VIDEO: Socialist Alliance delegate addresses Caracas conference of left parties


Federico Fuentes was an Australian Socialist Alliance delegate to the International Encounter of Left Parties in Caracas from November 19-21. Fuentes' comments are in English, with Spanish translation. This conference, which brought together 55 left groups from 31 countries, was made historic by Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez's call for a Fifth Socialist International to unite left groups and social movements internationally. Fuentes' Green Left Weekly article on this historic event can be read here.

Among other comments. Fuentes motivates the succesful amendment to the Caracas Commitment adopted by the conference proposed by the Australian delegates to include a specific section on the threat the planet posed by climate change.

Kiraz Janicke was also an SA representative at the conference (she can be seen sitting next to Fuentes), and spoke to GLW about what happened and SA's role. Fuentes and Janicke are based in Caracas and make up the GLW Caracas bureau.