Issue 17


SYDNEY — Bill Pinwill died of a heart condition on June 6, aged 52. He was a "distinguished" journalist in more than the usual sense of the word: be remembered not only for the stories covered and positions held, but also for his influence on those he met both personally and...

By Peter Boyle

By giving metal industry employers the right to stand down workers, the Industrial Relations Commission has raised the stakes in its confrontation with the Hawke government and the ACTU over the April national wage case.

The IRC...

Greens stretch Nile for NSW upper house

With counting still under way to decide the important 15th seat in the NSW Legislative Council, the Greens are giving Call to Australia's Reverend Fred Nile a run for his money. With more than 50% of votes counted by last Friday, Nile and the...

By Debra Wirth

Young people have been in the lead of struggles for progressive social change since the 1960s, when they were a major part of the movement against the Vietnam War. Out of that movement grew Resistance, a group for young people interested in an alternative...

By David Mizon

MELBOURNE — A mass meeting of all unions at Shell's Geelong site unanimously rejected the company's award restructuring proposals on June 6.

Shell had offered a 13.3% pay rise in return for: acceptance of the "production zone"...

By Tracy Sorensen

SYDNEY — Public Sector Union representative Vivienne Colmer has warned that there will be a significant fall in the quality of ABC radio and television programs as result of funding cuts, job losses and commercial sponsorship if...

By Peter Boyle

MELBOURNE — All train services here stopped on June 13, when Electrical Trade Union members employed by the Victorian government struck for 24 hours to protest against a deal between the Trades Hall Council and the Kirner Labor government...


By Andrew Nette

Who benefits from US bases in the Philippines? Not ordinary Filipinos. In the second of two articles, ANDREW NETTE reports on a visit to Olongapo, near the Subic Bay naval base.

Fishing, which used to be the main source of...

By Slavina Novak and Adam Novak

PRAGUE — There were a number of serious injuries when a peaceful demonstration here was attacked by young rightists. This followed an attack by police on a similar protest.

Several weeks ago, two anarchist high...

Gertrude Shope, newly elected president of the African National Congress (ANC) Women's League (WL) "grew up in the struggle". In the '50s she was secretary of the Federation of Transvaal Women. In 1966, she left the country, on the advice of the ANC, to escape police harassment...

By Sally Low

Poland's first free parliamentary elections are due in October. The outcome will be strongly affected by the way the present government and particularly President Lech Walesa react to growing dissatisfaction with their attempts to impose capitalism through...

By Renfrey Clarke

MOSCOW — The flat was bright and spacious. The location, however, was not what I'd wanted: far from the centre of Moscow on a relatively ill-served train line. But even in this unpopular locale, the monthly rent I recalled she had...

On February 27, the last day of the Gulf War, soldiers arrived at the Ramallah (West Bank) clinic of 48-year old urological surgeon Dr Mamdouh Al-Aker and took him off; he was not even given time to leave some urgent instructions regarding the continued treatment of his patients. For the...

'Terrorism' from chlorine company

STOCKHOLM, — A leaked "crisis management plan" confirms the concern of chlorine manufacturers and users over decreasing market demand and increasing environmental pressure.

The plan, prepared for the Clorox Corporation in the...

By Pat Brewer

A spokesperson from the growing movement for democracy will be one of the international guest speakers at next month's Socialist Scholars Conference, being held in Melbourne.

Indro Cahyono is involved in both the labour movement and the struggle for...

Interview by Jim Percy and Renfrey Clarke

A senior Soviet economist and leader of the left wing of the Social Democratic Party, Galina Rakitskaya is also playing an important role in developing the movement for people's self-management in the USSR. She...

During the Trades and Labour Council Indian Ocean Region Conference held in Perth on May 17, Saut Aritonang, general secretary of Indonesia's recently formed free trade union, Serikat Buruh Merdeka (Setiakawan) spoke to Green Left. Shortly after his return to...


Gareth Evans in South Africa

The petty and irrelevant press coverage of Gareth Evans' trip to South Africa has served to conceal the true scandal of his visit: that the Australian government has chosen to lead the charge to have international sanctions relaxed at a time when apartheid...


A helpful poem for simple folk

em = By Rosemary Evans

(After Rudyard Kipling's "If")

If you keep muddling Kurds up with Kuwaitis

(It's easy, as they both begin with K),

And if the two Husseins sometimes confuse you —

There's Saddam...

By Angela Matheson

King Lear
Sydney Theatre Company
Staged by Philip Parsons, Wayne Harrison and John Senczuk
Reviewed by Angela Matheson

Does the Sydney Theatre Company believe that King Lear...

By Tom Jordan

Guilty by Suspicion
Written and directed by Irwin Winkler
USA 1991The Ear

Czechoslovakia 1969
Written by Jan Prochaska and Karel Kachyna
Directed by Karel Kachyna
Both features of...

By Rod Webb

By Warren Coleman and Tyler Coppin
Directed by Tyler Coppin
Designed by Brian Thomson and Ross Wallace
With Warren Coleman and Tyler Coppin
Belvoir Street Theatre, Sydney, until July 7...


em = By Duncan Richardson

New onco-mouse

lab inspired,

having been persuaded to shrug off

the last eighty million years,

finds itself sprouting carcinomas galore

after ten months of life,

then dies...

By Tracy Sorenson

The journalist and the murderer
By Janet Malcolm
Bloomsbury. 1991. 163 pp.
Paperback $17.95
Reviewed by Tracy Sorensen

"Every journalist who is not too stupid or too full...

A warning for green democracy

By Richard Ingram

The latest issue of Chain Reaction, published by Friends of the Earth, is a special double issue with a cover story likely to create controversy — but also, one hopes —...

Fax me a prayer

em = By Willy Bach


We beseech thee

Let Alan Bond

Recover from

His present troubles

So that my BM shares

Will steadily rise

Above the four cents

I paid for them

Back in July...