By Philip Baker SYDNEY — About 100 activists from the AIDS Coalition To Unleash Power (ACT UP) demonstrated at the offices of the NSW Anti-Discrimination Board on February 14 to highlight the refusal of the board to hold a public inquiry into
By Peter Boyle SYDNEY — Greenpeace divers collected liquid waste from the Caltex Kurnell refinery's underwater waste discharge pipes at 6.00 a.m. on February 14. They later delivered it to the company's executives in Caltex House, in the city, in
Kuwait — a product of colonialism By Bill Stevens Kuwait is a feudal country that some people argue merits its classification as a sovereign state. It is not. It is an ancient sheikhdom that has been nourished and protected and allowed to
After the Roman circus When the smoke finally clears from the gangsters war in the Middle East, and when the women and men who fought this war — either for Mr Bush's imperial pretensions or Mr Hussein's pathological desire to overshadow Nasser —
BORIS KAGARLITSKY, ALEXANDER POPOV AND VLADIMIR KONDRATOV are members of the Socialist Party of the Soviet Union, an organisation of about 300 members, formed in July 1990. The group has 11 elected members in the 475-member Moscow Soviet.
By Max Lane Protests in Indonesia against the Gulf War have resulted in demonstration organisers being arrested and beaten. The arrests occurred on February 15 following peaceful protests outside the US, British and Japanese embassies. Sixty
Theology lesson "Israel is being very Christian. It's turning the other cheek." — Jewish biblical scholar Eugene Borowitz in USA Today. History lesson "I do not understand this squeamishness about the use of gas. I am strongly in favour of
VIRGINIA, USA February 14 — The first session of negotiations on a global climate convention was a "diplomatic disaster", according to an international Greenpeace delegation attending the 10-day meeting in Chantilly, Virginia. The negotiations were
By Peter Boyle Why did the Bush administration reject every opportunity for a negotiated settlement of the Gulf War? In the space two weeks, it turned down Iran's offer to mediate; a February 15 offer by Iraq to withdraw from Kuwait; two subsequent
By Norm Dixon Bougainville has been devastated by the PNG government's economic blockade, according to a controversial report on SBS's Dateline current affairs program on February 18. The program created an uproar because it was compiled by a


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