“Hey Gillard, you can’t hide! You support genocide!” chanted protesters outside the June 11 Australia-Israel Chamber of Commerce luncheon in Sydney. The luncheon was addressed by deputy Prime Minister Julia Gillard.
Thousands took the streets on June 13 for the National Climate Emergency Rallies. Protesters declared a climate emergency and demanded the Australian government take emergency action on climate change.
ADELAIDE— On June 5 — World Environment Day — climate change activists occupied the Adelaide office of federal climate change minister Penny Wong for more than an hour. They urged Wong to abandon the government’s suicidal climate policy.
This article is reprinted from the Morning Star.
The Chaser comedy team had its top-rating show, The Chaser’s War on Everything, suspended by the ABC for two weeks after an outcry over a sketch screened on June 3 that joked about the Make a Wish Foundation charity for sick children.
On May 31 in Melbourne, 5000 angry students marched against the increasing number of violent attacks on Indian, Pakistani and Bangladeshi students.
“Delivering for all Working Australians” was the slogan for the 2009 Australian Council of Trade Unions congress held June on 2-4. This raises the question — what if you are not working or an Australian citizen? But the congress will not be remembered for such philosophical questions — there were many more immediate issues at stake.
Last week was one of much activity in the regional city of Cairns, as the push for abortion law reform in the state shows no sign of slowing down.
The recent freeing of two Israeli spies shows that, if the US government really wanted to, it could also free the Cuban Five, noted Annalucia Vermunt, a participant in the recent international youth gathering in Cuba in support of the five Cuban men held in US prisons on trumped-up charges.
The Don’t Extradite the Basques Campaign was formally launched on June 10 against the extradition to Spain of Belfast-based Basque pro-independence activists Inaki de Juana and Arturo “Benat” Villanueva at a press conference in west Belfast.
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Marion Scrymgour — the highest ranking Aboriginal member of any government in Australia — quit the Northern Territory Labor Party over its Aboriginal policy on June 4. As an independent, she now holds the balance of power.