Issue 156


Call to increase police powers By Brent Wish BRISBANE — The Criminal Justice Commission (CJC) on August 15 recommended that the search powers of police be greatly increased giving them "covert search warrants". These warrants would give
By Jon Land Demonstrations were held across Australia in support of East Timor on August 17, Indonesian Independence Day. East Timor solidarity groups chose the date to highlight the ongoing illegal occupation of East Timor by Indonesia and the
Anti-Violence Project launched SYDNEY — "In a perfect world homophobia would be dying: not gays and lesbians." This is the theme of a new campaign launched here on August 19 by the Lesbian and Gay Anti-Violence Project (AVP) and the AIDS
Abortion an election issue By Janet Parker SYDNEY — The Women's Abortion Action Campaign (WAAC) has surveyed all candidates standing in the by-election for the state seat of Parramatta to determine their attitude to women's right to
Peter Harkins BRISBANE — A moving funeral service was held in Warwick on August 19 for Peter Harkins, a well-known activist in the campaign to stop the closure of the Biala alcohol and drug detoxification centre. Peter was also a Biala State
By Tom Kelly SYDNEY — Wingham Forest Action's (WFA) many-faceted campaign to defend forests and fauna from logging in the Wingham management area, north-west of Taree in northern New South Wales, has found its way to Sydney's Land and
Resistance launched in Darwin By Tim E Stewart DARWIN — A banner drop to catch the afternoon traffic on August 5 launched the new Resistance branch here. The banner, "Human rights before mining rights", was designed to highlight the
Kennett rams through Grand Prix plans By Dave Wright MELBOURNE — The Kennett government has been exempted from conducting an environment impact study on the Albert Park Grand Prix development. The state governor granted the exemption
Blue stocking week By Rosemary Lace WOLLONGONG — Wollongong University Blue Stocking Week, from August 15-19 was packed with performance nights, public forums, debates and workshops focussing on women's experiences struggling together for
Call to cease 'cold war' against North Korea National leaders of the Uniting Church, Rev Dr D'Arcy Wood (President) and Rev Gregor Henderson (General Secretary) called on the Prime Minister on June 21 to seek a diplomatic, new initiative for
By Christina Peebles Following a proposal by NSW electricity supplier, Pacific Power in 1993, to construct a 132 kV transmission line from Lismore to Mullumbimby on the NSW north coast, a large section of the local community questioned the need
By Jon Land The Indonesian government has fast-forwarded its plans to construct the first of its 12 nuclear reactors. The head of the National Atomic Energy Agency (BATAN), Djali Ahimsa, announced on August 9 that the schedule for building the
SYDNEY — The scrapping of the Labor Party's three mines policy for an open-gate approach would be a serious misjudgment of the international uranium market and an unwise political decision which would be remembered at the next federal election, a
Sea World protest By Nathan Laurent BRISBANE — More than 70 people staged a demonstration outside the Gold Coast tourist attraction Sea World, on August 17. This follows the recent capture of two wild dolphins from South Stradbroke


Worker activist arrested in Indonesia JAKARTA — On August 13, the chairperson of the Indonesian Prosperous Worker Union (SBSI), Dr Muchtar Pakpahan was arrested by 18 Medan police at his home in East Jakarta. Pakpahan is being held at the
By Irina Glushchenko MOSCOW — After more than five weeks, a picket placed by environmentalists on one of Russia's worst industrial polluters came to an end on August 7. Defying harassment from local authorities, the protesters outside the
By Richard Startari As Ernesto Samper takes over the Colombian presidency, Amnesty International has called on him to live up to his election promises and respect international law and human rights. Successive Colombian governments have
Prompted by the resignation of a former key government minister, the August 13 Selwyn by-election result rolled ominously like thunder across the New Zealand political landscape. Although the government clung to its one-seat majority, that was
By Jenny Long The issue of political prisoners and conditions for their release has dogged the peace process between Israel and the PLO. Despite the Cairo Accord, which in May agreed to the release of 5000 of 10,000 prisoners, the July survey of
By Kekuni Blaisdell 1993 marked the centennial of the 1893 United States' armed invasion of Hawai'i. On January 17 more than 12,000 indigenous Hawaiians, or Kanaka Maoli, joined a sovereignty rally expressing their outrage at the invasion and
Mine capture disputed by BRA By Frank Enright Claims by Papua New Guinea Prime Minister Paias Wingti that PNG armed forces retook the Panguna copper mine on Bougainville on August 16, have been described as premature. Speaking on Radio Free
Cuba opposes US-led invasion of Haiti By Francesca Davidson SYDNEY — "I am convinced that the United States' plans to invade Haiti are directly related to the possibility of intervention in Cuba," Marcellino Fajardo, the Cuban Consul
This year millions of people have taken to the streets in cities across France to protest against the policies of the conservative government of Prime Minister douard Balladur elected late last year. Green Left Weekly's SAM WAINWRIGHT spoke to


Blues worth collecting The Blues Collection CD or cassette In fortnightly parts Orbis $8.95 Reviewed by Graham Matthews The Blues Collection is a series of CD or cassette recordings of Blues music. Produced in fortnightly parts,
Links: International Journal of Socialist Renewal No 2 July-Sept 1994 Published by New Course Publications Sydney 128 pp., $6.50 Reviewed by Jim McIlroy If you want to keep a finger on the pulse of the international left and
A Room of One's Own Adapted by Patrick Garland from the book by Virginia Woolf Directed by Lois Ellis Staring Pamela Rabe Belvoir Street Theatre, Sydney, August 9-28 and Russell Street Theatre, Melbourne, September 7 to October 1 Reviewed
The Solzhenitsyn school of falsification The Russia That We Lost Directed by Stanislav Govorukhin Screening on SBS 8.30pm August 25 and September 1 Reviewed by Doug Lorimer The promo for this two-hour "documentary" issued by SBS
Hairy Beanstalk performance cafe By Freya Pinney WOLLONGONG — If you're into poetry reading with a pot of tea, drama sketches with a smoothie or even acoustic blues with some apple pie, then the Hairy Beanstalk Performance Cafe is for
Successful women's cultural night By Chantal Wynter and Alex Bainbridge MELBOURNE — More than 100 people attended a lively cabaret of women performers, a benefit for Green Left Weekly, here on August 6. In her welcome, Shaylee Rose
By Norm Dixon JOHANNESBURG — The cream of South Africa's musicians and pop performers have embarked on a militant campaign to defeat continued racism by record companies, record retailers, radio and television. They are demanding that


Keating's privatisation push threatens jobs and environment When Prime Minister Paul Keating met with state premiers in the Council of Australian Governments (COAG) meeting on August 19 they claimed to be discussing a new national competition