Federico Fuentes was an Australian Socialist Alliance delegate to the International Encounter of Left Parties in Caracas from November 19-21. Fuentes’ comments are in English, with Spanish translation. This conference, which brought together 55 left groups from 31 countries, was made historic by Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez’s call for a Fifth Socialist International to unite left groups and social movements internationally. Fuentes’ Green Left Weekly article on this historic event can be read here.
"Those who are exploited are our compatriots all over the world; and the exploiters all over the world are our enemies… Our country is really the whole world, and all the revolutionaries of the world are our brothers." -- Fidel Castro.[1]
It was no big shock. The Sydney electorate of Bradfield, the 5th safest Liberal seat in the country, remained in Liberal hands following the December 5 by-election.
Tony Hancock: The Definitive Biography By John Fisher HarperCollins, 2009 627 pages, $33 (pb)
In 1899, no woman could Vote, but Some suffered, were jailed, So today you count! Women in 2009 are MPs, can be the Premier of Queensland, but If any fell pregnant and didn't want to be They could be charged and punished for An abortion
The following article is from the soon-to-be published, updated What Resistance Stands For manifesto. Resistance branches around the country will be launching this exciting new document, and selling it at Walk Against Warming rallies on December 12.
On the face of it, 2009 is drawing to an end with a new outbreak of political madness.
John Fleming still rides free one hundred and seventy years after the massacre. The plaque set up to honour the twenty-eight (who were slaughtered for the theft of a cow) has been defaced by Fleming who is still very much alive in Northern
The shooting of two Aboriginal boys in Townsville on November 25 shows that racism isn’t going away in the North Queensland town. The two boys, aged just 8 and 10, were playing in a park in Wulguru when they were fired upon by a drunken Townsville soldier wielding an air rifle.
In this final issue, we at GLW want to thank you for your strong support in 2009.
Unchecked urban expansion has chewed up large areas of Adelaide’s productive agricultural land for poorly planned and poorly designed housing developments, with no amenities and little or no access to public transport.
Pro-choice campaigners took to the streets of South Brisbane on December 2 to send a strong and clear message to the Queensland government that old laws need not die hard.
Rudd's climate cheats/strong> The Australian negotiators in Copenhagen are being revealed as the leaders of a carbon cheat strategy. Kevin Rudd is trying to cook the books at Copenhagen by pushing for a loophole which would allow countries to
Socialist Alliance member and author Terry Townsend launched his new book The Aboriginal Struggle & the Left on December 2 at the Brisbane Activist Centre.
SYDNEY — Prime Minister Kevin Rudd's welcome for right-wing Israeli vice PM Silvan Shalom on December 3 was protested against by about 100 people in Martin Place.
On November 29, 50 people attended a forum on Sri Lanka organised by People for Human Rights and Equality, a multi-ethnic group comprising people of Sri Lankan origin living in Australia.


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