Issue 2


Duck season to go ahead in three states

By Mark Berriman

The NSW government has declared March 16 to be the official opening day of the 1991 duck season. In Victoria the season will open on March 16 and in Tasmania on March 9.

In spite...

By Nigel D'Souza

While the government publicly condemns the racist attacks against Arabs and Muslims in the wash of the Gulf War, in private it is conducting a campaign of harassment against these communities which makes a mockery of the formal expressions of concern....

By Tom Flanagan

On the night of January 16, Jack Lomax awoke at 2 a.m. to hear wave after wave of B-52 bombers pass overhead. Jack, 61, a long-time peace and environment activist (a veteran of the Vietnam moratorium and Franklin River campaigns) and a one-time conscript...

Bob Brown speaks at Qld Green Alliance dinner

By Jim McIlroy

BRISBANE — Tasmanian green independent MLA Bob Brown spoke out strongly for the future of green politics and in support of the Green Alliance campaign for the Brisbane City Council at...

Sinking ship creates oil slick

By David Bass

PERTH — Fertiliser and fuel oil have polluted large parts of the Recherche Archipelago off WA's south coast and the coast of Cape Le Grand National Park, following the sinking of the bulk carrier...

NEWCASTLE — Labor Party Councillors have attempted to close down the permanent peace vigil in Newcastle's Civic Park. Peace activists have maintained the vigil since the war in the Middle East began.

At a council meeting on February 19 at which the peace protesters put...

By Jonathan Singer

PERTH — After more than a year of deepening recession in WA, the official unemployment rate has climbed from a low point of 5.5 per cent to 9.3 last month. But there is no end in sight to the spiral of rising unemployment.


By Garry Walters and Ian Close

MELBOURNE — A "Police Frame-ups" public meeting, organised by the Campaign Exposing the Frame-up of Tim Anderson and other groups on February 20, heard speakers from the Aboriginal and Irish struggles and the campaigns in...

NEWCASTLE — Hunter region unemployment figures are maintaining their historic trend of being above NSW averages. Figures for the December quarter show an unemployment rate of 7.5% compared to a state average of 6.6%. The situation in the Lower Hunter, (Newcastle, the coalfields...

By Angela Matheson

SYDNEY — The gay community celebrated its sexuality on the streets of inner city Darlinghurst on February 17 in the annual lesbian and gay Mardi Gras parade. The event, which has been recorded in the Guinness Book of Records as the biggest annual...

By Liam Mitchell

ADELAIDE — A $1 billion blowout of the State Bank's budget has prompted the establishment of a Royal Commission to investigate the funds of the bank, as well as calls from opposition members for premier and treasurer John Bannon to...

By Philip Baker

SYDNEY — About 100 activists from the AIDS Coalition To Unleash Power (ACT UP) demonstrated at the offices of the NSW Anti-Discrimination Board on February 14 to highlight the refusal of the board to hold a public inquiry into AIDS/HIV-...

By Mark Horstman

BRISBANE — More than 300 environmentalists, trade unionists, Aborigines, industrialists and interested people from around Australia spent Sunday, February 17, discussing ways to resolve environmental disputes.

The community...


George Bush's call for the people (and military) of Iraq to rise up against Saddam Hussein probably would have been poorly received. According to SULEIMAN SALEAM, a Palestinian who was in Jordan in December and January, Hussein's popularity has soared in the Arab world because he has stood up to...

By Max Lane

Protests in Indonesia against the Gulf War have resulted in demonstration organisers being arrested and beaten. The arrests occurred on February 15 following peaceful protests outside the US, British and Japanese embassies.


The Bush administration is "reviewing" its aid to Jordan following a February 6 speech by King Hussein. The speech is reprinted here abridged. Subheads have been added.

Brother citizens, brother Arabs, brother Muslims, you who uphold your faith and refuse to see your nation humiliated;...

By Michael Karadjis

ATHENS — A wave of high school occupations forced the government late last month to withdraw education legislation and promise to discuss its proposals with students piece by piece.

The seven-week occupation of 2000 high schools was the...

By Norm Dixon

There is an alarming lack of action from the PNG government to implement the Honiara Declaration, according to Moses Havini, representative in Australia for the Bougainville interim government. Havini issued a statement on his return from...

By Mary Merkenich

BOCHUM, Germany — The Gulf War is a topic that is never far from people's consciousness here. In my school I am daily confronted with students' posters exclaiming: "We are afraid of the consequences of war", "Stop the war now", "...

By Norm Dixon

Bougainville has been devastated by the PNG government's economic blockade, according to a controversial report on SBS's Dateline current affairs program on February 18.

The program created an uproar...

BORIS KAGARLITSKY, ALEXANDER POPOV AND VLADIMIR KONDRATOV are members of the Socialist Party of the Soviet Union, an organisation of about 300 members, formed in July 1990. The group has 11 elected members in the 475-member Moscow Soviet.
Interviewed in Rome on December 28 by STEVE...

Former attorney general of the United States Ramsey Clark, returned from a trip to Iraq, gave a press conference which was broadcast over the Pacifica Radio Network affiliate in New York City on February 11. Clark covered over 2000 miles during his week-long stay in Iraq. He commented that the...

VIRGINIA, USA February 14 — The first session of negotiations on a global climate convention was a "diplomatic disaster", according to an international Greenpeace delegation attending the 10-day meeting in Chantilly, Virginia. The negotiations were held in the face of clear...


Attack on press freedom

In an outrageous attack on freedom of the press, Westpac Bank last week obtained a NSW Supreme Court injunction against Tribune, requiring its publishers to surrender all 4000 copies of the weekly's February 20 edition by 10 a.m. on February 22. And just...


Blood and Oil Forever

By Phil Shannon

(Lyrics adapted from "Stars and Stripes Forever" by J.P. Sousa)

From the forests of Vietnam

to the deserts of Iraq

We will fight for good old Uncle Sam

we will pillage, loot and sack


Third World Guide 91/92

Published by Instituto del Tercer Mundo

Uruguay, 1990. 612 pp. Paperback. $50.

Distributed by Bushbooks, 45 Vista Ave, Copacabana NSW 2251, ph (043) 82 1899.

Reviewed by Peter Boyle

In 1980, a group of...

Cambodia — the Betrayal

By John Pilger

Reviewed by Helen Jarvis

ABC Television finally screened John Pilger's latest film on Sunday night. Although Pilger is Australian, we only got to see it months after it was shown in more than 30 other...

Top copter

By Willy Bach
Matt black


Science fiction


of Technology


Carrion angels

of the evil empire

Door gunners

Of the Fourth Reich

Video game missiles


The Golden Braid

The Golden Braid

Directed by Paul Cox

Written by Paul Cox and Barry Dickens

Based on a story by Guy de Maupassant

Reviewed by Debra Wirth

Perhaps if director Paul Cox, in introducing his latest film at the premier in Sydney, hadn't...

The Bombs Falling on You Are Friendly

By Rosemary Evans

How it must annoy and fluster

To be killed by bombs called cluster,

By your own side, land so free,

Bringing real democracee!

When to smash Iraq you're trying


By Debra Wirth

SYDNEY — An environmentally friendly herbal flea collar for your cat? What about some biodegradable washing detergent that cleans your clothes better than the environmentally unsound kind?

These are just...