Issue 257


By Jane Beckmann NEWCASTLE — Up to 60 people met here on November 23-24 and formed a new party of the left called the NewLabor Party. Participants and observers came from Melbourne, Sydney, Lismore, Wollongong, Canberra and Brisbane, and included
Green Left Weekly's MARCUS GREVILLE spoke to National Tertiary Education and Industry Union member at the University of Sydney Dr DICK BRYAN about the state of the union's campaign for a 15% pay rise. Question: What do you think about the NTEU's
Ban on homosexual foster parents By Bill Mason BRISBANE — Queensland Council for Civil Liberties president Ian Dearden has accused the state Coalition government of breaching the state's own anti-discrimination legislation by proposing to ban
FREMANTLE — The WA Greens are running candidates in the upper and lower houses in the coming state elections under the slogan "Restore the Balance." Green Left Weekly's MICHAEL BRAMWELL spoke to Greens' candidate for the South Metropolitan area,
By Sarah Peart SYDNEY — The National Union of Students NSW state conference at the University of Sydney on November 23 heard reports from the outgoing elected office bearers, elect new officers for 1997 and amended the NUS State Policy and
By Corinne Glenn At the National Union of Students (NUS) state branch conference on November 24, the Labor right (Unity) faction and the Liberals strengthened their grip on the student movement. The Labor left in the National Organisation of Labor
By Marina Cameron Following a report by the Senate's employment, education and training committee, a bill which will drastically affect funding to public schools was passed by the Senate on November 29 with the support of the ALP. The bill received
By Ben Reid MELBOURNE — A range of trade unions and community, Aboriginal, political and ethnic organisations have united to form People for Racial Equality and organise a "Take a Stand Against Racism" rally on December 8. The group originated
By Lisa Macdonald Last year, 22 Aboriginal people died in custody — one and a half times the number reported in the previous year and the highest number since 1987. At least another 16 people have died so far this year. Over the last seven years,
Beanland under fire in anti-discrimination row By Bill Mason BRISBANE — Queensland attorney-general and justice minister Denver Beanland has accused the sacked head of the joint federal-state Human Rights and Equal Opportunities Commission,
By Max Watts SYDNEY — "Whoever expects politicians to be honest?", said one of the participants during a meeting of psychiatric patients, doctors and carers at Strathfield Town Hall on November 28. The meeting was organised by a new group, Mental
Report slams black health crisis By Bill Mason BRISBANE — The disastrous state of the health of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in Queensland has been underlined by a state government "status" report on health matters released on
By Bob Fuge YOUNG — The far-right organisation National Action has brought the race debate to local government in rural NSW. At a special meeting on November 6, Young Shire Council voted to extend a $20,000 loan to its Rotary Club for the purpose
Pressure grows over CES/DSS By Paul Oboohov Community and Public Sector Union members in the Commonwealth Employment Service have increased pressure on the federal government to stop corporatisation of the CES. The corporatisation would remove
Leadership change in SA Liberals By Melanie Sjoberg ADELAIDE — John Olsen has become the new SA premier following weeks of rumour and unrest in the state Liberal Party. A significant slide in the ratings appears to have prompted the final coup
Hinchinbrook campaign continues By Trish Corcoran SYDNEY — One hundred and thirty people packed the Glebe Town Hall here on November 26 to hear an update on the campaign to stop tourist "development" and save the ecosystem in the area around


By Eva Cheng "I've invested a lot of time and energy into trying to ensure that there would be a dignified and appropriate withdrawal", US Secretary of State Warren Christopher told Washington Post editors in a June luncheon. "That seems not to be
Pakpahan defended in Jakarta Fifty members of the student group PIJAR demonstrated in front of the Indonesian High Court on November 26 to protest the court's decision to reinstate the four-year sentence originally passed on labour advocate Muchtar
Following five consecutive years of the worst honeybee declines in US history, experts predict that pollinator scarcity could seriously limit crop yields in the US for such foods as pumpkins, apples, cranberries, almonds and squash. Insects must
University campuses around Aotearoa [New Zealand] have been rocked in recent months by a wave of protest at tuition fee hikes. Student anger has spilled over at continual government funding cuts and the willingness of university administrations to
On November 8, thugs from the ruling National Front parties in Malaysia physically broke up the Asia Pacific Conference on East Timor II (APCET II). Police later arrived and, instead of arresting the thugs, arrested all the conference participants.
By Renfrey Clarke MOSCOW — In a vote riddled with fraud, Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko on November 24 secured victory in a referendum aimed at allowing him to introduce a new, super-"presidential" constitution. Official figures claimed
Anger over CIA and crack trade By Barry Sheppard A few months ago, the San Jose, California, Mercury News ran a series of articles documenting how the Nicaraguan contras pushed crack cocaine in the United States as a way to fund their war
By Sam Wainwright PARIS — From November 8 to 11, the Ligue Communiste Revolutionnaire (LCR), France's largest and most influential far left party, held its decision-making conference here. Green Left Weekly interviewed ALAIN KRIVINE, the
By Dick Nichols The first three meetings of the leaders of the countries of Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation held in Bogor (Indonesia), Osaka (Japan) and Vancouver (Canada) all went off with hardly any protest. But after last weeks meeting in
Public workers strike in Venezuela Tens of thousands of public employees in Venezuela began a four-day national general strike on November 19 to demand payment of a 25% salary increase and transportation and food subsidies decreed by the government
The World Bank is backtracking on earlier commitments to reduce pesticide use in agricultural projects, according to more than 100 environmental, consumer and development organisations from around the world. The bank recently issued a new operational
By Roni Ben Efrat A glow has returned to the cheeks of the Labour Party and the left wing in Israel. All (almost) rage with righteous indignation over the collapse of the Oslo agreements. Front-line groups such as Yesh Gvul and Women in Black,


Pauline Hanson Ignorance profound clichés abound pitiful renown unfunny clown. Most who are as unwise as you seem clever by being mute, but that doesn't suit and so you flail against those who fail to be what it is you'd
Lady Day at Emerson's Bar & GrillA Musical Play by Lanie RobertsonPerformed by Joy YatesDirected by Crispin TaylorEnsemble Theatre, Sydney, until December 14Reviewed by Trish Corcoran Ensemble Theatre is a peculiar location for showing the life of
IMF/World Bank/WTO: The Free Market FiascoEdited by Eric Toussaint and Peter DruckerNotebooks for Study and Research No. 24/25International Institute for Research and Education (IIRE)1995. 116 pp., US$8.75Reviewed by Eva Cheng The Free Market Fiasco
Drawn with the Sword: Reflections on the American Civil WarBy James M. McPhersonOxford University Press, 1996. 258 pp., $41.95 (hb)Reviewed by Phil Shannon The United States Civil War still tends to evoke the romantic figures of the dashing Rhett
Risk versus risk: Tradeoffs in protecting health and the environmentEdited by John D. Graham and Jonathan Baert WienerHarvard University Press, 1996. 337 pp., US$39.95Reviewed by Dot Tumney Risk management refuses to fit into neat boxes. Those making
Little CityBased on a story by Daniel Keene and Irine VelaMusic by Irine VelaText by Daniel KeeneLyrics by Irine Vela, Daniel Keene, John Romeril, Federico Garcia Lorca and Luis AdvisDirected and designed by Renato CuocoloBrunswick Town Hall,
EquaProduced by Sadia and Stephen TaylerMercury through PolygramReviewed by Norm Dixon When the promo material recommended Equa with: "If you liked Deep Forest you'll love this", alarm bells rang. You remember the formula: stitch together tunes,
The End of Capitalism (as we knew it)By Katherine Gibson and Julie GrahamBlackwell, 1996. 299 pp., $39.95Reviewed by Greg Ogle This book is written for political economists and activists who are interested in overthrowing, replacing or opposing


Editorial: Migrant bashing in parliament Migrants, she declared before parliament, were "being offered the opportunity to ride on the backs of battlers from the day they arrive". No, this was not Pauline Hanson, the fish and chip proto-fascist