By Garry Walters and Ian Close MELBOURNE — A "Police Frame-ups" public meeting, organised by the Campaign Exposing the Frame-up of Tim Anderson and other groups on February 20, heard speakers from the Aboriginal and Irish struggles and the
The week that was By Kevin Healy This morning, listeners, we can't really say what we'd like to say, because there's this injunction put on us by the Worst Pack Bank, which has laid a complaint about the anti-working-class bias of this segment. I
The violence of racism By Sally Low "Black Violence — Why whites shouldn't feel so guilty". Oh no, this couldn't be true, not in the supposedly small "l" liberal Sydney Morning Herald. But there it was in black and white in the February 16
NEWCASTLE — Hunter region unemployment figures are maintaining their historic trend of being above NSW averages. Figures for the December quarter show an unemployment rate of 7.5% compared to a state average of 6.6%. The situation in the Lower
The Bombs Falling on You Are Friendly By Rosemary Evans How it must annoy and fluster To be killed by bombs called cluster, By your own side, land so free, Bringing real democracee! When to smash Iraq you're trying (Yet through Yankee bombs
By Angela Matheson SYDNEY — The gay community celebrated its sexuality on the streets of inner city Darlinghurst on February 17 in the annual lesbian and gay Mardi Gras parade. The event, which has been recorded in the Guinness Book of Records as
Former attorney general of the United States Ramsey Clark, returned from a trip to Iraq, gave a press conference which was broadcast over the Pacifica Radio Network affiliate in New York City on February 11. Clark covered over 2000 miles during his
By Peter Boyle SYDNEY — Greenpeace divers collected liquid waste from the Caltex Kurnell refinery's underwater waste discharge pipes at 6.00 a.m. on February 14. They later delivered it to the company's executives in Caltex House, in the city, in
By Philip Baker SYDNEY — About 100 activists from the AIDS Coalition To Unleash Power (ACT UP) demonstrated at the offices of the NSW Anti-Discrimination Board on February 14 to highlight the refusal of the board to hold a public inquiry into
After the Roman circus When the smoke finally clears from the gangsters war in the Middle East, and when the women and men who fought this war — either for Mr Bush's imperial pretensions or Mr Hussein's pathological desire to overshadow Nasser —


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