Issue 106


By Peter Boyle

A cacophony of outrageous racist statements by the likes of Northern Territory Chief Minister Marshall Perron (Aborigines are "backward", sleep with dogs and share their germs, he says) and Western Mining director Hugh Morgan

By Joy McEntee

BRISBANE — More than 500 women from around the country met here July 13-15 for the seventh annual Network of Women Students of Australia (NOWSA) conference. This is the largest NOWSA ever, and twice the size of the last

By Katrina Dean

MELBOURNE — The 22nd national conference of Resistance was held here over the weekend of July 3-5. The overall tone of the conference was clear: young people will think for themselves, speak for themselves, act on their own

By Anne Casey

SYDNEY — A dangerous precedent has been set in NSW with the criminal conviction of five logging protesters who appeared in Cooma Local Court on July 7.

The five conservationists were arrested in April during a peaceful

By Deb Sorensen

Darwin — At sunrise on July 5, a symbolic fire was lit and the ashes of the first World Indigenous Youth Conference were thrown into it. Traditional dances were performed in the light of the flames.

More than 2000

By Michael Karadjis

SYDNEY — About 25 Australian Kurds barricaded themselves inside the United Nations building in Sydney on June 28, demanding that the Australian government pressure the Turkish regime on its brutal oppression of its

By Stephen Robson

PERTH — Industrial relations minister Graham Kierath tabled the Workplace Agreements Bill, the Industrial Relations Amendments Bill and the Minimum Conditions of Employment Bill in the WA parliament on July 8.


Swift response to Indonesian repression

By Vannessa Hearman

MELBOURNE — The news that students at the Jakarta campus of the National Science and Technology Institute had been beaten and arrested by the Indonesian military for protesting

Public services on Qld hit list

By Bill Mason

BRISBANE — In the latest of a series of planned savage cutbacks in the Queensland public sector, up to 12,000 government workers could lose their jobs in the education and health area, it

Speaking tour by Palestinian woman

By Jenny Long

SYDNEY — Dr Ilham Abu-Ghazaleh, assistant professor at Birzeit University on the West Bank, will be speaking at meetings here between July 14 and 16. Dr Abu-Ghazaleh who has been

Demonstration at opening of consulate

By Bernie Brian

DARWIN — Members of Darwin's East Timor Independence Support Group organised a peaceful but angry picket on June 25 to protest at the opening of an Indonesian consulate in the city.

Indonesian workers group condemns ACTU

The Jakarta-based worker support organisation Yayasan Maju Bersama (YMB — Advance Together Foundation) has called for Australian unions to boycott plans by the ACTU and the Australian government to

Workcover protests begin

By Di Quin

MELBOURNE — About 1000 building workers braved Melbourne's wintry conditions on July 7 to protest against the Kennett government's Workcover Act.

The law, which came into effect in December,

Hamersley sacks union activist

By Stephen Robson

PERTH — One hundred and eighty members of the Metal and Engineering Workers' Union (MEWU) struck after Hamersley Iron sacked John Mercer, the union convener at the Tom Price operation,


By David Robie

PORT MORESBY — Ever since Prime Minister Paias Wingti gained power last year, his government has had its sights on a second national daily newspaper.

Although Papua New Guinea had long enjoyed the most vigorous press in

By Irina Glushchenko

MOSCOW — "I'm standing before a sign: Construction Administration of the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant. The name of this modest little town is to be transferred to one of the giants of nuclear power generation ... The

No room for Le Pen

France's National Front führer, Jean-Marie Le Pen, and his European Right faction in the European parliament had to cancel a planned conference in Edinburgh when all the hotels refused to accommodate them.


The Cuban government has rejected as "grotesquely false" US claims that Cuban guards had shot and killed Cuban citizens seeking asylum in the US military base at Guantánamo.

In Havana on July 8, Cuban foreign minister Roberto Robaina,

Irish unsafe in British prisons

"Catholic, Irish nationals, once found guilty of offences against the security forces, are subject to systematic or retaliatory harm, physical detention or potential death in Northern Ireland. The security

US role in Salvadoran atrocities

The US embassy in San Salvador directly assisted in at least one death squad disappearance, according to Lauren Gilbert, who coordinated investigations for the UN Truth Commission.

Gilbert told the US

By Max Lane

Three student activists from the democratic movement are now on trial in central Java.

Two of the students were charged in relation to an open forum they organised in May 1992, during the general elections. The forum,

Dr RICARDO NAVARRO, president and executive director of CESTA (the Salvadoran Centre for Appropriate Technology), is being toured around Australia and New Zealand by the Overseas Services Bureau. CESTA was founded in 1980 in response to the

Students released

Students arrested during an army attack on demonstrators at the Indonesian National Institute of Science and Technology (ISTN) on June 24 have been released.

The releases followed a confrontation at a hearing of one of

By Renfrey Clarke

MOSCOW — Boris Yeltsin's campaign to concentrate near-absolute power in his own hands as president is to reach an important landmark on July 12. The Constitutional Assembly which Yeltsin summoned in order to legitimise his

By Mitchell Hamilton

East Timorese activists have drawn attention to the illegal Indonesian occupation of their country with actions on three fronts.

Seven East Timorese students created a major incident in Jakarta and internationally

By Norm Dixon An inquest into the 1985 murders of several political activists by South African security forces has heard evidence that police pioneered the grisly practice of "necklacing". South Africa's progressive weekly New Nation

Twenty factories in the steel and electronics industry went on strike in Saxony in April and May, along with six steel mills in the former German Democratic Republic (GDR). Steelworkers of Thuringia, Berlin and Brandenburg and Saxony-Anhalt also

By Jackie Coleman

MANAGUA — In the first of a series of mobilisations leading up to the celebration of the 1979 revolution on July 19, Sandinistas commemorated the 14th annual "Repliegue" on June 26.

The original Repliegue was the

By Renfrey Clarke MOSCOW — "The enthusiasm voiced in 1990 and 1991 for all types of private property has ... declined, as people have become familiar with the concrete embodiment of abstract principles in practice." Not an outlandish


Land rights and 'extremism'

There is nothing that frightens the racists and the moneybags more than a victory — even a partial victory — for the Aboriginal people. Even the half-hearted acknowledgment that Australia's indigenous people


Timewatch: Dereliction of Duty
Screening on SBS Television
Monday, July 19, 7.30 p.m. (7 p.m. in Adelaide)
Reviewed by Norm Dixon

BBC reporter George Alagiah examines the United Nations' callous and wilful disregard for the plight of

Vygotsky's Sociohistorical Psychology and its Contemporary Applications
By Carl Ratner
New York: Plenum Press, 320 pp
Reviewed by Dave Riley

Psychological theories are eminently political. Psychological doctrine percolates into popular

Apache raises flap with rap

British rap singer Apache Indian is taking India by storm, stirring up controversy in both countries with songs that challenge white racial prejudice, caste and arranged marriages.

"Sometimes the truth hurts",

Art with Timor

Art with Timor
Paintings by Sebastian Silva
Beaufort Hotel Complex, Darwin, June 25-27
Reviewed by Deb Sorensen

Calm rural scenes of East Timor and local vistas were the subject matter for Sebastian Silva's debut

Produced and directed by Tom Zubrycki
Shown at the Melbourne International Film Festival
Reviewed by Di Quin

Homelands tells the story of Maria and Carlos Robles, political refugees from El Salvador now living in suburban

The Heartbreak Kid
Directed by Michael Jenkins
Written by Richard Barrett and Michael Jenkins
With Claudia Karvan, Alex Dimitriades, Steven Bastoni, Nico Lathouris
At Hoyts Cinemas
Reviewed by Max Lane

Heartbreak Kid packs a lot

Jimmy Cliff
JRS Records through Festival
Reviewed by Norm Dixon

Jimmy Cliff is without doubt the best loved, most sincere and most political Jamaican reggae artist around. Being the best known survivor of the classic

By Andrew Worssam

"To discuss a business proposition", he answered. That sounded interesting. We were both trying to forge a career in the same field and worked together occasionally — not always harmoniously, it might be added. But I felt

By Peter Boyle

Joan Coxsedge, the left-wing former Labor MP, says she had been wanting to visit Cuba for ages before she finally made her first visit in February 1992. "I wore two hats. One was as a long-time political activist keen to meet

The Madonna Connection: Representational politics, sub-cultural identities and cultural theory
Edited by Cathy Schwichtenberg
Sydney: Allen and Unwin, 1993. 336 pp. $19.95 pb
Review by Melanie Sjoberg

Love her or hate her, nearly

Not so scatty TV

By Adam Hanieh

ADELAIDE — SCAT TV, a community-based television station is a breath of fresh air in the heavily monopolised world of media.

SCAT (which stands for student and community access television) began two

Light satire from Italy

Johnny Stecchino
Directed by Robert Benigni
Starring Robert Benigni and Nicoletta Braschi
From mid-July at the Nova Cinema, Melbourne
Reviewed by Vannessa Hearman

This is Italy's highest grossing film to