By Peter McGregor The Vietnam News Agency (VNA), based in Hanoi, has recently expanded its English-language publications. Previously it had been producing only the 16-page weekly bulletin, Vietnam Weekly. In mid-June, VNA began its
Recognise Croatia! For months now, the Yugoslav People's Army, assisted by Serbian paramilitary groups, has been waging a brutal war against the Republic of Croatia. Tanks, artillery, naval vessels and the air force have been used to attack
MELBOURNE — About 170 journalists from the Age newspaper picketed the headquarters of the ANZ Bank (receivers of the troubled Fairfax newspaper empire) to protest against increased concentration of media ownership and the threat this poses to
Workers block provocation by Mobil By Dave Mizon MELBOURNE — Workers at Mobil's Yarraville terminal won a victory over management on October 15 after four days of strike action. The strike followed a series of provocative actions by the
By Peter Poynton TOWNSVILLE — Since 1967, when the road to legal equality for Aborigines and Torres Strait Islanders was cleared by 90.2% approval in a federal referendum, things have been far from smooth. Consider the 14 Queensland
By Peter Boyle The problem with Australia, federal opposition leader John Hewson told the Business Council of Australia on October 17, was that most people are paying dearly for the benefit of a few. A privileged but vocal and influential minority
500 years committee launched By Martin Mulligan MELBOURNE — Exactly 499 years after Christopher Columbus first set foot in the Americas, a Melbourne Working Committee on 500 Years of Indigenous and Popular Resistance held a public launch to
The name HILDA LINI has been synonymous with the nuclear-free and independent Pacific movement, environmental issues and women's rights. An activist for progressive political causes since she began working for Vanuatu's ruling Vanua'aku Pati (then
The mainstreaming of Carnivale [This is an abridgement of an address read by Rosarela Meza on behalf of the management committee at the launch of the First Multicultural Theatre Festival in Sydney on October 5.] The festival is the first
Inequality in Australia Slicing the Cake The Social Justice Collective William Heinemann Australia, 1991. 338 pp. $19.95 pb Reviewed by Stephen Robson Inequality in Australia has increased during the period of the Hawke Labor government. This


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