — More than 300 people gathered outside the ANZ head office in Martin Place on October 18 to protest against the possible sale of Fairfax to the Kerry Packer-Conrad Black consortium. Speakers at the rally included Freda Whitlam, Andrew Denton (...

Brewery ruling threatens Aboriginal heritage

By Leon Harrison

PERTH — In a setback to Aboriginal plans to demolish the old Swan Brewery, the full bench of the Supreme Court has upheld an appeal by the WA Development Corporation and the state government against...

MELBOURNE — About 170 journalists from the Age newspaper picketed the headquarters of the ANZ Bank (receivers of the troubled Fairfax newspaper empire) to protest against increased concentration of media ownership and the threat this poses to editorial independence. The...

Saboteurs at Coode Island?

By Kate Tregarthen and Dave Mizon

MELBOURNE — Police claim they have evidence suggesting that the August 21 and 22 explosions and fires at Coode Island, which caused a toxic smoke plume to drift over the city, were caused by sabotage...

500 years committee launched

By Martin Mulligan

MELBOURNE — Exactly 499 years after Christopher Columbus first set foot in the Americas, a Melbourne Working Committee on 500 Years of Indigenous and Popular Resistance held a public launch to outline plans for a...

Workers block provocation by Mobil

By Dave Mizon

MELBOURNE — Workers at Mobil's Yarraville terminal won a victory over management on October 15 after four days of strike action.

The strike followed a series of provocative actions by the terminal...

By Peter Boyle

The problem with Australia, federal opposition leader John Hewson told the Business Council of Australia on October 17, was that most people are paying dearly for the benefit of a few. A privileged but vocal and influential minority made up of the "...

Police assault Monash demonstration

By Julie Tisdale

MELBOURNE — A 200-strong demonstration against sexual violence on campus was broken up by police at Monash University on October 19.

About 40 police moved in on students after they occupied the...

By Steve Painter

From their inception several years ago, the Greiner government's attempts at industrial relations reform have correctly been seen as a blueprint for the policies of a future federal Liberal-National government.

However, until the NSW elections...

By Tom Flanagan

HOBART — Five hundred people packed out the Hobart Town Hall on October 16 for a lunchtime public meeting against resource security legislation.

The proposed legislation will lock up 1.4 million hectares of Tasmania in permanent logging zones,...

By Teresa Dowding

HOBART — The council of this fair city is not one of the more progressive bodies in the Australian governmental system. Resting on a system of multiple voting for property owners, its members are elected by a few hundred people. Presided over by Mayor...

By Tracy Sorensen

SYDNEY — A one-day strike organised by NSW health unions on October 15 to protest against cuts and closures in the public health system was supported by more than 90% of workers in the sector.

About 80,000 NSW health workers stopped work. A...

By Tim Stewart

NEWCASTLE — Newcastle University activists appear to have won two transport issues on campus. State transport minister Bruce Baird has made a firm commitment to build a university train station, and the university has agreed to reconsider a proposal for...

People's power radio

CANBERRA — "People Powered Radio" is the theme of community radio 2XX's radiothon, running until October 26.

For 15 years 2XX has been the sole progressive voice on Canberra's airwaves.

Earlier this year 2XX decided democratically to have an active...

Youth depression, suicide at high level

By Grace Minton

PERTH — An alarming suicide rate and the level of severe depression amongst Western Australian young people are the subjects of two new health reports.

One study found that more than three in 1000...

By Bill Mason

BRISBANE, October 20 — The perjury trial of Sir Joh Bjelke-Petersen came to a sensational end yesterday with a hung jury and revelations that the jury foreman was a National Party branch official, with alleged links to the Friends of Joh campaign.



ROY MEDVEDEV became well known in the West as the leading dissident Soviet historian during the Brezhnev years. He was expelled from the Communist Party of the Soviet Union in 1969, when his letter to the editor of the CPSU's theoretical magazine Kommunist,...

By Angela Matheson

WARSAW — At the Krosno glassworks in western Poland, rehearsals are under way for the bleak free market future.

Jan Kadir, the laconic manager, starts the factory tour in the furnace room, which is staffed by female workers wearing a mix of...

A declaration calling for the formation of a Russian Party of Labour was launched in Moscow at the end of August. Among the signatories were well-known socialists — including leader of the Socialist Party Boris Kagarlitsky and ANDREI ISAYEV, a leader of the Confederation of Anarcho-Syndicalists...

The name HILDA LINI has been synonymous with the nuclear-free and independent Pacific movement, environmental issues and women's rights. An activist for progressive political causes since she began working for Vanuatu's ruling Vanua'aku Pati (then called the New Hebridean Cultural Association)...

By Martin Mulligan

After digging very deep into its voluminous bag of dirty tricks to secure the presidency in the 1988 elections, Mexico's ruling Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI) managed to reassert its dominance with a sweeping victory in the August 18 poll for...

Fallout from the Yugoslav civil war and the failed Soviet coup is currently dominating Hungarian politics, benefiting the ruling rightist Hungarian Democratic Forum (MDF), reports LASZLO ANDOR from Budapest.

Eighteen months after national elections, the transformation led by the MDF seems...

By Angela Matheson

BUDAPEST — The Cafe Hungaria is renowned for serving the best coffee in the city. For most of this century, waiters have pushed mahogany cake trolleys around the art nouveau interior to expectant customers' tables. But these days it's not easy to find...

By Robert Graham

The chances for peace in El Salvador are closer than ever before according to Dr Gorka Garate, a leading aid and development worker from El Salvador.

Speaking at a public meeting in Fremantle, Garate said that the recent agreements reached...

Solidarity activists are mobilising for a major international campaign called "East Timor: It's Time to Talk". The proposal is for round table talks between the East Timorese resistance and Indonesia under United Nations auspices. The offer has been made by Xanana Gusmao, the leader of the...


Recognise Croatia!

For months now, the Yugoslav People's Army, assisted by Serbian paramilitary groups, has been waging a brutal war against the Republic of Croatia. Tanks, artillery, naval vessels and the air force have been used to attack Croatian cities, ports and villages in an all-...


Inside Out
By Sowaddayawant Women's Theatre Company and Patricia Cornelius
Directed by Lisa Dombroski
At the Anthill Theatre, South Melbourne, until October 27.
Reviewed by Bronwen Beechey

Sowaddayawant Women's...


em = By Duncan Richardson

In fruit boxes

on shelves

the 'disappeared' lie


mostly unnamed

but labelled

"Product of Argentina".
Their children

force adopted

lost between names...

Louisiana Red and Billy Branch with special guests, the didgeridoo players of Bathurst Island
Paddington RSL, October 13
Reviewed by Norm Dixon

After a solid weekend's work getting Green Left ready for the printers, to be able to knock off and head over to the Paddo...

Inequality in Australia
Slicing the Cake
The Social Justice Collective
William Heinemann Australia, 1991. 338 pp. $19.95 pb
Reviewed by Stephen Robson

Inequality in Australia has increased during the period of the...

No Fear — Korkmak Yok
Written by Patricia Cornelius and Vicki Reynolds
Directed by Joan Murray
Music by Irene Vela
Performed by Kate Gillick, Senol Mat, Ijlal Olguner and Irene Vela
A Melbourne Workers Theatre production...

Taking the sting out of ageing

A Woman's Tale
Directed and co-produced by Paul Cox
Screenplay by Paul Cox and Barry Dickens
Starring Sheila Florance, Gosia Dobrowolska, Norman Kaye, Chris Haywood
Reviewed by Ulrike...

Fan my fevered cliché

Jungle Fever
A film by Spike Lee
Reviewed by Melanie Sjoberg

Jungle Fever left me feeling confused and uncertain about just what message Spike Lee is trying to convey.


By Peter McGregor

The Vietnam News Agency (VNA), based in Hanoi, has recently expanded its English-language publications.

Previously it had been producing only the 16-page weekly bulletin, Vietnam Weekly. In mid-June, VNA began its six-day-a-week daily...

By Norm Dixon

Cuba is facing its most serious threat since the revolution. The effects of the United States' 30-year economic embargo are being compounded by the disruption of Cuba's vital trade with the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe. Congress is soon to vote to...