Fax me a prayer


Fax me a prayer

em = By Willy Bach


We beseech thee

Let Alan Bond

Recover from

His present troubles

So that my BM shares

Will steadily rise

Above the four cents

I paid for them

Back in July

And Lord

We pray that BHP

Will be able to

Fully explore

And mine

At Coronation Hill

For gold


And uranium

And may they find

No sacred sites


We beseech thee

Keep the lid on

Dissent in China

And keep

Trade unions

Dormant in


So that my

Chuan Hup


May recover


Please Lord

Bring pestilence

And cyclones

To Bangladesh

Let thousands

Perish in floods

And see

My jute futures


Through the roof


Bring prosperity

And thousands

Of Japanese tourists

To Nambucca Heads

Keppel Sands

And several

Other places

Where I bought Cheap land

Ten years ago

From dead



We ask

Not for ourselves


For the Good of Humanity

Steer the debate

On the greenhouse effect

So that greenies

Will see the benefits

Of nuclear power

And advocate

The building

Of reactors

Across Australia

And God willing

My shares in

Western Mining

Will appreciate

And lord

I will wash

Your feet

A thousand times

If De Beers

Can retain control

Of the world

Diamond market

Even if


Has to be enforced

With Caspars

Full of trigger-happy


Protect my

Investment diamonds

As we forgive others


Please assist

With the fomentation

Of minor wars

Around the world

Give us the


To test our new

Rocket launcher


The Bulgarian version

So that we can

Clinch the deal

With Indonesia

And the PLO

and maybe China

For all that we Are about to receive

May the Lord make us

Truly thankful ... Amen

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