By Frank Noakes PERTH — No longer on the fringes of Scottish politics the Scottish National Party, is projecting itself as a party preparing for government. The SNP is a party that takes its task and itself seriously, and is gaining in influence
Sandra Lee, from Mana Motuhake, the Maori movement for self-determination, was elected deputy co-leader of the NZ Alliance at its inaugural Conference. She spoke to Green left Weekly's Kath Gelber. How would you describe the aims of Mana Motuhake?
By Peter Boyle MELBOURNE — The Kennett government anounced on November 20 that it would close 56 state schools, abolish 4000 teaching positions, sack 3760 school cleaners and 830 administrative staff. Among the schools closing is
WA Inc behind health minister resignation? By Jonathan Strauss and Anthony Benbow PERTH — Controversial health minister Keith Wilson resigned from state cabinet on November 13, ostensibly due to his opposition to the federal government's
By Tom Jordan and Norm Dixon Papua New Guinea Prime Minister Paias Wingti is to continue his government's push to crush the Bougainville independence movement militarily. During a brief visit to Buka Island, north of the Bougainville mainland,
Victorian Liberals gut FoI By Pip Hinman MELBOURNE — A new law which restricts freedom of information access to the records of hundreds of state authorities was passed here on November 17. Scrutiny of any state government business enterprise
By Sean Lennon and Peter Boyle MELBOURNE — Industrial action involving a wide range of public sector unions has followed the 200,000 strong November 10 strike and march because the Kennett government is refusing to back down from its plans to
By Rev. Ted Kennedy The Australian Catholic Bishops' Conference Statement on the Distribution of Wealth in Australia has been nearly five years in the making. When it was begun, Rupert Murdoch was embracing Catholicism. Alan Bond was walking tall
Beyond the lesser evil The GST, John Hewson's industrial relations policy and Kennett's even more extreme version of the same, will drive many people to vote against the conservative Coalition at the next federal election. But this should not
By Peter Anderson Richard and Toby Weibe live in San Francisco but over the years they have spent some time in Germany, studying at the University of Münster in 1959 and visiting Berlin in 1987. Last year they went back to see what changes
By Peter Boyle MELBOURNE — Independent Senator Janet Powell described the November 21-22 conference of the New Zealand Alliance, which she attended as an observer, as "really magnificent" and an inspiration for people active on the progressive end
HAVANA, November 10 — Washington's 30-year blockade against Cuba will be up for discussion at the UN General Assembly session on November 24. Cuban foreign ministry official, Juana Silvera, told reporters that the US delegation is already
Fighting gay and lesbian discrimination By Michael Schembri Homosexuality has been decriminalised in all states except Tasmania. NSW has enjoyed an Anti-Discrimination Act since 1977, South Australia an Equal Opportunities Act since 1976,
By Kjell Pettersson STOCKHOLM — The famous Swedish "model" is being torn down. Unemployment is close to 10%, up from less than 2% not long ago. Youth unemployment is over 15%. Mass sackings are expected in the public service sector. Trade
Liberal students flout affirmative action laws Since the 1970s, when women's rights areas began to be funded by student unions throughout Australia, progressive students have been obliged to spend more time in defence of the right of women's areas
By Monique Choy and Julie Beesley After a long battle which pitted the NSW government against an environmental activist, the "greenie" lost, showing the direction pollution licensing in NSW is likely to take in the future. The controversial test


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