New issue of CEFTAA magazine


New issue of CEFTAA magazine

By John Tognolini

Framed is the quarterly magazine of the Campaign Exposing Frame-ups and Targeting Abuses of Authority. It was born during the fight against the frame-up of Tim Anderson.

Issue 22 takes the NSW ALP to task for out-campaigning the state Liberal-National government on law and order and condemns the bipartisan approach to crime.

"Politicians know that few will disagree with them when they spout anger against a criminal. It's an easy vote winner. Guilty people become the scapegoats for community problems and lack of political leadership. It's emotionally simple to generate anger and fear in the public mind already primed by the Shock-Horror reports of the media."

Also covered in this issue is the death of Ray Denning, the one-time prison activist who became an informer. The article by Tim Anderson, who was verballed by Denning, gets past the media hype that followed Denning's death. None of the media police rounds megastars mentioned that Denning was a semi-regular heroin user for more than a decade and had overdosed on two previous occasions before his drug-induced heart attack.

Tim Anderson writes, "Denning was set to receive $250,000 in reward money and a 1991 release from jail, when his informing came to grief in the Hilton bombing case, aimed by his police friends at me. Denning had verballed me: claimed I'd 'confessed' to him in jail many years before. However in acquitting me in June 1991 Chief Justice Murray Gleeson said a reasonable jury should give his evidence 'little or no weight'. Denning's reward prospects disappeared. Then other benefits were exposed in an ICAC hearing into prisoner informers, and an exposed 'error' in his sentencing put his release back two years, to 1993 ...

"He had become just what the system expected of him; but when it had used him up, he was always going to be on his own."

This issue also covers the police shooting of Wollongong pensioner Boris Milankovski, police videos, the Fairlea closure, and the charging of 11 Victorian police with murder.

A yearly subscription to Framed costs $15 waged or $8 unwaged and is available by writing to CEFTAA, PO Box K365, Haymarket NSW 2000.

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