Issue 112


250 days of Richmond school occupation By Alex Bainbridge MELBOURNE — The Richmond Secondary College Occupation released an Occupiers' Handbook on August 19 to mark the 250th day of the occupation. Richmond Secondary College (RSC)
Australian Greens hold first conference By James Basle CANBERRA — The first national conference of the Australian Greens, held over the weekend of August 13-15, set as its aim winning increased representation at all levels of
Fake clemency for Gusmao condemned By Max Lane SYDNEY — Spokespersons for the East Timorese liberation movement in Sydney attending the August 14-15 People to People Conference condemned the fake clemency given to resistance leader
Getting the message out There are a range of ways to network to other progressive organisations and people with Green Left Weekly. Obviously you can write copy on a political happening, place an entry in "Meetings, Parties, Anything..." or
By Nick Everett SYDNEY — The People to People Conference held here over the weekend of August 14-15 to discuss issues of common concern to people in Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, Australia, West Papua, East Timor and Bougainville was
By Sean Malloy At least 136,000 young people will be affected by changes to Austudy payments introduced by the ALP government in its August 17 budget. The government will legislate that "Austudy payments to at home students aged 17 now will
Animal Lib billboards censorsed By Karen Fredericks SYDNEY — Animal Liberation posters publicising the plight of battery hens and factory pigs have been removed from Sydney railway stations by the advertising company paid to place them
Students and the budget By Rebecca Meckelberg While tertiary students knew that the 1993 federal budget would offer few gifts, many have been shocked that a Labor government could introduce measures that mean the end of any notion of free
Keating caves in to mining companies on Mabo By Peter Boyle The Keating government has pulled the rug from under Aboriginal people in the post-Mabo negotiations by agreeing to help state governments validate all land titles granted since
By Pip Hinman The tax on petrol in last week's federal budget received a mixed response from environmentalists. Hailed by the Australian Conservation Foundation as a long-overdue environmental and health reform, Greenpeace and the


By Sean Malloy Fourteen members of a caravan carrying humanitarian aid for Cuba are close to a month of hunger striking which began after their little yellow school bus was detained on the Texas-Mexico border by US authorities in late July.
By Stephen Marks HAVANA — The Latin American left is presented with historic opportunities which could dramatically change the face of the continent in the next 18 months. According to Brazilian Workers Party leader Luiz Inácio
Students protest university regiment harassment By Max Lane On 19 August on the Wali Songo State University of Islamic Studies in the major central Java city of Semarang, over 200 students demonstrated against the arrest and beatings of
By Max Lane On August 19, so-called "international negotiators" Lord Owen and Thorvald Stoltenberg were able to announce agreement over the status of the Bosnian capital, Sarajevo. Disagreement on this issue was acting as an obstacle to the
Protest against murder by police By Nick Fredman LONDON — Chanting "No justice, no peace" and "British police, racist police", 2000 people marched through the north London suburb of Hornsey on August 7 to protest the killing of Joy
Tories target single parents By Julia Perkins LONDON — With the British economy failing to show any consistent signs of recovery, the quest for scapegoats continues: the accusing finger of blame having stabbed at immigrants, the
By Renfrey Clarke MOSCOW — Since the end of July, the Russian government has been challenged by the largest wave of strikes since the coal industry struggles of 19891991. Even more impressive than the size of the actions has been the range
By Cipto R. JAKARTA — The United States has threatened to withdraw from Indonesia the Generalised System of Preferences (GSP), a system of tariff concessions, if the Suharto government does not improve workers' conditions. Among the GSP


The Mabo Song A dialogue between a Political Leader and a Captain of Industry By Dermot Dorgan Mr Tim: "Oh Mr Hugh, oh Mr Hugh, o really mean to you? d one day? ds away? dole queue, Mr Hugh?" Mr Hugh: "Oh Mr Tim, oh Mr Tim,
Pacific peepshow Pacifica: Tales from the South Seas13-part series commencing Thursday, September 2, 7.30p.m. (7.00p.m. Adelaide) SBS Television Reviewed by Ignatius Kim From musicals (South Pacific, Blue Hawaii) to TV shows
Mabo: A Symbol of Sharing Mabo: A Symbol of Sharing By Sean Flood Published by Fink Consultancy, 13/169 Liverpool St Sydney 2000 31pp $15 Reviewed by Barry Healy Sean Flood, the New South Wales public defender, has self-published
Compulsory viewing for judges Below the Belt A play by Daniel Scott Starring Imogen Annesley and Duncan Piney Crossroads Theatre, Sydney until September 12, then Universal Theatre in Melbourne, September 1425 Reviewed by Barry Healy
By Bronwen Beechey On August 28, Melbourne's oldest arts festival will leap into its second decade, with organisers predicting a bigger and more diverse festival than ever. The Melbourne Fringe Festival has become a showcase for alternative


Keating's creeping GST Even ACTU president Martin Ferguson felt the need to make a pretence of attacking the 1993 federal budget. We cannot "defend the undefendable", he said. He failed, of course, to use the opportunity to announce the