Drama at work


No Fear — Korkmak Yok
Written by Patricia Cornelius and Vicki Reynolds
Directed by Joan Murray
Music by Irene Vela
Performed by Kate Gillick, Senol Mat, Ijlal Olguner and Irene Vela
A Melbourne Workers Theatre production
Reviewed by Melanie Sjoberg

Melbourne Workers Theatre's latest production takes up the theme of workers opposing the trial of speed-ups in the plant and the role of the organiser in such a dispute.

This play is designed to be shown in workplaces; hence the piece runs for around an hour and has a minimal set.

In the climate of award restructuring and almost routine trade-offs of workers' conditions most people should relate to the play readily. How many times have we been confronted with the end product of an agreement "negotiated" between unions and management, only to find that it really isn't what most workers bargained for?

The action takes up when two cannery workers are sacked for refusing to trial the new line. The immediate rush of anger finds them in a difficult situation where they need the assistance of the organiser. It tackles some of the issues confronting workers today in a realistic and sympathetic manner.

In a climate where even well-mobilised and organised campaigns are being defeated, how can two workers hope to succeed? The organiser is also confronted with the choice between supporting the activists or capitulating to the compromise position of the union secretary.

The production is lively and interestingly supported by the musical talent of Irene Vela. The dialogue is presented in both English and Turkish, which adds an element of confusion at times but gives greater reality to the scenario.

Public performances can be seen on Friday, October 25, at Debneys Park Community Centre and Friday, November 1, at Fitzroy Community Rooms, Brunswick St, North Fitzroy. Tickets are $10/$7. Bookings on (03) 610 7366 or 610 7690.