Blood and Oil Forever


Blood and Oil Forever

By Phil Shannon

(Lyrics adapted from "Stars and Stripes Forever" by J.P. Sousa)

From the forests of Vietnam

to the deserts of Iraq

We will fight for good old Uncle Sam

we will pillage, loot and sack

We have liberated Panama

and Kuwait by the same means

We serve Wall Street and America

we're United States Marines

We bring napalm and B-52s

for their minerals and oil

We go shooting anywhere we choose

from rice field to sandy soil

In '54 we saved United Fruit

down in Guatemala

Gave the Reds the bullet and the boot

liberating Grenada

For Standard Oil our job has never ceased

we beat the Reds in Mexico

And today we're in the Middle East

we are hit-men for Texaco

All the world is ours by god-given right

all its wealth and human beings

We enforce it by the bullet's might

we're United States Marines

We make the world safe for free enterprise

we die for Exxon millionaires

We know that when a child or soldier dies

it's for those with Mobil shares

We are trained to kill and terrorise

all we're told ain't what it seems

We've been fed on politicians' lies

we're United States Marines