By Frank Noakes LONDON — English Heritage is set to hive off half of its ancient monuments and properties and sack 25% of its workforce in a move prompted by the Tory government. In three years time all remaining 300 Heritage craftspersons will go
>Romper Stomper Produced by Daniel Scharf and Ian Ringle Written/Directed by Geoffrey Wright Starring: Russell Crowe, Daniel Pollock and Jacqueline McKenzie Reviewed by Jeremy Smith Violence on TV, in the cinema, is often bemoaned by the media
By Tom Jordan and Norm Dixon Papua New Guinea Prime Minister Paias Wingti is to continue his government's push to crush the Bougainville independence movement militarily. During a brief visit to Buka Island, north of the Bougainville mainland,
Radio Highlights 2SER-FM scores in National Radio Awards — Sydney public radio station 2SER picked up several awards at the 20th Annual Conference of the Public Association of Australia, a gathering of more than 100 stations held in Albury on
By Irina Glushchenko MOSCOW — How did women live in the USSR when perestroika was in the future, and when the word "market" referred only to a large covered space where foodstuffs cost more than in the shops? Considerably worse than men, if the
Rally in solidarity with Cambodian hunger strikers By Mike Karadjis SYDNEY — About 50 people, mostly from the local Cambodian community, rallied outside Auburn Hospital in solidarity with three hunger strikers. The three women, aged in their
By Rev. Ted Kennedy The Australian Catholic Bishops' Conference Statement on the Distribution of Wealth in Australia has been nearly five years in the making. When it was begun, Rupert Murdoch was embracing Catholicism. Alan Bond was walking tall
By Steve Painter The South African government has got itself into deep trouble by failing to dismantle the apartheid system's death squads and other secret organisations of political destabilisation, says South African mineworkers' union leader
Indonesian military captures Fretilin leader By Vanessa Hearman Xanana Gusmau, the leader of the East Timorese liberation movement Fretilin, was arrested on November 21 by the Indonesian occupying forces. Fretilin has called on the Australian
APPM delivers ultimatum to workers By Dave Wright HOBART — An APPM internal company memo from their Tasmanian paper manager Ken Henderson described the Burnie mills performance in September as a "disaster". In it he says "we simply can not
By Peter Boyle MELBOURNE — Independent Senator Janet Powell described the November 21-22 conference of the New Zealand Alliance, which she attended as an observer, as "really magnificent" and an inspiration for people active on the progressive end
By Steve Painter SYDNEY — Ten mineworkers are sitting in underground at the NSW central coast colliery of Newvale in protest against plans by the state-run Pacific Power/Elcom to close the mine on January 31, with the loss of 114 jobs. The