The Socialist Alliance (SA) held its Victorian state conference on February 27, with about 80 people taking part.
The River, Lakes and Coorong Action Group (RLCAG) has sent out a probing questionnaire that asks candidates in the March 20 South Australian elections to answer 76 questions relating to the River Murray and the lakes at its mouth.
The call published below is being promoted by the Global Justice Ecology Project. The GJEP said in 2004, it “traveled to Chile for meetings with [indigenous] Mapuche organizations fighting the devastating impacts of industrial timber plantations.
On February 18, Niger’s President Mamadou Tandja was overthrown in a military coup. A military junta calling itself the Supreme Council for the Restoration of Democracy, headed by Major Salou Djibo, took power.
The Communist Party of Australia is waging a very active campaign for the seat of Lee in the March 20 state elections. Candidate and CPA state secretary Bob Briton has featured several times in local media and support for the campaign has exceeded local branches’ expectations.
Carbon trading schemes have become the most favoured government strategy to deal with climate change, including in Australia. But as economics professor Clive Spash found out, government employees who question whether such schemes can actually deliver emissions reductions can find themselves under huge pressure to be silent.
Greek workers shut down hospitals, schools and public transport again on March 5 in protest at the government's “socially unjust” spending cuts.
When it comes to avoiding the most catastrophic impacts of global warming then whatever the financial cost, the price is still worth paying. But new research by Beyond Zero Emissions (BZE) shows Australia could meet 100% of its stationary energy needs from renewables in a decade and stimulate the economy at the same time.
“There are two messages we want to get across as part of our campaign in the federal elections”, Socialist Alliance candidate Alex Bainbridge told Green Left Weekly.
Sex sells. So this year’s Mardi Gras flaunted itself. Its cod-piece was the python-esque parade snaking up Oxford Street, a ribald, risque body of bodies-politic. Marchers fed off a frenzied live street audience of more than 100,000 with even more watching on TV. It’s a show with a capital S, buoying pink-dollar tourism and state coffers by $30 million.
Around 150 people protested against the proposed internet filter in Melbourne. The rally heard from speakers from Socialist Alliance, Greens, Electronic Frontiers Australia, Exit International, Pirate Party, Sex Party.
The article below is abridged from the British Morning Star.