Women and men have been picketing events at which Queensland Premier Anna Bligh speaks. They are protesting against Bligh’s refusal to have her attorney-general drop criminal charges against a Cairns couple for allegedly procuring an abortion.
The Australian Human Rights Commission has condemned income management — a key plank of the Northern Territory intervention — as racist, in a report released on November 13.
In stark contrast to the surge of pro-lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) activism, and legislative and legal progress in recent months, Maine voters overturned equal marriage rights in a referendum on November 3 by a margin of 53% to 47%.
Friends of Palestine Western Australia performed Seven Jewish Children on November 21, after a scheduled performance was cancelled the week before due to pro-Israel pressure.
Justine Kamprad is a co-convenor of the Fremantle Socialist Alliance, and was the campaign director for the October 17 Fremantle City Council elections, in which socialist Sam Wainwright was elected with 33.44% of the vote.
Green Left Weekly is delighted to publish the first edition of Latin America Social Forum (Foro Social Latinamericano), a Spanish-language supplement to be produced regularly by the Latin America Social Forum in Sydney. It can be read online, with a longer introduction about hte publication in English, here.
In the wake of a narrow loss to the right wing in Maine in a November 3 referendum on whether or not to reverse same-sex marriage equality in the state, lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) rights activists mobilised across the country to raise their voices for equality.
The Pacific Trade Justice speaking tour, sponsored by AID/WATCH, reached Sydney on November 19, after meetings in Melbourne and Canberra.
The following article is from the soon-to-be published, updated What Resistance Stands For. Resistance branches around the country will be launching this exciting new document, and selling it at Walk Against Warming rallies on December 12.
About 20 protesters gathered outside the prime minister's office on November 18 to protest against Australia’s “carbon colonialism”, telling Kevin Rudd “Don't dump on Indonesia”.
As reported in Green Left Weekly previously, the ALP New South Wales government has tabled new anti-graffiti laws. The proposed law will punish children caught with spray-paint cans without a “legitimate reason” with up to six months jail.
Since the US and Mexico signed the North American Free Trade Agreement in 1994, the number of Mexicans illegally crossing the border into the US seeking employment has risen to 500,000 a year.