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The Australian and New Zealand Mental Health Association rescinded an invitation to an Israeli social worker and member of the Israeli Defense Forces after a public campaign. Josie Vendramini reports.

Green Left News Podcast Ep 35, March 14, 2024

Green Left journalist Isaac Nellist goes through the latest news from across the continent and around the world.

Hundreds joined a Save Greater Sydney Coalition rally calling for real solutions to the housing crisis, not NSW Labor’s pro-developer rezoning and development scheme. Pip Hinman reports.

A banner hanging from the gates of the HTA plant in Naarm/Melbourne.

Pro-Palestine groups say Heat Treatment Australia, which makes essential parts for F-35 fighter jets for the Israeli military, must shut down operations. Janet Hawkes reports.

Nasser Mashni

It is rank hypocrisy to deny Palestinian freedom fighter Leila Khaled a visa or a platform to speak, while Labor is going visas to former Israeli army people wanted for war crimes. Peter Boyle reports.

Keep local in council protest outside NSW Parliament

Community representatives from across the state demanded NSW Labor stick to its policy, and promises, to help forcibly merged councils wishing to deamalgamate to do so. Pip Hinman reports.

Socialist councillor Sarah Hathway told an IWD function that the “most important” thing local council can do is to invest in the community and services, while doing more for the disadvantaged. Jacqui Kriz reports.

Protesters stood with the women of Gaza

In the wake of International Women's Day, thousands of pro-Palestine protesters across the country pointed out that supporting Palestine is a feminist issue.

Jana Fayyad addressing the Palestine protest

Palestinian activist Jana Fayyad did not mince words about “the silence of Western feminists” asking, in her address to the Palestine rally on March 10, “Are you only progressive until Palestine?” Peter Boyle reports.

The decision puts native title holders in a stronger position when fighting to prevent future fossil fuel projects. Jim McIlroy reports.

Rawan Arraf, Executive Director at the Australian Centre for International Justice, said the war crimes allegations against Doro Almog are serious and credible. Alex Salmon reports on a protest outside where he was a keynote speaker.

End genocide: Free Palestine

Protesters blocked the road next to the Queensland parliament on March 7 as part of the campaign to Shut Down Ferra. Alex Bainbridge reports.

Speakers at the Ecosocialism 2024 conference

Speakers from Malaysia, the Philippines and the United States have been added to the growing bill of international guests at the Ecosocialism 2024 conference. Fred Fuentes reports.

Marching for Palestine, March 9

In a moving display of anti-colonial solidarity, protesters carried more than 100 Palestinian flags from Reddacliff Place over the Victoria Bridge. Kamala Emanuel reports.

Activists shut down the HTA factory in Campbellfield

Activists established a community picket that stopped work at the Heat Treatment Australia factory in Campbellfield for the whole day. Jacob Andrewartha reports.

Family for Palestine say it is vital to speak up for children and families of Gaza, who are forced to endure unspeakable mental and physical torment. Aneesa Bhamjee reports.

Israel starves Gaza, students strike for Palestine & Mardi Gras

Green Left journalist Isaac Nellist goes through the latest news from across the continent and around the world.

Community leaders, including Palestinian Ahmed Abadla from the Palestine Justice Movement, again called on the PM Anthony Albanese to impose sanctions on Israel. Rachel Evans reports.

Two anti-war organisations organised a protest outside Business Illawarra’s Defence Industry Conference at the Shellharbour Civic Centre. Melanie Barnes reports.

Meanjin/Brisbane calls for an immediate ceasefire at March 3 protest.

Thousands marched for Palestine across the country as Israel massacred more than 100 starving Palestinians trying to get flour from an aid truck southwest of Gaza City.

Dying With Dignity Victoria is pushing for changes to Victoria’s ground breaking voluntary assisted dying legislation. Suzanne James reports.

Nasser Mashni told the protest for Palestine it was wrong to see Israelis and Palestinians are equally responsible for the continuing bloodshed in Gaza. Stephen W Enciso reports.


Suzanne James talks to NSW Greens Senator and defence spokesperson David Shoebridge about Australia’ unconscionable arming of Israel as it commits genocide in Gaza.

Judy Mundey, a long-term campaigner, told a Save Greater Sydney Coalition protest that she doubts Labor’s pro-developer rezoning plan and that public housing is no more an extravagant concept than public health care and public education.

Despite the campaign to defund UNRWA, donor states realise the humanitarian incentive to ameliorate Gazans’ suffering must take precedence over Israel’s allegations. Australia is an exception, as Binoy Kampmark reports.

Labor is playing a game over Gaza. To claim to support a ceasefire while arming and giving political cover to the perpetrators of genocide is sick cynicism, argues Sam Wainwright.

Max Chandler-Mather

Green Left’s Fred Fuentes and former GL editor Stuart Munckton spoke with Australian Greens housing spokesperson and federal member for Griffith Max Chandler-Mather about housing, Palestine solidarity, the nature of parliament and how the Greens are seeking to rebuild mass politics.

Binoy Kampmark writes the event was a salutatory reminder that the plight of Julian Assange, the WikiLeaks founder who remains in Belmarsh Prison in London, has become one of immediate concern.

Protest for Palestine in Gadigal/Sydney. Photo: Peter Boyle

Morality and justice are not determined by body counts but a fraction of history shows Israel as a militarised, apartheid state which cultivates violent racism towards another people, argues Stuart Rees.

Women deserve to be safe, respected, equal

Anthony Albanese’s refusal to tackle structural disadvantage reveals his “commitment to gender equality” is a farce, argues Isaac Nellist.

Nick Riemer and Markela Panegyres argue that universities should insist on science and knowledge serving the cause of peace and human progress, and not fuel the arms race.

Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine International Women's Day poster

As bombs rain down on women and children in Gaza, the political significance of International Women's Day needs to be remembered, argues Pip Hinman

Stronger climate action is the only reasonable course of action for any aspiring Tasmanian MP who understands the climate crisis and cares for their constituents, argues Susan Austin.

Anwar Ibrahim said Malaysia remained a friend of the United States, Europe and Australia, and China. Binoy Kampmark argues it would be inconceivable to hear the same said by an Australian politician.

Pride in Protest float calls for police to not be allowed to march in the Mardi Gras parade.

Despite much contention the New South Wales Police Force joined the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras Parade. Paul Gregoire reports.

The Palestine solidarity movement is shaking politics up: 81% want Israel to ceasefire and 53% want Labor to take more action to achieve a ceasefire. Chloe DS reports.

Gunai Mara elder Uncle Robbie Thorpe explained to Paul Gregoire the reason for lighting the fire and establishing Camp Sovereignty on Boonwurrung Country in Melbourne’s Kings Domain in 2006 and again on January 26 is the “Blak GST”.

David McBride speaking to supporters in Ngunnawal/Canberra, November 12

Lawyer and free speech defender Eddie Lloyd told Green Left that the case of McBride is a travesty of justice”. Alex Bainbridge reports.

Alex Bainbridge speaks to Sam Wainwright about the Zionist campaign against Leila Khaled being allowed to speak in Australia.


Release Boris Kagarlitsky

A global petition has been launched to demand the release of Russian anti-war socialist Boris Kagarlitsky.

women protesting

In Argentina, hundreds of thousands of women, LGBTI+ community members and their allies took to the streets of Buenos Aires on March 8, filling the streets in protest against far-right president Javier Milei's reactionary agenda, reports Peoples Dispatch.

Free Boris Kagarlitsky

Family members and supporters of renowned Russian sociologist Boris Kagarlitsky have initiated two fronts in their campaign to free the 65-year-old political prisoner, reports Federico Fuentes.

Mikail Lubanov surrounded by journalists

Russian labour and anti-war activist Mikhail Lobanov is part of a new left-wing initiative, called Just World/Just Peace, which is seeking to disrupt Russia's staged presidential elections on March 15‒17. He spoke to Green Left’s Federico Fuentes about the campaign.


Three years after the February 2021 coup in Myanmar, the Australian Labor government is facing renewed criticism for its failure to impose meaningful sanctions on the illegitimate military junta, write Leo Earle and Mg Lin Htet.


Papua New Guinea and Indonesia have formally ratified a defence agreement, which enables an enhancement of military operations between the two countries, with a specific focus on strengthening patrols along the border between PNG and Indonesia, writes Ali Mirin. But what will this mean for the security and sovereignty of West Papuans?

Venezuela flag, US capitol, child's face

Andreína Chávez Alava writes that while it is not possible to fully grasp the damage caused by United States sanctions against the Venezuelan people, all the evidence points to one simple truth: sanctions kill and will continue to do so.

starving child and bombed ambulance

There is a strong parallel between news coverage of Palestinian victims of Israel and Black and Brown victims of racism, white vigilantism and policing in the United States, writes Sonali Kolhatkar.


Critical theorist, feminist and author Nancy Fraser continues her conversation with Green Left’s Federico Fuentes, focussing on the role of expropriation and transnationals in modern imperialism, and the challenges facing anti-imperialists and anti-capitalists.

Mural in Belfast

South Africans are deeply disturbed by the character assassination and threats levelled against Leila Khaled, an icon of anti-colonial struggle, writes South African human rights activist, Salim Vally.

illegal israeli settlements and land sales events

Touring Israeli real estate exhibitions are making stops in Canada to promote sales of land in the occupied West Bank in Palestine. Canadians are responding with protests, reports Jeff Shantz.

Women and children marching for International Women's Day in Puebla Mexico

Hundreds of thousands of people around Mexico marched on International Women's Day, with an estimated 180,000 people reported in Mexico City, massive marches in Oaxaca, Guadalajara, and more, and two journalists arrested in Zacatecas, reports Tamara Pearson.

Protester holding a sign

Aotearoa/New Zealand news media came under fire at a Palestine solidarity rally in Auckland calling for an immediate ceasefire in the war in Gaza with speakers condemning what they said was pro-Israeli “bias” and “propaganda”, reports Pacific Media Watch.

Ammar Ali Jan speaking

Federico Fuentes spoke to Pakistani socialist Ammar Ali Jan of the Haqooq-e-Khalq Party (People’s Rights Party) about the volatile situation facing the country after the recent elections. Ammar will speak at Ecosocialism 2024, in Boorloo/Perth, June 28–30.

Photos of protests around Canada

Palestine solidarity activists blockaded major arms manufacturing companies across Canada, reinforcing growing calls for an immediate embargo on the country's arms sales to Israel, reports Jeff Shantz.

In response to United States President Joe Biden’s continued support for Israel’s genocidal war in Gaza, 100,000 voters in Michigan withheld their support for him in the Democratic Primary by choosing the “uncommitted” option on the ballot, reports Malik Miah.

woman speaking at a rally for international womens day in Raqqa

Women in Raqqa took to the streets on March 3 to kick off a week of events to mark International Women’s Day on March 8, demonstrating the city’s resilience in the face of challenges, reports Medya News.

protesters holding signs

New Zealand has taken another shameful act in its tone deaf approach to Israel’s War on Gaza this week by declaring Hamas a “terrorist entity” at a time when millions are marching worldwide for an immediate ceasefire and a lasting peace founded on an independent state of Palestine, writes David Robie.


woman in a taxi with male driver

Jim McIlroy reviews Damage, written and directed by Australian filmmaker Madeleine Blackwell, which is a moving allegory about the destruction caused by war and the increasing alienation suffered by an elderly woman in a capitalist society abandoning those in need.