Issue 102


Rosemarie Gillespie, campaigner for human rights in Bougainville, was arrested by NSW police as she travelled through Tarcutta en route to Canberra from Melbourne on May 27. Police have laid charges relating to her possession of urgently needed
By Peter Boyle Aboriginal groups began negotiations with Prime Minister Paul Keating on April 27 about post-Mabo case arrangements. They had hopes that he was sincere in his public promise to make a just settlement on land rights. But
World Environment Day actions By Wendy Robertson June 5 is World Environment Day, and the Environmental Youth Alliance is organising activities in most centres to get people together and active under the theme of "Environmental Justice
Enterprise 'agreement' a sham By Dave Wright HOBART — Tasmania's new industrial legislation was put to the test last week when the first of several new enterprise agreements came before the new enterprise commissioner. Delta
Logging proposed in heritage area By Kevin L'Huillier HOBART — The Tasmanian Wilderness Society has uncovered a 1991 state government report which identifies most of the Great Western Tiers as worthy of addition to World Heritage areas
Victory for free speech in the mall By Susan Price BRISBANE — Brisbane City Council agreed to acknowledge the right of free speech and political activity in the Queen Street Mall on May 26. A meeting between the Lord Mayor Jim Soorley
Gillespie speaks on crisis By Dan Murphy ADELAIDE — Growing community opposition to Australia's complicity in Papua New Guinea's war on Bougainville will be focused in a national day of action on July 25. The depth of concern over
74 days of action end after a week By Di Quin MELBOURNE — On May 25, Victorian public sector unions suspended the industrial action component of their "74 days of action" campaign, which started on May 17. Only teacher unions and the
Major NSW environment groups have expressed serious concerns about the content of the environmental section of the official Sydney Olympic bid. Sid Walker, executive officer of the Nature Conservation Council, the umbrella group for the NSW
Minson backs down PERTH — Environment minister Kevin Minson has had to retreat from his attempt to sack three Environmental Protection Authority members. Norm Halse, John Bailey and Christine Sharp are part-time members of the EPA. On


By Adam Hanieh and Norm Dixon ADELAIDE — Offices of the Pan Africanist Congress (PAC) have been raided and leading members arrested. Green Left Weekly spoke with Pumla Thoboti, an executive member of the Australasian branch of the Pan
Paul Foot leaves Mirror By Frank Noakes LONDON — Respected journalist and author Paul Foot has quit the Daily Mirror after writing a weekly page for 13 years. Foot, a member of the British Socialist Workers Party since 1962,
By Nick Johnson PHNOM PENH — Against all expectations, in a country braced for terrorist acts, the May 23-28 election has succeeded. By day three of the poll, a staggering 85% of the electorate had voted. In Battambang, the most
Hunger strike Reliable sources in East Timor have confirmed that Xanana is on a hunger strike in prison in Dili. The sources said Xanana is ill but has not been visited by anyone, including the Red Cross. Jose Ramos-Horta, the special
By Michael Karadjis "It is now a year since the first shells fell on Sarajevo, marking in an explosive manner the beginning of the war in Bosnia-Hercegovina. At that time, very few thought that this war would expose Europe's impotence in
Worker activist murdered JAKARTA — Marsinah, aged 25, a worker activist with PT Catur Putra Surya, a watch manufacturing company in the regency of Sidoarjo, East Java, was found dead on May 8. It is believed that her death was related to a
By Renfrey Clarke MOSCOW — "It's not realistic to stick to the law", Sergei Yushenkov, an aide to President Boris Yeltsin, was quoted in the Moscow press recently. "The congress is now illegitimate." More bluntly than Yeltsin,
Homosexual law reform in Ireland By Frank Noakes In Europe's bastion of reactionary social policy, the newly constructed Fianna Fail-Labour Party government has decided to change Ireland's antiquated laws on homosexual acts, which will
French people oppose Pacific N-tests A new opinion poll in France shows a majority oppose any resumption of nuclear testing in the South Pacific. The poll also shows an overwhelming number believe the French military should not be responsible
By Frank Noakes LONDON — There are any number of interesting conferences and meetings to tempt one here. "Unions '93", organised in late May by a dozen unions and the New Statesman & Society magazine with a line-up of unionists —
By Franois Vercammen The dramatic crisis of the European Community in the summer months of 1992 has stimulated a series of Europe-wide initiatives by the left opposed to the capitalist vision of a united Europe embodied in the Maastricht


Disney Adventures — Ducktails 4.00 p.m. Channel 7, weekdays Rated C, children's viewing Reviewed (by chance) by Sean Malloy In the 1950s, in an environment of McCarthyism, communists were accused of brainwashing. In the 1990s Disney
Newtown on the Thames A Man for All Seasons, by Robert Bolt, is now playing at the New Theatre in King St, Newtown (Sydney). Frank McNamara (pictured, right) is excellent as Sir Thomas More — upright, conscientious, emotional and eventually
By Deb Sorensen Kakadu National Park — "Along the Stuart Highway, left onto the Arnhem Highway, past the Humpty Doo turn-off and the Hard Croc Cafe. When you reach the Wildman River, you'll know you're almost there." And so I set off
Falling Down Directed by Joel Schumacher Written by Ebbe Roe Smith Starring Michael Douglas, Robert Duvall, Barbara Hershey Reviewed by Karen Fredericks Somehow a story on the cover of Newsweek, entitled "White male paranoia: Are they
CB4 Directed by Tamra Davis Written by Chris Rock and Nelson George Starring Chris Rock, Allen Payne, Deezer D and Charlie Murphy CB4 soundtrack Various artists MCA Records Reviewed by Ignatius Kim While rap music offers
Midnight Oil on tour Midnight Oil and Things of Stone and Wood At Wollongong University, May 25 Reviewed by Paul Conrad Midnight Oil, along with Melbourne support band Things of Stone and Wood, played at Wollongong University for two
Ice T's gangster style Home Invasion Available on cassette and CD Distributed by Virgin Records Reviewed by John-Paul Nassif Ice T, the "nigga that won't be silenced", has released a new rap album with which to upset the pigs, the


$8 per week: don't hold your breath In April, the ACTU Executive decided that now was not the right time to lodge a claim for the $8 per week so-called safety net wage rise "promised" under Accord Mark VII. According to the ACTU, the high