Issue 31


ADELAIDE — On October 9 the federal Industrial Relations Commission approved sole coverage by a company union at CSR's new sugar distribution plant here. The organisation is the CSR Officers' Association, which is not affiliated to the ACTU and operates out of offices provided...

Racism alleged in HIV tests

By Ken Davis

SYDNEY — Community AIDS organisations have protested to immigration minister Gerry Hand against discriminatory HIV testing of people applying to visit Australia.

The protests were sent after four senior South...

By Sean Malloy

TAFE student strikes have been organised for October 16 in all states except NSW and October 24 in NSW. Students are alarmed at the effects of government cuts to funding and increased enrolments.

"People who are on Job Search or Newstart are being...

Cuba solidarity conference

By Pip Hinman

MELBOURNE — A national conference to discuss solidarity with Cuba is being planned here for Sunday November 3. Australia-Cuba Friendship Society spokesperson Dave Deutschmann told Green Left Weekly...

AIDS advertising campaign hampered

By Leon Harrison

PERTH — The West Australian AIDS Council has begun a newspaper advertising campaign to alert homosexual men who do not identify with the gay community of the dangers of AIDS.

The campaign was launched...

WA MP quits Labor

By Frank Noakes

PERTH — The Lawrence Labor government — already a minority government — was rocked by another resignation on October 7. Frank Donovan, member for the working-class suburb of Morley, said the controversial government decision,...

By Pete Malatesta

SYDNEY — A petrol bomb attack on the Woolloomooloo Finger Wharf on October 9 has resulted in a tightening of security on this unique and historic building.

This was the fourth arson attempt on the wharf in the past seven months. While the...

Bob Hawke's pledge that by 1990 no child in Australia would live in poverty is little more than a forgotten sick joke. This has not prevented the federal government from undertaking new pledges to improve the lot of children. But, CRAIG CORMICK reports, action still lags far behind the fine...

Open Council Charter for Marrickville

By Dave Wright

SYDNEY — Green councillor Bruce Welch and community independent Sonia Laverty are using their balance of power on the Marrickville Council to attempt to force adoption of an Open Council Charter.


By Peter Boyle

MELBOURNE — One never knows what to expect in the city these days. The other day I saw a young woman running through the lunchtime crowd, shouting: "Give me a dollar! Somebody give me a dollar, or I'll sing!" As she weaved her way through startled people...

Belfast councillor visits Australia

Story and photo by Steve Painter

Britain's policy in the north of Ireland is falling apart to the extent that many British Tory politicians will now admit privately that they would like to get out.

But they stay...


By Angela Matheson

PARIS — At the hub of the underground railway, the Metro, a student chamber orchestra from the nearby ecole earns money for course fees by playing Stravinksy. Close by a middle-aged man sits with a tin, requesting coins from passers-by. A dignified...

By Norm Dixon

Soon after Mikhail Gorbachev's September announcement that remaining Soviet military personnel in Cuba would be withdrawn and bilateral trade would be placed on a "mutually advantageous" (i.e. hard currency) basis, the Western press began churning out...

By David Robie

AUCKLAND — Four protesters penetrated a tight security screen around Fiji coup leader Sitiveni Rabuka during his controversial address in New Zealand last week while about 100 others burnt a copy of the republican constitution in front of police guarding...

By Colin Pemul

A unique island ecosystem in Indonesia may vanish within a few months.

Siberut, lying off the west coast of Sumatra, has been geographically isolated for at least half a million years. In 1980 the World Wildlife Fund conducted a study and found...

By Mikael Hidayat

BANDUNG — Of the six Bandung Institute of Technology students arrested here in 1989 for anti-government activities, four are to be released.

The six, Bambang Sugianto, Enin Supriyanto, Fadjroel Rachman, Moch Djumhur Hidayat, and Ammarsjah and...

By Will Firth

BERLIN — A steadily increasing stream of refugees and migrants is reaching Western Europe. One-half of them arrive in Germany.

Immigration offices are overwhelmed by the influx — as I learned first hand in endless queues for a new visa. Emergency...

Sinn Fein wins Belfast council seat

By Jack Holland

Sinn Fein became the largest Nationalist party on Belfast council and the second largest party in the city when Joe Austin, the vice-chairman of the party's executive, won a crucial by-election in the Oldpark...

By Pip Hinman

In 1492, Christopher Columbus sailed to the "New World" on behalf of Queen Isabella and King Ferdinand of Spain, beginning European colonisation of America. In the rich north, some will celebrate this event, but in South and Central America, millions will...

Increasing attacks on foreigners

By Bryan R. Thomas

BONN — A recent study conducted from Leipzig by Professor Walter Friedrich show that intolerance towards foreigners is not just a new phenomenon in the former German Democratic Republic.


By Pip Hinman

Despite a heavy army presence and curfew, supporters of ousted Haitian President Jean Bertrand Aristide are still campaigning for his return and have set up barricades around the shanty towns surrounding the capital Port-au-Prince. The army has banned...

New York — Cuban foreign minister Isidoro Malmierca told the United Nations on October 1 that the US government has prepared plans for a full-scale invasion of the Caribbean island nation.

"While spokespeople for the Washington administration assure us that they have no aggressive plans...

By Tracy Sorensen

SYDNEY — The Latin American Unity (ULAT) group here has launched a campaign against the Spanish government's celebrations to mark the "discovery" of the Americas by Christopher Columbus almost 500 years ago.

Like the Bicentennial celebrations in...

Workers in the western region of Jakarta are beginning to organise. Recently a number of large strikes have occurred in the region. The Suharto regime and the army have reacted by infiltrating every community and workplace. In Jakarta, MIKAEL HIDAYAT interviewed three workers: N, M and W.



Editorial: Aid to Vietnam

Late on October 9, federal cabinet adopted a recommendation to resume direct aid to Vietnam. While this step toward normalisation of relations is welcome, there are worrying signs that — in terms of aid — the decision is more form than substance.



The art of housework

Her Story: Images of Domestic Labour in Art
S.H. Ervin Gallery, Observatory Hill, Sydney, until October 21
Reviewed by Kim Spurway

"Her Story" is a unique exhibition of images of domestic labour in Australian art. It encompasses a wide...

The Hired Man
By Melvyn Bragg
Music by Howard Goodall
Directed by Marie Armstrong
New Theatre, Sydney
Reviewed by Deborah McCulloch

Based on Melvyn Bragg's novel of the same name, The Hired Man is a...

35 Up
Directed by Michael Apted
Valhalla, Sydney and Melbourne
Reviewed by Ulrike Erhardt

35 Up is not a drink commercial but a human interest saga which started in 1963 when Michael Apted joined a program called...

A scrapbook of radical cartooning in Australia
No. 2 Winter/Spring 1991
Subscriptions $10 for two issues
Reviewed by Tracy Sorensen

Green Left readers will immediately recognise the work of many of...

Uncle Moses
Directed by Sydney M. Goldin and Aubrey Scotto, 1932
Avanti Populo
Directed by Rafi Bukaee, 1986
Cup Final

Directed by Eran Riklis, 1991
Showing at the...

Produced, written and directed by Med Hondo
With Aï Keïta as Sarraounia and Jean-Roger Milo as Captain Voulet
From the novel by Abdoulaye Mamani
AFI Cinema, Paddington (Sydney) on October 22, 8.30 p.m. and at the State Film...

Defending the National Tuckshop
By Michael Cathcart
McPhee Gribble/Penguin. $14.99 pb
Reviewed by Bob Scates

Appropriately I finished reading Defending the National Tuckshop at the Wedderburn swimming pool in north...

Radioactive Heaven and Earth
International Physicians for Prevention of Nuclear War
Zed Books. $20.99
Reviewed by Craig Cormick

There is an anecdote that President Kennedy's science advisor, Jerome Wiesner, was explaining...

Dancing Demons
Director: Kai Tai Chan
Dancers: Julie-Anne Long, Ni Nyoman Ratnadi Piniasih, I Wayan Purwanto, Kim Walker, Graeme Watson, A.A. Alit Winaya
Script development: Sinan Leong & Kai Tai Chan
One Extra Company — Carnivale...


em = By Pauline Quinn

Hate filled eyes

& gleeful smiles

8 pairs of hands pulling clothes

Pulling hair and tearing flesh

Pulling legs apart

To search between

Does my struggle add to your fun?


Out of Control: The Story of the Reagan Administration's Secret War in Nicaragua, the Illegal Arms Pipeline, and the Contra Drug Connection
By Leslie Cockburn,
Bloomsbury Publishing Ltd
Reviewed by Mark Delmege