By Tom Flanagan On the night of January 16, Jack Lomax awoke at 2 a.m. to hear wave after wave of B-52 bombers pass overhead. Jack, 61, a long-time peace and environment activist (a veteran of the Vietnam moratorium and Franklin River campaigns) and
By Max Lane Protests in Indonesia against the Gulf War have resulted in demonstration organisers being arrested and beaten. The arrests occurred on February 15 following peaceful protests outside the US, British and Japanese embassies. Sixty
The violence of racism By Sally Low "Black Violence — Why whites shouldn't feel so guilty". Oh no, this couldn't be true, not in the supposedly small "l" liberal Sydney Morning Herald. But there it was in black and white in the February 16
By Norm Dixon There is an alarming lack of action from the PNG government to implement the Honiara Declaration, according to Moses Havini, representative in Australia for the Bougainville interim government. Havini issued a statement on his return
By Michael Karadjis ATHENS — A wave of high school occupations forced the government late last month to withdraw education legislation and promise to discuss its proposals with students piece by piece. The seven-week occupation of 2000 high
After the Roman circus When the smoke finally clears from the gangsters war in the Middle East, and when the women and men who fought this war — either for Mr Bush's imperial pretensions or Mr Hussein's pathological desire to overshadow Nasser —
By Peter Boyle Why did the Bush administration reject every opportunity for a negotiated settlement of the Gulf War? In the space two weeks, it turned down Iran's offer to mediate; a February 15 offer by Iraq to withdraw from Kuwait; two subsequent

Matt black Sinister Science fiction Marvel of Technology Obsolete Carrion angels of the evil empire Door gunners Of the Fourth Reich Video game missiles Bearers of poisonous Message And the Ace of Spades

By Garry Walters and Ian Close MELBOURNE — A "Police Frame-ups" public meeting, organised by the Campaign Exposing the Frame-up of Tim Anderson and other groups on February 20, heard speakers from the Aboriginal and Irish struggles and the
Bob Brown speaks at Qld Green Alliance dinner By Jim McIlroy BRISBANE — Tasmanian green independent MLA Bob Brown spoke out strongly for the future of green politics and in support of the Green Alliance campaign for the Brisbane City Council at a
Theology lesson "Israel is being very Christian. It's turning the other cheek." — Jewish biblical scholar Eugene Borowitz in USA Today. History lesson "I do not understand this squeamishness about the use of gas. I am strongly in favour of
Blood and Oil Forever By Phil Shannon (Lyrics adapted from "Stars and Stripes Forever" by J.P. Sousa) From the forests of Vietnam to the deserts of Iraq We will fight for good old Uncle Sam we will pillage, loot and sack We have liberated