Issue 227


By Bill Mason BRISBANE Premier Rob Borbidge on April 13 threatened to call a state election over Aboriginal opposition to the huge Century Zinc mine project in the far north of the state. After a confrontation with Carpentaria Land Council
By Adam Hanieh ADELAIDE — South Australian Institute of Teachers delegates held a special meeting on April 10 to discuss further action in their dispute with the state Liberal government. SAIT industrial officer Angus Story described the dispute
By Bill Mason BRISBANE A landmark Cape York agreement between Aborigines, conservationists and pastoralists will go ahead, regardless of the opposition of Queensland Premier Rob Borbidge, according to Noel Pearson, Cape York Land Council executive
By Geoff Spencer GEELONG — The E.P. Robinson Pty Ltd plant here is an amazing sight. There are glass panels missing from the skylights; a number of others are slipping. More than one worker has narrowly missed being hit by a falling panel. When
By Bill Mason BRISBANE — Jim Dowling, a long-time peace activist and member of the Catholic Worker group, was jailed for three months on March 22, for a peaceful protest with other Christian demonstrators at the Defence Force Headquarters in the
By Sue Bull CANBERRA — On April 3, 400 public servants met to endorse an in-principle agreement reached with the ACT government by the Community and Public Sector Union, and to end their industrial action. The agreement consists of a 10.1% pay
By Geoff Francis SYDNEY — On April 11, Sydney airport's east-west runway was reopened. According to Prime Minister John Howard, this fulfilled his pre-election promise to share around the burden of aircraft noise. This is far from true. Under the
GREG ADAMSON is an ACT assistant branch secretary of the Community and Public Sector Union and a member of the Democratic Socialist Party. Green Left Weekly's JENNIFER THOMPSON spoke to him about how the union movement can resist the Howard
By Paul Howes and Mark Walsh SYDNEY — On April 12, more than 20 people representing a range of organisations met to organise anti-uranium mining campaign activities in Sydney. The group planned a protest action to be held outside the Energy


By Duncan Harford The attempt by the National Party to build a "new vision" for itself began floundering barely a month after NP leader F.W. de Klerk launched the new NP in Pretoria on February 2. De Klerk launched the "new" party by opening a new
By John Pilger The American liberal journal Nation described the renewed IRA bombing campaign as "an indefensible military response to the corruption and recklessness of a politician who was willing to torpedo peace to keep his job". Similarly,
By Renfrey Clarke MOSCOW — In a surprise development on April 8, Dzhokhar Dudayev, the central leader of the Chechen resistance forces, broke with the rebels' past position and called for direct negotiations with Russian President Boris Yeltsin.
By Barry Sheppard Robert Dole will be the Republican presidential nominee, and the other Republicans have faded from the public spotlight — all except one. Patrick Buchanan will use the delegates he won in the primaries to make his voice heard
MOSCOW — Jailed Russian environmentalist Alexander Nikitin has won an important victory in his fight to beat espionage charges brought against him by the Federal Security Service (FSB — the former KGB). On March 26 President Boris Yeltsin
By Mia Butzbaugh "We're all drivers of the strike here", a metro worker in Paris told me. This was not the rhetoric of union bureaucrats. This was the reality of general assemblies, where French workers met daily to vote on whether to continue
By John Percy WELLINGTON — The New Zealand Alliance conference met in Wellington on April 6-7 and placed the party in full campaign mode. Elections must be held by October, the first under the multi-member proportional system (MMP) that will
Philippine unions prepare for challenges MANILA — The Philippine labour movement, one of the most militant in Asia, faces a government zealously pursuing a policy of economic deregulation dictated by GATT and the structural adjustment programs of


SimpaticoBy Sam ShepardDirected by David BertholdSydney Theatre Company, Wharf 2Until May 4Reviewed by Brendan Doyle From his screenplays for Antonioni's Zabriskie Point (1970) through to Wim Wenders' Paris, Texas and the stage play True West, Sam
ROY BAILEY's recent tour of Australia finished at the National Folk Festival in Canberra over the Easter weekend. Before the tour was over, Green Left Weekly's ALEX BAINBRIDGE caught up with him in Newcastle to talk about his music and politics.
Backlash? Balderdash! Where feminism is going rightBy Beatrice FaustFrontlines pamphlet series, University of New South Wales Press, 199464 pp., $5Reviewed by Trish Corcoran This pamphlet made my blood boil. Beatrice Faust asserts that the backlash
The Cutting Edge. Weapons: A Battle for HumanitySBS TV8.30 pm (8.00 pm in SA), Tuesday, April 23Reviewed by Brendan Doyle In Angola, a child playing in the fields picks up a green thing that looks like a large plastic butterfly. It explodes, and the
The Post Porn ModernistBy Annie SprinkleAthenaeum Theatre, MelbourneReviewed By Kim Linden Annie Sprinkle provides a thought-provoking look at pornography and new age erotica through the eyes of a woman who has made it BIG in the porn industry. The
The brush-offBy Shane MaloneyText Publishing, 1996. 314 pp., $14.95 (pb)Reviewed by Phil Shannon Shane Maloney, novelist and humorist for the Australian left magazine Arena, is not Raymond Chandler, ace writer of classic private detective novels, but
Noroc!Presented by Death Defying TheatrePlayhouse Theatre, University of Western SydneyApril 23, 8pm.University of Newcastle Drama TheatreApril 19, 8pm.Bookings phone (02) 601 8011.Reviewed by Lisa Macdonald "Noroc" is an all-purpose Romanian word
HecateHecateReviewed by Jen Crothers I was extremely surprised and pleased when I heard "By Myself" on the JJJ Hot 100. It came in at number 98, but that's still pretty impressive. I was surprised because it is such a political, feminist song. From
Enjoying Life in ChernobylSBS, Friday, April 26, 8.30pm (8pm in SA)Reviewed by Pip Hinman Danish film maker Gyda Uldall first went to Chernobyl in 1988 and recorded the devastation caused by the nuclear disaster two years earlier in When the Wind


The federal Coalition's full-scale attack on the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Commission (ATSIC) for its supposed "haemorrhaging of public funds" is a cowardly and malicious act. By accusing the most oppressed sector of the population of