The following statement is by Geelong Trades Hall Council secretary Tim Gooden.
Balibo I Clinton Fernandes describes himself as a "consulting historian" to the movie Balibo. He is a former military intelligence officer, who has his own reasons for promoting the official line on whether Australian intelligence was forewarned
SYDNEY — NSW Greens MLC John Kaye addressed a morning rally outside the Financial Review Energy Conference on October 23.
With the help of Socialist Alliance members in the growing Sudanese community in Australia, Green Left Weekly is proud to publish a regular Arabic language supplement. The Flame covers news from the Arabic-speaking world as well as news and issues from within Australia. The October edition can be read at Links, international journal of socialist renewal.
Simon Butler precisely explains his concerns about the inadequacy of the Greens’ climate change amendment proposals (“The good and the bad of the Greens CPRS amendments”, GLW #814). However, like the mainstream media, he overlooks some of the Greens’ visionary bills on efficiency and renewables-friendly demand management.
It is a pattern that is being repeated over and over worldwide. Security agencies conduct secret surveillance of suspects, record their conversations, then convict them under anti-terrorism laws so broad that expressions of opinion and radical talk are sufficient to define a terrorist.
Steven Sodebergh’s epic films, Che Part I & II, give a detailed portrayal of the experience of Argentinean-born socialist revolutionary Ernesto “Che” Guevara in the Cuban revolutionary war and his failed Bolivia campaign that ended in his execution on October 9, 1967.
There are three main problems with the nuclear “solution” to climate change — it is a blunt instrument, a dangerous one, and it is unnecessary.
The Centre for Independent Studies (CIS) — a right-wing economic think tank — released its What’s Next for Welfare-to-Work? report on October 15. As part of a strategy to push more people off welfare, the report called for a fall in the minimum wage and a tightening of eligibility rules for the Disability Support Pension (DSP).
On October 10, a hole was burnt in the doormat of Gunns Limited chairperson, John Gay. Some crude graffiti was also drawn on his fence.


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