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WA TLC dithers as attacks mount By Geoff Spencer PERTH — A motion for a Trades and Labor Council-endorsed day of action involving a stop-work meeting and rally on June 17 was defeated 51 votes to 31 after a sharp debate at the TLC
Thousands attend AIDS vigil By Bronwen Beechey MELBOURNE — An estimated 10,000 people braved cold temperatures on May 15 to take part in the 10th annual candlelight vigil to mark AIDS Awareness Day. The vigil is held in memory of those
ACTU letter on Cambodia Members of the ACTU executive and other union leaders have written to foreign minister Senator Gareth Evans urging economic aid for Cambodia and the exclusion of the Khmer Rouge from the peace process. The letter
Wollongong fights cuts in incest services By Sarah Harris WOLLONGONG — Two hundred people gathered in the Town Hall on May 13 to demand an increase in incest services for Wollongong and the Illawarra region. The public meeting was
By Geoff Spencer and Liz McMurrich PERTH — workers at the Westrail Midland Workshop, which the state Liberal government intends to close, set up a 24-hour picket line on May 20 to prevent the movement of freight trains; 24 were stopped.
People's Party win 'best option' By Chris Spindler ADELAIDE — "The best case scenario" in the current Cambodian elections "would be a clear win for the Cambodian People's Party", Daryl Bullen told a Democratic Socialist forum here on
SA public sector plans campaign By Trish Corcoran and Melanie Sjoberg ADELAIDE — a mass meeting in the Festival Theatre on May 12 was the first major response by the unions to recent attacks from the state government. Speakers
Rally for Bougainville By Alex Cooper MELBOURNE — The lawns of Victoria Barracks were adorned with crosses on May 21 as part of a protest against Australian military assistance to Papua New Guinea in its war against the people of
Anti-vivisection rally By Jennifer Duncan ADELAIDE — A rally here on May 15 marked Australian week for animals in laboratories. The Anti-vivisection Union, the South Australian Federation of Animal Societies and members of the
Women pursue jobs at BHP By Sarah Harris WOLLONGONG — Passing motorists sounded their horns and waved support as a spirited group of 100 women marched along the boundary of the BHP's Port kembla Steelworks on May 13, seeking


By Irina Glushchenko MOSCOW — Some day an accounting will be made of the economic damage which Yeltsin's reforms have dealt our country. Even now, people have begun to speak about the moral losses. The group that has suffered most is
198 Farmers arrested in North Sumatra The Indonesian Legal Aid Institute (YLBHI) in Jakarta has demanded the release of unjustly arrested farmers in a plantation area in North Sumatra and the withdrawal of all troops stationed in the

For increasing numbers of Chinese, Li Ning, a former Olympic gold medal gymnast and current business entrepreneur, stands as a symbol of China's new "enterprise culture". Together with other select sports stars, pop

Brazilian environmentalists assassinated Two prominent environmentalists in Brazil have been murdered within a few days of each other. Paulo Cesar Vinha, 37, biologist and long-time activist of the Brazilian environmental movement, was
South African link in Belfast murders By Denis Kevans Alex Lundy, ex-prisoner and Sinn Fein activist, was shot dead outside the Andersonstown house of Sinn Fein councillor Alex Maskey two weeks ago. His death bought to 13 the number
Sri Lankans vote for democracy By S. Piyasena After 16 years of extreme right-wing rule, four of them under the government of slain dictator R. Premadasa, the people of Sri Lanka have overwhelmingly voted for the restoration of
Nicaraguan telethon for Cuba By Stephen Marks MANAGUA — The Cuba solidarity campaign held Nicaragua's first telethon on May 14. Thousands of Nicaraguans responded to the broadcasts on the Sandinista Channel 4, and several FM and AM
"Newly-introduced mobile telephone numbers containing three or four 'lucky eights' are auctioned off by the local post bureaux for ... as much as ... sixteen times the official national average GNP per capita. Mobile phones themselves cost an
US gay activist harassed US gay rights activists say that police and corporate harassment continues of participants in the historic April 25 March on Washington for Lesbian/Gay/Bi Rights. On the day before the march, gay rights activist
Strike-wave in eastern Europe By Frank Noakes On the eve of the settlement of a two-week strike by east Germany's engineering union, Romanian and Polish workers are walking out. Thirty thousand Romanian steelworkers began strike action on
By Renfrey Clarke MOSCOW — Among many of Russia's self-proclaimed democrats, the usual rhetoric of the need to defend "democracy" against "communist revanchism" was suddenly turned off in mid-May. In its place appeared an embarrassed,
By Jana D.K. in Jakarta and Mitchell Hamilton in Sydney East Timorese independence leader Xanana Gusmao was sentenced to life imprisonment by an Indonesian court in Dili on May 21. The three judges found him guilty of separatism, rebellion,
Assistance for Cuba A group of US citizens is organising medical assistance for Cuba, despite such actions being outlawed under the Torricelli Act, passed last year. The English-language Cuban paper Granma International reported in its
Namibian elections seen as warning for South Africa By Melanie Sjoberg The experiences of the elections in Namibia provide important lessons for the upcoming process in South Africa, Joe Kapaanda told an Adelaide Politics in the Pub


Singles Written and Directed by Cameron Crowe Starring Bridget Fonda, Campbell Scott, Kyra Sedgewick and Matt Dillon Music by Paul Westerburg Reviewed by Karen Fredericks Once, in a street in inner-city Melbourne, my eye was caught
By Peter Boyle After hearing about Tanner '88 — the six-hour TV serial that inspired Tim Robbins' Bob Roberts — at the launch of Melbourne's 42nd International Film Festival (June 4-18), I went to see Bob Roberts. Now I have to see
Against Therapy By Jeffrey Masson London: Fontana. 1990 Final Analysis By Jeffrey Masson London: Fontana. 1992 Reviewed by Chris Slee Jeffrey Masson is a former psychoanalyst who began to question the theory and practice. He was
At the back of the fridge Liberty, Equality and Self Determination, or, Do I really have to get out of bed today? Written and performed by Daska Saleeba At the Fringe Studio, Melbourne Sat May 29, 8.30 p.m. and Sun May 30, 6.30 p.m.
Trovador Africando Stern's through Sandstock Celebration — The Best of Osibisa AIM Records through Larrikin Reviewed by Norm Dixon The development of modern African music is fascinating and complex. Indigenous African music
Orlando Directed and written by Sally Potter Based on Virginia Woolf's novel Starring Tilda Swinton, Billy Zane, John Wood, Lothaire Bluteau, Charlotte Valandrey, Quentin Crisp Reviewed by Ulrike Erhardt This is the most interesting
Women Performing By Melanie Sjoberg ADELAIDE — Women here have been able to enjoy a variety of cultural forms, by women artists, in a relaxed, smoke-free environment for more than a year now. "Women Performing", a collective


The rich and their apologists Business Review Weekly last week published its list of the richest 200 people in Australia, pleased to announce that their combined fortunes have increased in the past 12 months by 10.9%, to $21.3 billion.