Issue 116


By Bill Mason
and Maurice Sibelle

BRISBANE — Oodgeroo Noonuccal, formerly known as Kath Walker, the popular poet and Aboriginal rights activist, died at Greenslopes Hospital on September 16 at the age of 72 after a struggle with cancer.

Merv Nixon, 1923-1993

WOLLONGONG — Former South Coast Labour Council secretary and well-known Communist Party identity Merv Nixon died at Bulli Hospital on September 13 after a long battle with illness.

Arriving in Wollongong in 1954, the

Brewery sackings planned

By Paul Oboohov

The Financial Review on September 17 reported an announcement by New Zealand multinational brewer Lion Nathan, of Swan, Fourex and Tooheys sackings fame, that it is seeking sackings at its latest

NSW cleaners continue fight

Story and photo
by Paul Oboohov

SYDNEY — Cleaners employed by the NSW Government Cleaning Service are into their ninth week of a campaign to stop privatisation of state cleaning by the Liberal state

SYDNEY — Members of the Wilderness Society and Sydney Rainforest Action Group held a protest outside the BHP head here on September 13, over the dumping of 150,000 tonnes of waste rock and tailings from the Ok Tedi Mine into the Ok Tedi and Fly

By Ana Kailis

A leaked draft agreement between the federal government and the ACTU on changing industrial law has been heralded by the Australian as a big win for unions.

The deal, which includes changes to secondary boycott legislation and

24-hour strike at Risdon refinery

By Dave Wright

Hobart — Five hundred workers went on a 24-hour strike at Pasminco Metals EZ Risdon zinc refinery on September 13. The strike was in response to imminent job cuts and the breakdown in

By Dave Wright

HOBART — APPM's Burnie and Wesley Vale paper mills will be sold to the giant multinational Amcor Ltd. The deal, worth $415 million, guarantees Amcor — owners of APPM's domestic rival APM — a monopoly of the fine paper market

Green Alliance to stand in SA elections

By Chris Spindler

ADELAIDE — Addressing the desperate need for alternative political forces to be standing against both the Labor and Liberal parties, Green Alliance will run a campaign in the

Austudy 5 speaking tour

MELBOURNE — Tim Anderson and members of the Austudy Five conducted a speaking tour of various universities and other venues between September 7 and 10.

The Austudy Five are members of the International Socialist

Inquiry into toxic waste scandal

By Bill Mason

BRISBANE — The Criminal Justice Commission is to launch a public inquiry into large-scale corruption involving illegal dumping of toxic waste in south-east Queensland.

The public

Protest over Aboriginal Welfare Fund

By Nikki Ulasowski

BRISBANE — "Everything has been taken away from us — our rights, our lives. Aboriginal people must take a stand and continue the fight", said Alex Gapter, Aboriginal community

Victorian school closures force drop-outs

By Lachlan Anderson

MELBOURNE — A report released on September 1 has identified serious disruption of students following school closures by the Kennett government. Fifty-five schools were closed

Seminar defends public sector

By Bill Mason

BRISBANE — State teachers' campaign to defend the public education system will be a "long-term struggle", Shane Groth, Queensland Teachers Union vice-president, told a seminar here on September

By Rodney Cheuk and Tamara Desiatov

PERTH — Young migrants from non-English speaking backgrounds experience an institutionalised racism second only to Aboriginal youth. A report released here confirms that migrant youth experience higher

By Sean Malloy

Inequality in Australia is increasing rapidly. The gains during the postwar period in reducing inequality were lost between 1980 and 1990, argues Phil Raskall, coordinator of social and economic inequality studies at the

By Steve Rogers

CANBERRA — A well-attended September 16 press conference here heard plans for a new direction for the ACT branch of the Public Service Union (PSU). In the face of current job losses and union leadership failures, PSU Challenge

Keating to face protests in Ireland

Prime Minister Paul Keating was to begin a nostalgic visit to the land of his ancestors on September 19. It is believed that his forebears left the County Galway village of Tynagh around 1855, "probably as a

Political science — 1
"If we get up tomorrow at daybreak and Australia has been declared a republic tonight by referendum but with no other change — just a change of name — then there is actually no difference." — Governor-General Bill

Station staff oppose automatic ticket

By Garry Walters

MELBOURNE — A September 8 stop-work meeting of suburban railway station staff resolved unanimously to support the Public Transport Union (PTU) opposition to plans to introduce an


Military attack Yogyakarta protest

A mass rally on September 11 at Gadjah Mada University in Yogyakarta, against the introduction of restrictive traffic laws, was attacked by the police and military, forcing participants to leave the campus.

Indonesian activist condemns Keating's 'music'

By L. Pramana

Prime Minister Keating's suggestion for US President Bill Clinton to take a softer stance on human rights in the Asian region has been condemned by Indonesian labour activist

By Sean Malloy

Israel's recognition of the Palestinian Liberation Organisation and preparedness to negotiate on the occupied territories reflect contradictions and pressures within Israel and the Middle East according to Joe Stork, editor of the

DAELE HEALY describes her experiences at the International Youth Forum held in South Korea August 11-21, organised by the Korean National Commission for UNESCO.

The forum was made up of around 100 people from more than 30 nations. The

By Jana D.K.

JAKARTA — More than 1,000 employees stopped work on September 13 at the PT Halco factory in Bekasi Raya, East Jakarta, which produces pots, pans and other household items. Shouting demands, workers erected banners and posters

By Renfrey Clarke

MOSCOW — More than half a million employees of the Russian coal industry stopped work for 24 hours on September 6, halting production in 133 of the country's 259 underground mines. The national stoppage was the latest in a

By Max Lane

MANILA — Fifteen thousand workers from the city of Manila assembled on September 14 to establish a new trade union centre, the Union of Workers for Change (BMP).

More than 700 delegates from more than 200 unions, representing

Salvadoran left announces candidates

By Stephen Marks

MANAGUA — The first National Convention of the Farabundo Marti National Liberation Front has endorsed Ruben Zamora and Francisco Lima as the presidential and vice-presidential

Karen people of Thailand

By Catheryn Thompson

I recently interviewed Ruggit Srisarin, a masters student at Tasmania University who recently visited the Karen people, who live on the border between Thailand and Burma. In Burma the Karen are

By Chris Beale

Thailand is being rocked by the worst crisis to destabilise the "pro-democracy" government since Prime Minister Chuan's coalition came to office a year ago.

The crisis forced Chuan to cut short an important trip to China by

By Ana Kailis

Australian soldiers are now on combat duty on Bougainville, according to reports from Radio Free Bougainville.

This follows the September 6 admission in parliament by defence minister Senator Robert Ray that Australian troops


The real thing

Seventy-two of Australia's "bidding elite" are descending upon Monte Carlo to hear the International Olympic Committee's decision on which city will host the Olympic Games in the year 2000.

Asked to explain the purpose of the


SYDNEY — The alternative radio waves will be packed with sharp current affairs, superb specialist music and incisive talk as 2SER-FM celebrates its 14th birthday from September 25 to October 1.

The week will highlight SERvive-a-thon 93 — the

The Story of Qiu Ju
A film by Zhang
Showing at Melbourne's Nova Cinema from September
Reviewed by Peter Boyle

Zhang Yimou won international attention with his previous
films Red Sorghum, Ju Dou and Raise the Red

New issue of CEFTAA magazine

By John Tognolini

Framed is the quarterly magazine of the Campaign Exposing Frame-ups and Targeting Abuses of Authority. It was born during the fight against the frame-up of Tim Anderson.

Issue 22 takes the

BRISBANE — Performers, bands, artists and DJs combine with computer network jockeys on September 24, transforming Brisbane into FIERCE with virtual tentacles reaching round the planet.

FIERCE is Brisbane's first "journey into cyberspace", a

Year 501: The Conquest Continues
By Noam Chomsky
London: Verso, 1993. 331 pp. $29.95 (pb)
Reviewed by Phil Shannon

1992 was the 500th anniversary of the arrival in the "New World" by Columbus. Noam Chomsky in Year 501 once again stands

Power and property

The Piano
Written and Directed by Jane Campion
Starring Holly Hunter, Harvey Keitel, Sam Neill and Anna Paquin
Reviewed by Chris Slee

Set in 19th century New Zealand, this film explores the unequal relationship

Green Is Magic
A CD by Trust
Funded by Small Change Foundation
Reviewed by Elle Morrell

What better way to get the message across? When Footscray Secondary College's school band, Trust, and the environment club got together, no-one