By Mark Delmege The reasons given for this war are a sham. The USA had prior warning of the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait and withheld criticism. Worse still, it appears to have assisted Kuwait in undermining the Iraqi economy through oil pricing
Blood and Oil Forever By Phil Shannon (Lyrics adapted from "Stars and Stripes Forever" by J.P. Sousa) From the forests of Vietnam to the deserts of Iraq We will fight for good old Uncle Sam we will pillage, loot and sack We have liberated
By Liam Mitchell ADELAIDE — A $1 billion blowout of the State Bank's budget has prompted the establishment of a Royal Commission to investigate the funds of the bank, as well as calls from opposition members for premier and treasurer John Bannon
By Debra Wirth SYDNEY — An environmentally friendly herbal flea collar for your cat? What about some biodegradable washing detergent that cleans your clothes better than the environmentally unsound kind? These are just two of the products you
Dear ______ I know your letter wasn't intended for publication, but I think some of the concerns you raise will be of interest to, perhaps shared by, some of our readers. I hope you won't mind me using it anonymously to address those concerns. To
Bernie Taft was vice-chairman of the Vietnam Moratorium Campaign Committee in Victoria and former joint national secretary of the Communist Party of Australia. Albert Langer was the most prominent student activist in the Victorian movement against
Socialists against the war The following statement was signed in Rome on January 26 by the Socialist Party (USSR), Democratic Socialist Party (Australia) and Left Alternative (Hungary). We, representatives of left-wing socialist organisations
Duck season to go ahead in three states By Mark Berriman The NSW government has declared March 16 to be the official opening day of the 1991 duck season. In Victoria the season will open on March 16 and in Tasmania on March 9. In spite of
Attack on press freedom In an outrageous attack on freedom of the press, Westpac Bank last week obtained a NSW Supreme Court injunction against Tribune, requiring its publishers to surrender all 4000 copies of the weekly's February 20 edition by 10
By Mark Horstman BRISBANE — More than 300 environmentalists, trade unionists, Aborigines, industrialists and interested people from around Australia spent Sunday, February 17, discussing ways to resolve environmental disputes. The community


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